The Supreme Court upholds the abuse conviction against Pastor Alexander Alsate Pulgarin

Alexander Alzate Pulgarin, former leader of the Hosanna Christian Church in Cali.

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The Supreme Court upheld the sentence of 17 years in prison against the Christian pastor Alexander Alzate Pulgarinwho was the leader of the church hosanna in Cali. For the third time, justice believes a couple of women who in their childhood suffered all kinds of violence from a man who found a place in their home as their father. But only for abuse them for God’s sake and make them feel that reporting the case will bring them severe curses as a punishment.

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In 1997, the mother of the victims Maria* and Catalina* went to the Hosanna Church in Cali. Such was the relationship that arose between the woman and Pastor Pulgarin in less than a year they were already sharing a home, a decision that lasted five years and meant hell for several girls whose fathers were absent. Claiming to be an “apostle” and “sent from God”Pulgarin repeatedly touched and acquiesced to them to the point of making them believe that excesses were normal and part of the religious path.

“The teenager (Maria*) felt privileged, because her pastor treated her like a father and she noticed nothing unusual in the behavior that occurred almost daily, as at that time the defendant and his family were living with his mother and other family members. In this environment the libidinal gropings were presented, and under these conditions the victim saw in Alexandre Alzate not only the figure of a father, but also to his pastor, spiritual guide and messenger of Godwhose designs cannot be refuted,” the file says.

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Alzate was branded in 2015 when the victims felt able to tell what happened. The Supreme Court filing actually reads that even if they come of age, Maria* and Catalina*, they thought Alzate’s maneuvers were normal. As of this year, Alzate remains in prison and the case has been processed by a court and the Supreme Court of Cali. In both cases, the pastor was convictedbut still had to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In her lawsuit, Alzate asserts that the complaint was filed almost a decade later because, according to the legal knowledge acquired by Maria*, he knew he could affect his assets with a lawsuit. And he assured that the family only sought to take away his properties and prevent him from leaving the country. About Mary*, Alzate even said that the sexual relations were consensual. He assured that he had confined himself only to the preaching of the Christian faith, with no other purpose than religious belief. His actions, he said, were never sexually motivated.

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The Supreme Court again weighed the testimony and evidence at trial. He found a psychological expert opinion on Maria* in which it is clear that he has experienced manipulative techniques endured during his adolescence. Between them, the fear he felt of the “curse” that might fall upon his life if he doubted Pastor Alzate. Also, control over the time and work of his mother, who is assigned a permanent job in the Christian church.

“When I entered high school, I was already very involved with this church and, for example, when we went to work in the houses of our classmates, I asked my mother for permission and my mother consulted this man Alexandre Alzate. I had the impression that everything he said was the absolute truth, because I saw it in all the adults around me, not only in my mother, in all the adults, in the whole church. Then, I see this way of thinking for them that everything he said was the word of God, and what should be done; And I did, because that was the dough,” testifies Maria*.

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Among other rulings, the Supreme Court held that the civil suit against Alzate, brought by the victims’ family, it is not an intimidating action against the abuser. On the contrary, the only purpose was for him to appear for the initiation of criminal proceedings, given that he is about to leave the country. Alzate has 10 more years in prison and his Hosanna church will be marked by the marks of sexual abuse by a man who pretended to be “sent from God” but was only a criminal.

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