They will present at the Pontifical University of Mexico “Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life”


This September 13, the “Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life” will be presented at the Pontifical University of Mexico. a transcendental document that the Pontifical University of Mexico, through Center for the Study of Family, Bioethics and Societywill publicize all of Latin America in a joint effort of specialists and institutions dedicated to family sciences.

In an interview, Father Guillermo Gutierrez Fernandezdirector of the Study Center at the Pontifical University, explains the nature of this presentation in the face of the crisis of the institution and married life, the low number of celebrations, the lack of permanence after the sacramental act and the nature of the pastoral accompaniment of those who have broken their marital ties.

According to the bioethicist, The Church has failed to invest more energy in preventing the difficult situations of marriage through adequate careny accompaniment in the first months of the relationship.

Recalling the doctrine of the pontiffs in this regard, especially Pope Francis, who insists on the need to improve the accompaniment of the Church, Gutierrez Fernandez emphasized that in the year of Amoris Laetitia, the “Catechumenal Itineraries” of the Pontifical Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life are presented: “This is the first presentation of the document since the official one that was made in the Sala Stampa of the Vatican a few months ago, last June. This is a way in which the dicastery, through the undersecretary, Gabriella Gambin, He gives it to the Mexican church and to the pilgrim in Latin America”.

Guillermo Gutierrez emphasized that this document will be received by the Head of the Family Dimension of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference, the Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey, Alfonso Miranda Guardiola who will make some comments according to the Mexican reality.

In this symbolic act of acceptance, the directors of the main academic and university family centers that work in the country will make a presentation of the document, among them the director of the Women’s Institute of the University of Anahuac, Maria Eugenia Cardenas Cisneros; the vice president of the Mexican section of the John Paul II Institute, Rev Father Gaspar Guevara Espinosa, LC; director of the Family and Society Research Center of the Popular Autonomous University of Puebla, Jose Carlos Ortiz Mugenburg and the Reverend Doctor Jose Guillermo Gutierrez Fernandezdirector of the Center for Research on the Family, Bioethics and Society of the Pontifical University of Mexico.

According to Gutierrez Fernandez, the document is of great importance because of the perspective it offers in relation to the preparation and accompaniment of marriage in the first years of married life in the way of the catechumen as a re-initiation of the faith and recognition of marriage, with a doctrinal and comprehensive preparation that is related to the life and Christian experience of marriage as an apostolic commitment in a catechumenal key, with different phases that introduce the discovery of love as a call to holiness .

“Preparation for marriage is not exclusively directed to the ceremony of the sacrament,” he affirms, and in this sense the itineraries, in their various aspects, will allow the accompaniment that the Christian community makes to people who receive this specific vocation from the Lord.

The document “is given in a new perspective necessary in the current situation of the new evangelization. We want to present the joy of the vocation to love in married life, more than a list of commitments and moral requirements that are of course included by experience fruitful of the sacrament, but the emphasis is placed on the notice in a positive key of The Christian vocation to marriage. It is a joy that the Pontifical University of Mexico hosts this event and promotes it, claiming that it is committed, on the one hand, to seriously accompany the pastoral activity of the Church in Mexico and of the bishops in the country, as well as to enlighten the social and civil a life of Christian reflection, because it is evidence of communion in the Church in choral action of this very important and well-achieved document on the part of the Vatican,” he concluded.

The presentation of Catechumenal itineraries for married life It will be from 10:00 to 13:00 (17:00 to 20:00 Roman time) on the social networks of the Pontifical University of Mexico.

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