A civil guard and his friend who tried to rob a house dressed as policemen are on trial

City of Justice of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

They showed up at the house with a false entry and search warrant. They face maximum sentences of six years and ten months.

Francisco Jose Fajardo

In the dock will sit three people accused of having
planned robbery in the home of a businessman from Gran Canaria,
dressed in the garb of the Civil Guard. One of them was
agent of the deservinganother is the friend who accompanied him, and the third is the one who gave the above information where the safe was in the house and even gave them
a copy of the keys From the same.

Also, the robbers
forged a document that purported to be a court order which allowed them to enter and search the house and when they committed these alleged acts in 2019.
they attacked the wife of the businessman located in the property.


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    euros Ángel C. G will have to pay a fine, according to the prosecutor, who wants six years, ten months and fifteen days in prison. Meanwhile, Ayoze Iban faces three years, six months and fifteen days in prison and the payment of a fine of €1,350. In the end, Luis Gregorio asked for a year and nine months in prison and a fine of 900 euros.

The prosecution understands that these facts constitute the crimes of attempted robbery with violence and threats in an inhabited dwelling, bodily harm, falsification of official documents and theft. The oral hearing will be held before
Criminal Court Number 6 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The plan

According to the indictment filed by
Prosecutor Maria Eugenia Rodriguez, defendant Luis Gregorio C.N. took advantage of the fact that he worked at the victim’s company to gather information about her. Thus he learned that his boss
he had a safe in his home in the metropolitan district of Ciete Palmas and, moreover, between October 16 and 18, 2018, he picked up the keys to the urbanization and the house.

This defendant had mentioned the existence of the safe to his former brother-in-law who
At the time he was an agent of the Civil Guard– Ángel CG and his friend Ayoze Ibán RS He gave the keys to Ayoze Ibán, but it turned out that days later the businessman
they changed the locks from his home when he realized he had lost them.

Thus, they had to re-plan the robbery and came up with another formula. It consisted of Ángel CG taking advantage of the fact that he was the Civil Guard to capture him
reflective vests with the Ordnance Institute logo and simulated gun, except yours. He also had a document from a commercial court “which he had in his locker”, says the prosecutor, which he “altered by changing the name of the court, the position in the field of the institutional shields and the Government of the Canary Islands, the line of the field and the letterhead”. The document also contained a
“a court order to proceed to search the safe.”

The three defendants, according to the prosecutor, must compensate the businessman’s wife with 395 euros for the damage and damages caused.

With everything ready, around 9:30 am on February 15, 2019, Ángel CG and Ayoze Ibán RS
They went to the house dressed as agents of the deserving in civilian clothes, hood, hat and gloves and after entering the building, knocked on the door of the businessman’s house. There his wife opened the door and they told him they were guards and had a search warrant.

Upon entry, it is assumed and according to the prosecutor’s office
Agent Ángel CG threw her to the groundgagged because she started asking for help and they threatened her to give them the code to open the safe while
they beat her.

At that moment, the daughter of this couple, who was in her room, heard the commotion, came out into the living room and saw “that
his mother struggled with the defendant Ángel” while Ayoze Ibán “remained in place without doing anything to prevent the events.” At that moment and seeing the daughter,
the two defendants fled the house without stealing anything.

important information

The prosecutor argued that Luis Gregorio “is the person who
provide information about the safe» and he knew that his two friends were going to rob him. However, “he did nothing to avoid it,” he states in his letter.

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