Angel and his love story

Angel suffered a car accident in the early days of June this year. He was driving, but, like no licenseasked the attendant to “say he was driving.”

The accident was not serious, no one was injured, but now “at insurance he doesn’t want to pay me because according to the car that hit me, it changed its owner a day ago and they told me that they are no longer responsible for the hit,” complained Angel.

Every day he contacts the insurer to ask for payment, but the answer is always the same: “We can’t pay you because the other car doesn’t have insurance and it already belongs to someone else. We offer this go to the police to request the accident report.

Angel recounts what happened that night on one of the city’s busiest alleys. Fort Worth in Texas.

“There was a red light and I, well, I was standing there waiting for the green light and all of a sudden someone from behind bumped into my furniture.”

He tells how a person who was drunk got out of the car that hit his Volkswagen Golf, “it was also paisa. He apologized to me, but it was of no use to me to pay the madraso,” complains Angel.

“After few minutes the police arrived, and we explained to him what had happened; He asked us if we had insurance and since we both said yes he just asked us to move the cars to the side of the street to wait insuranceand that’s why he didn’t give us any report”, he recalls resignedly.

A few weeks had passed since the incident and Angel, encouraged by his friend, went to the police with hope find the officer that he was involved in the accident that day in June and ask him for the report which was never issued.

Every morning, Angel asks his English-speaking friend to contact the police so he can find the policeman, but after several months of trying, there is still no success, and everything shows that it will not be able to load repair your expensive car.

Angel and the Pig’s Cage

Angel arrived in the United States just over three years ago. He is from a small town in Toluca, Mexico. He is 23 years old and devotes himself to pouring cement on the streets or inside basics for buildings and for general remodeling of houses.

He, unlike many other Pais who live in this country, entered with tourist visaso he had no problem moving to different cities in the United States doing different jobs.

Today, three years later, Angel already no valid permit to remain permanently in the United States. But it doesn’t really keep him up at night as it was part of the plan. He lives with his brother and other companies, all of Edomex, and is the chef of the group.

The first thing he did was make hog crates in Daytona; “but in this jale I won as 120 per week Y, pos, so it didn’t suit me; The draw was easy, but very poorly paid,” recalls Angel.

He recounts how, after making cells in Florida, where he worked alongside approximately 1,500 other Mexicans, decided to come to Texas to “chamber” in remodeling houses.

“Here he got like $900 per week; here the jale pays well, not like in Daytona,” he says.

The rent in the place where you live is distributed among several computers and “works out to about $100 per month per person.”

Angel is approximately 1.65 meters tall and weighs around 85 kilograms; is it him food manager in the department. Many times when you’re working on home renovations, you think about what you’re going to make for dinner when you get home.

-What is a stranger from mexico?

My mother’s.

Angel is a Mexican immigrant who is very clear about his time in this country: in addition to missing his mother and sisters, he longs for to return to his village.

“I have one love story and at the end of this year I’ll be back to fulfill it,” Angel admits as he pulls a photo of his young fiancée from his faded wallet.

“I left my girlfriend in Toluca and she is waiting for me to come back vice versa; I have been sending him honestly these years to take over building our house. It’s almost ready, it cost me 700 thousand pesos to pick it up”.

From his cell phone, he shows several images of a yellow construction a canary with blue accents on the edges of the windows, which is in the middle of the field and where there are no houses around.

Besides, continued Angel, he had also managed to buy a few taxis with what he had sent from the frog; Everything is ready for build a life in Mexicohe assures, smiling as he details the corners of one wall with white paint.

“Arriving at Toluca, I will get marriedhe says with conviction.

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