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The love spells with lemon by Sandra Sosa, are among the most effective and powerful romance spells. By using it, you can ensure that your partner’s love will be for you and only you. No one else will be able to pretend or conquer her because she will steadfastly refuse to give affection to anyone else. You will be his only desire and he will want to stay by your side until the end of time.



However, Sandra Sosa strongly recommends being very careful when applying it. You have to keep in mind that this spell is very powerful, so once it’s done, it will be almost impossible to undo. For this reason, you should consider the situation very carefully and ask yourself if you really want to share the rest of your life with this person. If so, you can continue with love spell, with lemons.

What Can You Achieve With Sandra Sosa’s Lemon Love Spells?

S love rituals with lemon, by Sandra Sosa, you can make the person you love go crazy with passion for you. They are extremely powerful techniques capable of awakening the desire for love in a person or restoring an extinguished passion. At the same time, they can be used by both men and women.

Thanks to this, they are quite popular. In addition to their high efficiency, they are characterized by very easy operation. You don’t need to have advanced knowledge of witchcraft to make them, you’ll just need to follow the steps we highlight below:

Find out what items you need to make a lemon love spell

Just like any other white magic spell if you want to do a love tie with lemons, you will need to collect some specific items. Of course, they are common items that you can find in any store or that you are sure to have at home.

Sandra Sosa, she took care of it love spell using a file or lemon be as accessible and easy to implement as possible. Among the materials you will need to complete it are:

A lemon, no matter what size or color (green or yellow).

  • Sugar of any kind, it can be: brown, white, refined, etc.
  • Cinnamon powder (very important).
  • A glass jar with a lid, pre-washed with hot water and salt to cleanse from bad energies.
  • A white sheet of paper, without margins or lines.
  • Red marker or pen.
  • A dish.

As you can see, none of the materials needed to make this enchantment are hard to come by, so you won’t have any trouble procuring them. As soon as you manage to collect all the items mentioned in the previous list, you can start love ritual with lemon.



How to make a love ritual with lemon?

The steps you need to follow to cast this love spell are quite simple. However, before you begin, you will need to prepare yourself emotionally. You need to be in a quiet and peaceful place where you feel calm and can concentrate on the charm.

It is important to breathe calmly to dispel any kind of anxiety or negative energy that may interfere with the ritual. In addition, you must prepare to focus all your spiritual power on visualizing the person you want to commit and asking for their love. Once you have it, you are ready to begin the spell.

Step 1: prepare the jar and cut the lemon

First, take the glass jar, which must be pre-washed with hot water and salt, and rub it with your hands. You have to rub it inside, outside and through the mouthpiece. Doing so will cause the jar to absorb your energy, allowing you to prepare it for the spell. After scrubbing the entire jar, you should do the same with its lid.

Then cut the lemon in half. When doing this, it is important to place the part of the fruit that was attached to the branch pointing to the right. Thus, the bottom of the lemon should be on the left. Also, the cut should be made along the width of the lemon, not along the height.

Step 2: squeeze the lemon and say your name, along with that of the person you’re interested in

After cutting the lemon as described above, take a plate and squeeze the bottom of the fruit into it. Remember that this should be on the left at the time of cutting. You need to wring it out completely, trying to leave it as dry as possible. You will then need to open said half of the lemon again. Do not throw away the juice as you will use it later.

Then take a sheet of paper and cut two squares out of it. It is important to remove the ends carefully, as this way they can absorb the energy. Then place one of the paper squares on the left and one on the right.

On the paper on the left you will write the name of the person you want to tie. Only your first name, not your last names. And if you do not call your beloved by the first name, but by the second, you should use it. Meanwhile, on the paper on the right, you will put your own name.

Step 3: Make the tie

Take the paper with the name of the person you want to tie and place it in the lemon or lime you have squeezed. You should try to keep all the paper inside the fruit and make sure the person’s name is visible on the outside. This will symbolize that your partner has no more love to give to another person. Then pour a generous amount of sugar into the lemon, try to fill it all the way. Then you will put some cinnamon powder and put it in the jar. Then take the piece of paper with your name on it and dip it in the lemon juice. You need to make sure that it is well covered because the lemon juice represents your partner’s love that belongs only to you.

Then place it on top of the other unsqueezed half of the lemon, name side up. Then place it cap side down in the jar so it covers the part of the fruit that has the loved one’s name on it.

Now mix the remaining juice with the sugar and cinnamon and use the index finger of your dominant hand to mix it all together. Once you get a homogeneous mixture, pour it into the jar. The next step is very important, you need to take as much air as you can and blow it strongly into the jar. Close it as soon as you do. Thus your essence will remain within. Finally, take it with both hands and repeat the following three times: “From love we are born, from love we live” Finally, hide her in your room for three days. After this period, love ritual with saw and the strength of the acid will be full, so you can get rid of the jar and its contents. After that, you will notice that the effects will appear in a short time.

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