2000s Disney Channel Series to Watch with Your Kids

For many years, Disney Channel series were the most important in the world of children’s television. Many of them went down in history, for example Hannah Montana, for many the most iconic character of the time. And now, twenty years later, many of them are still valid, although they have sunk into oblivion.

However, thanks to Disney + and its initiative to bring back to us all those who were a part of the childhood of many, we can restore them and put them on our children. In them, they will find great lessons and a way of understanding the world of entertainment that is very different from the one they have now. Although there are currently some great productions and children’s cartoons that they might like, The Disney Channel had its golden age in the first decade of the 2000s.and it is worth saving some of its most popular series.

Disney Channel’s best series

For many, it is an indisputable fact: The best Disney Channel series were filmed between 2000 and 2010. We continue to remember the stories that aired at that time and therefore consider this stage as the golden era of the channel. Since then, his productions have changed, the advent of the Internet and the platforms of streaming reduce the investment in this type of content. No matter how much time has passed, these titles are still alive in our memory and now they can be a part of our children’s childhood.

1. The Backyard Gang (1997-2001)

The patio band | Source: IMDb

Although it was first aired in 1997, we can consider it one of Disney’s most successful of the 2000s, as it was during these years that he achieved his highest audience ratings. The plot follows the story of five elementary school students, very different from each other.

Among them we find Spinellione of the most beloved characters in the series, who recently achieved a lot of popularity on the networks, with many followers claiming that he may be the first trans boy in the history of animation.

The rest of the characters TJ, Gretchen, Gus, Vince and MikeyThey are equal parts charming and innovative. Girls who are going to win a Nobel Prize, the big boy in class who never uses his strength, or the basketball player who isn’t the typical on-call athlete. The Patio Band toyed with the archetypes that had been the norm in children’s shows until then and destroyed them.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+

2. Kim-Possible (2002-2007)

kim a possible Disney Channel series from the 2000s
Kim-Possible | Source: IMDb

While we think the concept of an independent heroine is very modern, who-possible had already entered our lives in 2002. His image was revolutionary for the girls of the moment. She was a character who wasn’t afraid to kick her enemies and didn’t have to abandon her feminine side to do it. Also, her nemesis was also a woman.

But outside the role of empowering the female audience and give her a recommendation for a strong woman, Kim Possible taught us about the true qualities of the character. In his series, he let us see how even the smallest favor can help save someone’s daythat it’s okay to admit your weaknesses and that a good friend can be your greatest strength.

For all these reasons, enjoying his chapters again in the company of our children can be a most enriching activity for the whole family.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+

3. Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004)

Lizzie McGuire Disney Channel Series 2000
Lizzie McGuire | Source: IMDb

She was the first of the long saga of “Disney Girls”, although it was undoubtedly the best of them all. In this series, we followed the adventures of Lizzy, an imaginative teenager whose thoughts were sometimes interpreted by her animated version. The offer was very interesting aesthetically for its timebut now there are other things you can bring us.

Besides having fun, because the truth is, his humor hasn’t lost an iota of its charm, Lizzie McGuire It will teach us great lessons. The first and most remarkable lesson of her story is this self confidence is the most important thing. This is the only way to achieve success.

Another moral in some of his chapters is that we should accept and love our bodies as they are, that sometimes things don’t work out the way we expected, and that we should never try to change ourselves because to please others.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+


4. Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)

Phineas and Ferb Disney Channel 2000 series
Phineas and Ferb | Source: IMDb

Although these cartoons are far from the early 2000s, they are one of Disney Channel’s best series. Its plot is educational and entertaining at the same time, and its stories are so funny that even as an adult, you can be captivated. recounts the adventures of two brothers, Phineas and Ferb, who belong to a family with a non-normative build. Their parents married when they already had children, so the siblings are not related by blood. They also have an older sister, Candace, who does her best to catch them.

And it is that the two children have a developed imagination and they don’t believe you need to be old to do something great. So after asking his brother, “What are we going to do today?”, Phineas blurts out the great idea they had that day, and together they build roller coasters, travel to space, or turn their backyard into a beach.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+


5. Pepper Ann (1997-2000)

pepper an disney channel 2000 series
Pepper-Ann | Source: IMDb

It is probably one of the most iconic productions of the late 90s and early 2000s, as it was the first animated series in which a 12-year-old girl faced what it meant to be a woman back then. Also, its creator was Sue Rose, another woman. Although there were many cartoons with female characters at the time, none touched on the unique perspective she offered. PepperAnn. And it is that in his plot, young Anne had to face a double challenge: being a woman and being a freak.

Secondary figures are not far behind. Anne’s mother is single and her little sister is not on the way either. Many mistaken her for a boy, and the character himself claimed that he was not aware of his gender identity. Something similar happens with his friends. Milo is the clearest model that the series tried to give an alternative vision of hegemonic masculinity.

Recommended Age: All ages

6. Raven (2003-2007)

it's so raven Disney Channel 2000 series
It’s so Raven | Source: IMDb

Besides being one of the funniest of its time, That’s it Raven He taught us a lot about self-love. To begin with, it was one of Disney Channel’s first female hosts of color. In fact, Raven Simone, the actress who ended up playing her, wasn’t originally going to play the part, but her friend Chelsea. But the translator did so well that the producers fell in love and decided to change the whole series for her. That is why the hero bears his name.

The raven represents everything those women who aren’t perfect, who know how to laugh at their mistakes and who, even if they are, are attractive, beautiful and valid. This is the most important thing that this series symbolizes, and a basic value that can be passed on to the youngest members of the family, as well as to teenagers. Because, as she herself says in one of the chapters, “if you haven’t noticed, people come in all sizes and shapes, and they’re all beautiful.”

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+

7. Hotel Sweet Hotel (2005-2008)

hotel zack and cody cute hotel disney channel 2000
Hotel cute hotel: Source: IMDb

If you lived through the golden age of Disney Channel series, you’ll remember Zack and Cody. They were the main characters of hotel, sweet hotel and on Zack and Cody: All aboard, in which the stories of Disney’s most talkative brothers continued to do their thing. This production tells the experiences of two twins who are very different from each other. Cody is studious and responsible, while Zack is lazy and crafty.. What they both have in common is that they always find themselves in trouble.

But the most interesting thing about this production is how many of the conflicts are resolved. And that is that, although at first it may seem that Zach is always luckier than Cody, time eventually shows that effort is better than laziness.

However, The two brothers, who love and appreciate each other, understand that the skills and abilities of one are not better than those of the other. They just assume they are different, even though they look the same at first glance. This is a very good series about brothers who sometimes get along badly to watch.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+

8. Hannah Montana (2006-2011)

a 2000s Hannah Montana series on the Disney Channel
Hannah Montana | Source: IMDb

he couldn’t miss Hannah Montana on this list because it’s probably one of the most iconic series of the 2000s. The production managed to conquer the whole world and the lead actress, Miley Cyrus, started the long saga of Disney concerts, which years later would be followed by the actors of High school musical or Camp Rock. In his humorous chapters, he teaches great lessons.

Although the plot has progressed a lot and the characters have undergone changes, the basis of Hannah Montana is that you should always be true to yourself. She lives a double life, trying to be both a normal girl and the great singer Hannah Montana. This, of course, leads to many adventures and crazy things that make him learn that you should always be honest with yourself and your friends. But above all, that she should be true to herself and who she really is, above fame.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Disney+

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