What functions does a wellness coordinator have?

From this course we will get used to the presence of a new figure in schools, the social care coordinator. Its specific functions, which we will look at later, are aimed at protecting students from all forms of violence. A measure by which It aims to prevent and stop promptly any violation of the integrity of students and whose scope of action extends to all academic institutions.both public and private, where there are minors enrolled in school.

Strengthening Internet security is a central aspect of its work

Among the tasks of this new participant in the education system, a special emphasis will be placed on the virtual context. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the Spanish Data Protection Agency reports, the distribution, often illegitimate, of personal data through social networks and other websites is increasing. Among the most common scenarios, recording and posting sexual or violent content stands out, one of the predominant behaviors in cases of harassment.

In many cases, bullying in the educational center is also transferred to the virtual environment | Source: Pexels

From its official website, Priority Channel is available to the public, a tool to report such situations and urgently request their removal. A procedure that will fall to the welfare coordinator when the rights of a minor student are violated. Deletion of content through the above procedure, according to data from the subject himself, reaches an efficiency of 85% in the interventions carried out to date. On the other hand, the average time to delete files usually does not exceed 72 hours.

It is important for parents to remember, on the other hand, that we are responsible for the actions of our sons and daughters.. If you post sexual or violent content without the consent of those appearing in it, we may face legal consequences. These include the obligation to pay the fines for the violations or crimes in which they were committed.

What other duties does a wellness coordinator have?

Internet realm aside, the welfare coordinator’s efforts will be aimed at preventing and stopping any violence. “It is essential,” moreover, “that it be able to establish itself as a secure attachment figure for children and adolescents.” That explains it Noemi Garcia Sanjuan, Director of the Master’s Program in Conflict Prevention and Mediation in Educational Environments, in this UNIR publication. In it, he also emphasizes the need to create a bond so that they can turn to it when they feel attacked or in danger.

Prevention and fight against bullying
The Wellness Coordinator also works to prevent and combat bullying | Source: Canva

Also, describes a series of specific functions with which we can better understand the reason for the existence of this new specialized figure. The following stand out among them:

1. Prevention

Promoting measures that ensure the well-being of children and adolescents. “A responsibility directly related to the ability to detect conflict situations early and prevent them,” emphasizes García Sanjuan.

2. Training

Start preventive training plans which includes the entire educational community.

3. Enabling Protocols

Inform center staff about protocols and coordinate cases in which the social services have to intervene or in which it is necessary to go to the state security forces and authorities.

4. First of all, a calm road

Encourage the implementation of alternative methods of peaceful resolution of any problem.

5. Protection of the vulnerable

Have special sensitivity and attention to those groups that are particularly vulnerable. The master’s director recalls that “unfortunately, diversity is still a source of conflict, so the protection of children or adolescents with some kind of disability or diversity will be another of its important tasks.” They must be able to provide the necessary support, he concludes, so that these differences ultimately become an opportunity to enrich the academic environment.

6. Healthy eating

The last point refers to the need to encourage the educational center to carry out a healthy and nutritious diet that allows for a balanced diet.

Self-governance of the autonomies, key to defining their specific missions

It must be said, however, that the competences described represent a simple approximation to the final solution of the autonomous communities. And it is that these territorial units will specify the conditions in this regard. This is how Organic Law 8/2021 is considered when it says that “the competent educational administrations will determine the requirements and functions to be performed by the social care coordinator”.

Likewise, regional governments will be the ones to regulate whether these tasks should be carried out by existing staff at the school or by new staff. Likewise, they will have the responsibility to provide the designated individuals with the knowledge and essential tools so that they can perform their tasks satisfactorily.

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