Agustina Diaz confirmed the reports and assured that Brenda Uliarte told her that she wanted to “kill Cristina”

Agustina Diazon third arrested and imputed to the cause it investigates attack on Christina Kirchner, testified for two hours before the federal judiciary. He admitted asking Brenda Uliarte “why the shot against the vice didn’t go off” and that she suggested her friend get rid of the cell phone. But he admitted that too Uliarte told him about “wanting to kill Christina Kirchner” on several occasionsbut described it as a “delusion and fiction”.

Under the representation of lawyers Marcelo Herrera and Javier Molina, Diaz heard the accusation against him and he immediately tried to detach himself from the facts attributed by justice, as an alleged “participant in the planning of the attack on the vice president and the concealment of the fact”.

Diaz authored a series of messages Uliarte received that led her to become part of the dossier.

Clarion agreed with his statement in which I hold: “I want to plead not guilty because I was never involved in this, I had nothing to do with it. The messages are just misunderstood, Brenda has always been a very fantastic person, very manipulative, very much a liar. I swear to you, he really didn’t believe that the fantasy he had was going to come true.

Thus began the two-hour investigation. When asked to explain the content of the conversations, she said that in several messages, it “showed that I was encouraging her to do it, but I didn’t think it was anything serious. I didn’t think he would want to kill the vice president. The last messages that were after Sabag’s arrest, I didn’t know anything that she had to do with it. It was in my mind that they were only going to hook her up as his partner. Brenda never said anything to me.”

Regarding the conversations that led to her arrest and indictment, Agustina Diaz insisted she never took the messages seriously. “I thought these were mystical and liberating delusions that she had because several messages show me saying how she can do this,” he said.

Continuing his release, he said Brenda Uliarte fantasized about killing presidents, vice presidents, mayors. “All I got were those messages from Brenda that she wanted to kill the vice, nothing more, she hadn’t said anything before. But it was only now, at this last moment, that he began to want to kill her. She said that when she was president, she would cut off the testicles of rapists. At that time she She had told me this fantasy of being president.”

further engagement with Uliarte as the instigator of the assassination attempt v. Christina Kirchner, Diaz reiterated that he had “nothing to do with it” in relation to the facts under investigation and added: “I don’t know anything directly about politics. I don’t mind the vice president either. I only know what Brenda told me and what’s in the news.”

The 21-year-old told judge Maria Eugenia Cappucciti and prosecutor Carlos Rivolo that I knew Uliarte – partner of Fernando Sabag Montiel, Cristina’s attacker – since he was 14 years old. They were estranged for a year, she recalls, after the death of the latter’s baby, but met again six months ago in San Miguel, where they both live.

Since then, he said the relationship was mostly via whatsappthe same communication tool that eventually implicates her in the attempted-murder case against Christina.

The conversations after the attack

The young woman is still in custody He referred to replacing the chip on his cell phone. He recalled that his line was in Uliarte’s name and that after the attack he started receiving all kinds of calls and messages, which is why he put a new chip in his device.

On the day of the attack, Brenda tried to contact her friend: “She called me around 10pm that day. She had put a status on WhatsApp saying that she was proud with what happened and that she will marry the man who did it when she gets out of prison. When she called me, I didn’t answer her.”

When they were able to connect, Diaz asked him what happened “and he replied that they wanted to kill the vice president. This message was from Whatsapp. On insistence, he asked him to speak to “tell him something” and then told what had happened in front of Christina Kirchner’s house.

“He told me they wanted to kill the vice president and I told him how and I had doubts that it was all staged because with all the security he had, nobody did anything, he did something strange to me. “I didn’t connect him to the previous conversations because I didn’t give importance to his fantasy,” Diaz said.

In the course of this conversation he asked Uliarte: “Well, what’s wrong with missing the shot?” Had he been training before, or was the adrenaline of the moment getting the best of him? Where are you? Won’t you be comfortable going home?”

The conversation continues and Diaz tells him, “I’m sorry (sic) that they catch you and give you a cell phone. You need to get rid of the cell phone. And changed the number. Delete your account, everything.”

When asked by the prosecution why he asked about the shot that did not come from the Bersa 32, Diaz stated: “the question was a crowd. I am a crowd. But this message had no other purpose. Nothing more. After that we continued talking and I fell asleep and didn’t answer him again.”

The young woman stated that she did not initially realize that Uliarte was there at the scene of the attack on the vice president. “It was in my mind that Brenda was innocent until she was arrested on Sunday, when I saw on TV that she had planned all this in advance (…) when she supposedly told me she had nothing to do with it.”

In this context, prosecutor Rivolo asked to be shown the weapon that Sabag Montiel used to point at Christina Kirchner. Diaz admitted she knew it because a friend of hers sent her a picture of the gun in May of this year.

The next question focuses on any possible political affiliation of Sabag Montiel and Uliarte. To which she replied that her friend was not interested in politics, “I knew about Casa Rosada with Molotovs because she put a status on her WhatsApp,” and for Christina, she said that Brenda “I was kind of tired of the vice president He did everything he did and in the end went unpunished. All I know is that I agreed with Milei ideologies from countries that ascended and nothing else“.

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