These are the 10 easiest oppositions to pass in 2022

With the beginning of September and back to schoolmore and more people are considering introducing themselves to some oppositions. Although the road is hard, professional opportunities which offer if you pass the test are permanent and indefinite.

Among many other advantages, the opponent will gain a permanent position, well payed At the end, employment stability. In addition, in the public sector, opposition to every sector of the labor market is called for. Therefore, there are many opportunities where you can try your luck and get that long-awaited job.

But of all of them which are the most available? From the administrative assistant of the state to those of the post office, Noticias Trabajo has made a list of the easiest oppositions to approve this 2022.

These are the easiest oppositions to pass

To resist is to invest weather, money Y effort. Therefore, whoever decides to do so prepares for the calls with the highest probability of success. Then the interested party will know the 10 easiest oppositions to start the preparation for this year 2022.

State Administrative Assistant

A person interested in challenging this profession should only possess Compulsory secondary education (IT IS). Also, the agenda is not extensive compared to other sectors. This time they will be less than 30 topics to learn.

The exam consists of an exercise divided into two parts. In 90 minutes, the opponent must be able to solve both parts. First, you will be faced with a multiple choice questionnaire with a maximum of 60 questions. The second part will consist of a written response to a questionnaire of a maximum of 50 questions on administrative and office activities.

legal aid

To oppose legal aid, requirements are also available. The necessary studies are IT IS and the agenda has less than 30 topics. As for the exam, it consists of 100 multiple choice questions and two practice cases which will be solved through 40 test questions.

Caring oppositions

On this occasion, the agenda usually does not exceed 25 topics. Similarly, IT IS This is the only academic degree required. Of course, the opponent must have minimal knowledge in the field of health. Likewise, there are numerous courses that can train the interested party professionally. The exam consists of 100 questions with four possible answers. Only one of them will be correct.

Assistant Nurse Oppositions

These oppositions require a higher academic degree. The interested party must have title Nursing Assistant Technicianor another VET secondary education in the field of health care. The subject may exceed 60 topics. As for the exam, although it varies, opponents face one test-type exercise depending on where they appear.

Opposition to subordinates and employees

The minimum qualification required is IT IS The subject matter ranges from 10 and 20 topics. The selection process is a bit more complicated as it consists of a multiple choice question paper, a general knowledge test and a practical case study.

Oppositions against Correos

The oppositions against Correos, in addition to the demand only of IT IS and the sparse curriculum of study (12 topics), are very attractive due to the regularity of the calls. Interested party has to go through multiple choice written exam and merit evaluation process.

Opposing the army

Opponent must be between the ages of 18 and 29 and possess IT IS. Similarly no general syllabus should be studied as the exam consists of psychotechnical exercises which measure candidates’ abilities in various fields. A minimum height of 155 cm for women and 160 cm for men is also required, in no case over 203 cm.

Opposing the Civil Guard

The frequency with which vacancies are advertised and IT IS As a sufficient degree of access are two aspects that make these oppositions accessible. However, the selection process is not easy after the knowledge test theoretical-practical they have some difficulty and should be solved quite quickly.

To all this, the psychotechnical and psychophysical ability tests are added. After passing these tests, the candidate begins a study load of 1060 hours and the internships last 40 weeks.

Opposition to local police

To apply for a position, the interested party must have a title bachelor or equivalent. A minimum height of 1.60-1.65m for women and 1.65-1.70m for men is also required, as well as a driving licence. The curriculum is rigorous, requiring demonstration of physical fitness, passing a medical examination, passing psychotechnical tests and passing a knowledge exam.

Opposition to the National Police

Oppositions are considered accessible due to the frequency of publication and degree of access. A title is also required. Baccalaureate or above and a minimum height of 165 cm for men and 160 cm for women.

It takes a lot of practice to pass the physicals and the syllabus that the opponent will have to study for the theory exams has more than 40 topics. You will then have to pass a medical examination, a personal interview and a psychotechnical test.

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