There are no conflicts, wars and inequalities that are eternal

Resistance and rebellion are the condemnation of any tyranny that is far from revolutionary, when its sentiments give rise to seductive, lying, deceitful, romantic, rhetorical and duplicitous expressions.

In this passionate disagreement, the human mood vibrates in man with his life, his actions, with his enthusiasm to face the truth in order to restore peace in the face of the present, which requires answers and changes not only within a nation, but also within a whole body that cries out for life, love and service.

All kinds of organizations have sprung up in the world that long to force beliefs, dogmas, ideologies and other expressions to cover up truth, reality or to exercise violence of various kinds through unorthodox mechanisms. These organisms exhibit collective passions promoting deception and falsehood, distinguishing very specific traits to good, under instruments in the service of certain social groups. In essence, they are a fiction that is lost for lack of meaning, emphasizing messianic actions that destroy the truth. When Christ was asked the truth in his decadent judgment of imperturbability, he was silent and silent because it was the truth. He had come to testify, which we continue to deny today, because the truth remains a dead letter. In a society where morality is hidden under impure orders.

Political reflections aim with their apparent and noble anthology to build with architecture a social community laying the foundations of unity and equality. In this proem we mean the insults given to us by political parties and other related associations that tend to spread the human catastrophe that leaves behind social destruction, inequalities and above all sowing hatred in the community, in society without hope, sunken in the absence of values, without an axis to guide him along the paths of peace and coexistence. These structures failed to reach a level of effectiveness, nor did they present solutions to the perennial national problem.

For this reason, society began to gather to rethink the political role and its participation with the necessary meaning. A new future for the state is sprouting, rising in the face of the great resistance that the people are developing to encourage the imperative changes that the atavistic organizations of the old date never developed. Giving this new era its own life is the task that falls to all of us, without fear, with enthusiasm and encouragement, from our various professions to the saga of exercising vigorous activism that prevents the spoiling of programs and any distortion of the process.

Parties and so many skeptics are born, as Simon Weil teaches us, to kill the sense of truth and justice. Deception and lies seduce, destroy. It hurts the conscience, breaks the illusions and the possibility to fight for a more humane world. The fight against parties and all unjust politics is a fight against the ideological gluttony that operates in a foreign body, which, from the point of view of capitalist gluttony, blinds the worldview of the country in the biggest corrupt framework. Consequently, the violence in Colombia has state and partisan patents that, in the face of the new historical journey, must fall away. Purification is a challenge for the new democracy, for the new social pact that will be the common thread of a new nation with social justice, with a social and environmental ecology that generates food production, with a united management front to restore education, health, science, work , security and other coexistence programs.

In the new state of things, in the country we will allow ourselves to be carried away by the social and political love that springs from the new historical evolution and so on to the vices of the past, the assemblies of governments, politicians and parties that have thrown the country into greater ostracism , are eradicated. It will not be easy, but when there is will, respect, justice and conviction, the new order of our geopolitics is possible. There are capitals, but they are not socialized because the accumulation and disintegration were stronger. Ortega y Gasset deepens his knowledge when he says… The skin of time has changed and the gospel of life in love finds a new cosmic consciousness… And likewise in the yellow pages of time we find a message from Azorin that says… The future and mankind belong to us, not to the mad enjoyers of the world.

With deep clarity and clarity we will advance in this new turn of the country in contrast to so many pessimists who, according to Cioran, are disappointed optimists in the face of huge expectations… In the face of any form of criticism or expression of irony or hostility speech against the changes. There must always be a correspondence between what is being said or the truth being manifested. The opposite is illegal. Only righteousness and truth are unique, another trend will be vague, empty, meaningless, full of intentions without reality. Only good is the end, only truth prevails in the face of individual or collective loathsome and depraved passions, a truth that will accompany us with the frankness to speak without fear even in the face of any social or political risk.

The enemies of democracy only instill terror by organizing riots and forms of community struggle to prevent partisan or other empires from imposing, over power and just politics, the vital force of our terroirs. The new political renaissance is nothing more than making commitments full of love and service that confront the insane process of turbulent passions. One day Sastre said that…it is enough for one man to hate another for hatred to engulf all mankind….

This new messianic future condemns the past and demands judgment for those who corruptly ruled the country’s destinies. The change must be accompanied by the collective support that will face the bipolar structure that implies meaningless oppositions and promotes society with rhetorical comedies against the faces of democracy. Ulrich Beck says that… When the social order declines, people begin to think… In fact, when a new development is structured in the midst of inequalities, tyranny is what will rule.

We are on the way to a new country – The challenge is to end the scourge of more than 200 years. Plato reminds us… When a man does not sacrifice for his ideas, either nothing happens or he is worth nothing… The socio-political drama that many peoples of the Americas have experienced has lulled us to sleep in time and in the depths of a society struck by the insignificance of governments that gave birth to a new manager of transformation, hope in the light of living resistance, a playful seeker of harmony and peace. The all-too-human transformative messianism becomes an emotional spirit of freedom, a living presence before a militant society in a cosmology without dogma, without ritual, which was accompanied only by action, work, and labor to oppose the cause of man and nature.

The country was born and raised in the midst of tragedies permeated with many violent conflicts. The future was contradictory, hostile, terrifying. It set up a crisis spreading social consciousness that filled all the spaces whose predecessors were the construction of social dispersions in the midst of sit-ins, protests and demands. Violence always breeds failure, hungry for confrontations with parties and social movements that deepen the collapse. Besides the social facts, the management of an economy whose indicators have reached the limits of imperfection, which means negative effects on poverty for the country, and other analyzes of the financial and social component.

To the above. Add to this the great tragedy of drug trafficking, which did not withstand the political catharsis that awaited its consequences. From here follows another great period in our history. The Colombian reality offers us multiple chapters of existence within conflicts that force us to carry liberating resistance on our shoulders, allowing the arrival of a new era that will begin to see the light of hope already as a possible nation, leaving behind that trace of a misanthropy that only rigid paresis offered to enforce frank language without fear of change. All this game of thrones suggested more bloodshed in geopolitics, which arrived with no sign of resolution, because deception and lying were imposed in the face of the urgent need for perestroika with its reconstructive opening and the sense of a new social capitalism.

These reflections with scattered writings open us to free thinking and dialogue that touches so many social realities, full of truths that condemn a system that destroys the life of a society, of partisan and political organizations that betray passion and glorified ideals. These environments have encapsulated ideologies, excuses, passions, fanaticism and barbarism for the benefit of certain interests. There is no social or political upheaval that does not reach its Perestroika. The sustainable social body ultimately wins. Today, more than ever, the country needs its people, those of us willing to defend against the challenges of a past that can no longer exist. Change is not an empty icon, it is the patriotic existence where there are no exceptions. The new future is to break the chains, to think of the other, who builds the country of peace and justice-

Colombia is not done crowning the rampant violence. Patriotic voices express their feelings with their revolutionary pens, which is good to illustrate Dario Echandia once said that this is a country of infidels. Fernando González later said that we don’t have ideas here, but opinions. He later said that the poor country of misery, the country of the devil. aimless, dried up to such an extent that it forgot to give birth to revolutionaries. The irony is unfortunate, he said another time, there are no parties here, only white-collar thieves and a conservative hegemony deprived of freedom of expression and creativity.

The hegemonic flow of regeneration led Vargas Villa to point out that when freedom dies in a country, there is no longer a nation, only ruin. From his exile he writes that there are martial tyrants and sacrificial tyrants to determine that regeneration has left only ruins. Estanislao Zuleta with his pen also expressed that in Colombia we were not educated to be citizens with liberating ideas… This is the nation that we are inventing in this social environment that we are building a culture.

even so. We tried to fight the resistance for a better world that brings humanism to the throne of peace, where the sword of Bolívar and the laws of Santander bravely defended in partnership with the great San Martín, O’Higgins and Mapuche Manco Capac, with the sensitivity of the warriors of the immortal Andes and the bravery of the spirit of the llanero and that today a rebellious people is emerging, looking in historical memory for the traces of freedom.

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