The perfect destinations in Colombia to propose this month, according to experts

Getting married has ceased to be an essential thing in many people’s lives, especially with the new times where commitment is becoming more and more distant.

But for many, it’s a dream they want to make come true by finding someone with whom they can build everything they’ve ever wanted. Therefore, for those wondering if it is time to take the next step with the couple, the place where the proposal is made is important. Because for several couples, it is one of the most symbolic and representative moments in the relationship.

Some seek to seal their commitment with an unforgettable proposal that takes place in a romantic and charming space. Besides the place, the date is also a determining factor. For some people, the Day of Love and Friendship is the perfect occasion to say “I do”.

That’s why, for Valentine’s Day, Airbnb shares six spaces in Colombia full of romance to pop “the question” and say “yes, I do”:

Guatape (Antioquia)

In the category “Amazing views” found on the platform, it is possible to find this magnificent city, known for the Peñol stone, with an excellent view of the Antioquia region. There will be no better setting for this important request, a space full of tranquility and wild nature, where it is also possible to fish in the dam, go kayaking or enjoy the sun in the area of Jacuzzi. In addition, according to Travelgrafia, it is well known for being the city of zócalos, those small works of art that are found at the bottom of houses.


In the middle of the mountains located in the coffee region of Colombia, there are diverse landscapes full of colors. The proximity to nature makes it a surprising place to visit as a couple and, surrounded by tropical plants, you can fulfill your vows of love and ask the most important question.

The beautiful landscapes that surround the department make every moment special, it can be a horse ride, a walk or a coffee in the central square of any of its municipalities, be it Armenia, Filandia, Salento, Pijao, Buenavista, etc. , others, according to Tursmoquindio.

Sasaima (Cundinamarca)

Couples in love often claim to be in seventh heaven (when they visit the tree house), so a proposal in this place, eight meters high, can be a completely original proposal. Couples will be able to experience a fabulous weekend, waking up on their first day engaged in all the comforts, surrounded by the branches of the trees and listening closely to the song of the birds.

Rionegro (Antioquia)

The preamble to a marriage proposal can be a little stressful, but the peaceful glamping scene in Rionegro, Antioquia offers an escape from the outside world and a connection with the environment. Nature will do its part, because thanks to its location in a nature reserve and its proximity to the forest, the lovers will be able to be one hundred percent present in this unique moment. A hot tub and fire pit can also be found place perfect to add an even more special touch to your declaration of love.

Villa de Leyva (Bojaca)

Looking for something completely different and disruptive? a romantic bungalow (one-story hotel) with a green roof will allow you to enjoy the starry sky of Villa de Leyva, surrounded by nature and farm animals. It will be an experience of connection and complete relaxation, next to Mount Iguaque, which has one of the best views of the place.

According to, there are dozens of plans that will make the time as a couple more special, such as walks to the cycling paradise, to the saint of this city or to the eagle’s nest, as well as fine dining in the evening with live music.

Cartagena (Bolivar)

Proposing marriage on the beach is the dream of many couples and the historic center, Baru, Playa Tranquila or Miami, can be the perfect place to celebrate the engagement. In a few steps it is possible to find the best restaurants and places of interest in the Walled City and you can also enjoy together the magical sunsets of Cartagena.

In addition to these six amazing spaces, the platform shares some experiences that you can enjoy with the future couple in the Day of Love and Friendship, for which they invite lovers to experience a cultural day in Villa de Leyva, Ráquira, Chiquinquirá and Pozos and do a tour to the secrets of coffee.

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