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Provide legal authority for Notaries Public of Mexico Cityin order to be able, in their capacity as assistants of the state administration, to celebrate the legal act of marriage in a notary’s office between residents of the capital, encourages the chairman of Commission on Administration and Delivery of Justice of the Local Congress, Jose Octavio Rivero Villasenor.

Furthermore, it was for the dissolution of marriage to be carried out expeditiously in the notary offices themselves, as long as there were no contradictions between the parties or the rights of minors and incapacitated persons were affected.

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To this end, the Vice-President of the reserve bench of Morena in the Donceles y Allende district presented an initiative to reform and add various articles from the Civil Code for the Federal District and the Law of Notaries for Mexico City related to the celebration of legal acts of marriage and its annulment before a notary.

At a press conference, he explained that this power, which is wanted to be given to notaries, is already being considered in other countries. such as Spain, Cuba and Boliviafollowing the Ibero-American notarial tradition.

He said that at the national level there is a regulation in this regard, as is the case in the state of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Puebla.

Simplify procedures

Accompanied by Morenoit legislators Yuri Ayala Zuniga and Ricardo Giancarlo Lozano Reynoso, he stated that the reforms he proposed are intended to provide citizens with viable alternatives that simplify their procedures, in addition to generating significant savings in time and money, as as they will not have to hire lawyers or other types of intermediaries to perform administrative tasks in judicial or administrative processes.

Rivero Villaseñor reported that official data published by Superior Court of Mexico City, in their statistical report for 2021 they reveal that in the past year 247 petitions for necessary divorce were presented to the jurisdictional authorities, in addition to 312 voluntary and 11,517 for unjustified or unexplained divorce, with a total of 12,076 petitions.. in the jurisdiction headquarters

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“We do not fail to notice that the average time to resolve a divorce case varies from six months to one year, from the time of the filing of the relevant application to the issuance of the judgment,” he stated.

He explained that if the initiative is approved in Mexico City’s Congress, the possibilities for dissolution of marriage will increase to 302, and there are currently 52 family courts that resolve disputes.

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He identified as a priority the creation of an alternative to the divorce case before one of the notaries in the city, in order to reduce the saturation of Civil registration and family courtswith greater freedom for citizens so that they can access the route that best suits their needs in a flexible way.

Meanwhile, deputies Ayala Zúñiga and Lozano Reynoso supported this initiative, considering it a rationalization of this legal process, which in turn establishes itself as a viable alternative that will simplify procedures and generate significant savings in time and money.

The proposal seeks to amend articles 97, 98, section six, 99, 100, 102, 103, section four, 105, 107, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 146, 250 and 272 and to added 161 bis and 272 bis, all of the Civil Code for the Federal District; In addition, Articles 18 and 178 of Notarial Law for Mexico Cityrelated to the celebration of the legal acts of marriage and its dissolution before a notary public in Mexico City.

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