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Wednesday, September 14, 2022 | 6:00 in the morning

What is love, what is hate? asked the shaman of Concepcion, the Jesuit town of the Missionary Nation near the Uruguay River, the river of the birds. And without waiting for an answer, he continued as usual:

-Love and hate are two antagonistic forces in the spirit of men, which impel them to do good or evil. If hatred triumphs, there will be disunity, discord, hatred, malice and revenge, which will lead to disintegration and chaos, which will make the life of the relationship unviable. That’s what Anya wants, the cursed devil, the supreme leader of hatred. On the contrary, if love wins, which is the most precious treasure of Tupa, our God, there will be peace, harmony, justice, forgiveness and unity, above all unity. Because with it man unites, creates and gives continuity to things, and the creatures that populate the earth multiply. This is the main difference between love and hate: union on the one hand and dissolution on the other.

– And witchcraft? asked the tribe helpers.

The shaman looked at the horizon covered with endless stars, lowered his eyes, focusing on the brothers who were waiting for an answer, and replied:

– Witchcraft in the jungle as in the city has the same plans, to use hidden rituals to harm a person. This is a dastardly action, though different from payé and strongly opposed to magic. Magic is the art and technique of finding fluids outside the laws of nature to produce surprises, joys, goodness and happiness. Magic produces all actions where nature manifests itself in all its glory; the song of birds, the birth of flowers, the rainbow after the storm, the sunrise, the full moon, peace, brotherhood, good friendship and love. Oh love! This is the ultimate expression of magic. What is more magical than love? Love unites; it is the meeting, and children are magical works of love and represent the present and the future. Continuity of species, brotherhood among men, good friendship and doing good is magical.

He paused, and was about to continue his explanation, when he noticed that one of the priests of the mission was listening attentively; until he asked:

-And the meaning of love for you?

Without hesitating, the priest replied succinctly:

-I came to the jungle out of love for God and in the jungle I found the magic of my own happiness, serving my fellow man, and with this happiness I will leave this world. Because ultimately, all actions in life done with love express the sublime end of magic.

But in our Argentina today evil reigns, where hatred prevails, not love, on both sides. It is an imaginary trench in which there are no opponents, there are enemies.

If we delve a little into history, we will see that three generations of Argentines grew up with the slogan “liberation or dependence”. Peron himself pointed out that in the year 2000 the children of this soil will find us united or dominated. How right he was, because we are dominated and divided not by the imperialisms in conflict – the United States, the European Union, Russia, China – but by our emotions – which defeat the reason and common sense of several bodies. Because, in fact, there is now a lack of reasoning resulting from consistent critical and fair thinking, and there is no dialogue. Insidiously, this essential tool of understanding and comprehension was turned into a weapon of aggression directed against the enemy. And who is the enemy? He is the former adversary of both countries, because in our Argentina there are no more adversaries; it is entelechy as they have been eliminated as the contagions have been eliminated. In the same way, actions that arise and, as a logical consequence, create counter-reactions that must be reasonable, here they generate chains of firecrackers that explode for those who are encouraged to give their opinion. And if they have an opinion, the opinion makers bring back bazookas and verbal grenades.

Meanwhile, with our internal firecrackers, the world continues, imposing the modern hegemonic thought on the old and new empires in conflict: “Divide them to penetrate them without firing a shot.” A model imposed on the West by the world’s powerful after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A practice originally introduced by the Yankees, later implemented by the European Economic Community; then by the Russians, although they continue to use the cudgel, and now by the Chinese of the pragmatic mixture of capitalism-communism. They make up the ultimate four-person poker table that is being installed with the future in mind. And the future? It began in the middle of the last century, when the Russians sent the dog Laika into space in 1957. And the Apollo XIII mission with the three men to the moon marked the beginning of the space age with all the unimaginable consequences. The scariest thing is that space engineers, especially from NASA, hope to build giant satellites several kilometers in diameter before the end of the century, in which scientists, technicians and workers can live. Because these satellites are free from gravity, industry will be able to produce heavier and cheaper products than on earth. In these orbital superstations, pairs of astronauts are expected to give birth to space children, that is, “children of the future.” And, returning to the liberation or dependence of a country where the rift among Argentines widens, we must conclude that Peron was wrong, otherwise he would have said “the 3,000 will find us united or dominated.”

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