The nature of the parks of Castilla-La Mancha

Live and feel the protected natural spaces of Castilla-La Mancha this autumn, disconnect and enjoy the tranquility, the landscape and all the nature they offer you, Naturalea in them.

Explore the network of trails in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Natural Park, its black towns and golden architecture, the three highest peaks in Castilla-La Mancha are located in this park: Pico del Lobo (2273 m), Cerrón (2199 m) and Peña Cebollera Vieja or Tres Provincias (2129m), download your complete visitor guide here.

View of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

Barranco del Rio Dulce and its spectacular gorge of Pelegrina, where you can remember Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente, recreate the vision of the griffon vulture through the canyon or recall the golden eagle; the impressive canyon of the Tagus River in the Alto Tahoe Natural Park, with its impressive geology that makes it worthy of being considered a Geopark by UNESCO and which also offers us the impressive range of autumn colors of its riparian forests, which contrast with the oak groves or the extensive pine burns. In this park, explore the GR-113 trail, the Tagus Nature Trail, which reveals the particularly spectacular nature of this space. The continuity of this space with the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park represents a very extensive natural unit of the first level in the world in terms of wildlife and natural resources with an excellent degree of conservation. They are places for physical activity along paths and views and for relaxation in their infrastructures for public use and sustainable tourist accommodation in which to spend a few days with family or friends. Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park is a stellar destination and has the resources to interpret and fully enjoy its starry sky.

Stargazing in Serranía de Cuenca – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

Appreciate the fauna of these parks by observing the birds in all of them and the fauna in general, and if you are a mushroom lover, you will especially like these parks.

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El Hosquillo – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

Autumn is also an excellent opportunity to visit the Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve, which at this time, in addition to its spectacular geology and the color of the river waters, acquires the beauty of the autumn colors of its riparian forest, which also happens in the next natural monument of Chorreras del Cabriel with its spectacular waterfalls and tuffs of great scientific interest, this is an excellent time to visit them and walk their paths with the vocation to enjoy the landscape…

In the archive image Chorreras del Cabriel in the Cuenca municipality of Enguídanos
Chorreras del Cabriel – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

In the central and southern areas of the community, we find excellent destinations for continuing nature:

In the province of Montiel, located between Albacete and Ciudad Real, we can enjoy autumn in the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park, which, away from the hustle and bustle of summer and bathing, offers excellent opportunities for walking along its pleasant and easy paths, its new infrastructures, such as the scenic route or the new interpretation center in Laguna de La Colgada, which facilitate the enjoyment on foot and by bicycle of the entire park and the contrast of the turquoise blue of its waters with the yellow and ocher colors of autumn.

The Ruidera Lagoons – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

In the south of Albacete, the spectacular karst formations of the Natural Park Calares del Mundo and La Sima, between the Sierras de Alcaraz and Segura, offer us landscape, fauna and flora, excellent trails for all types of nature lovers, from the simplest to the most the demanding access to high peaks… The griffon vulture has established nesting areas in various vulture colonies north and south of Calar del Mundo and we may be lucky enough to observe the very rare bearded vulture.

Mundo River – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

In Ciudad Real, you can enjoy in the Valle de Alcudia and the Sierra Madrona Natural Park the contrast of the cultural offer of an exceptional presentation of cave paintings and elements of resettlement with the impressive spectacle of deer roaring, as well as the possible observation of various species in danger of extinction , from the Iberian lynx to the golden eagle, this park also has the resources to explore and appreciate the spectacular starry sky, making it worthy of being considered a star destination.

Alcudia Valley – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez

As a general feature, our nature parks are an excellent opportunity to observe fauna, from large birds of prey such as the imperial eagle, royal eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, black vulture, black stork, bearded vulture, peregrine falcon, hawk…, even the most endangered mammals such as the Iberian lynx and the Iberian wolf, passing through an excellent display of waterfowl in lagoons and rivers…

Iberian lynx – Environmental agents of Castile-La Mancha

Make the most of autumn by checking out the program of activities LIVE YOUR SPACE (here you can learn about all the activities), in case you want to participate, these are free activities organized in the parks, or contact the nature tourism companies in the area that will help you discover, appreciate and enjoy any space. And to make it easier for you, in the following list you can consult the activities that will take place in the month of October, so that you have no excuse not to visit Naturalear Castilla-La Mancha this autumn:

Below we tell you about some of the upcoming free activities that you can take part in this autumn and enjoy the charm of all the natural spaces that we have in Castilla-La Mancha.

Next weekend, on September 17, bird ringing will take place in Aragosa (Guadalajara); interpreted route in Valdemeca (Cuenca); and stargazing at Calares del Rio Mundo and de la Cima, in Yeste; in addition to a route to photograph the Lagunas de Ruidera at sunset. As the star activity of this day, there will be a midnight walk to observe the Perseids at La Bienvenida (Almodóvar del Campo). And on Sunday 18, among other activities, a visit to the cave paintings of “Puerto de los Rehojos” is planned in Solana del Pino, in the valley of Alcudia and the Sierra Madrona.

As for the last weekend of September, on Saturday the 24th, you can take part in the “Autumn Mushrooms” route at the Interpretation Center of the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park, a photo route of the “Bear in the Arroyo Frío Swamp” in Cotillas – Arroyo Frío and Alto Tajo Roar Thematic Conference. On Sunday the 25th there will be a themed day on traditional animal husbandry at the Czech Traditional Livestock Museum and an orienteering competition at La Nava de Jadraque, both in Guadalajara.

In turn, the month of October will be framed by the celebration of World Bird Day from October 1 with activities in Valdesottos and Vilafranca de los Caballeros, where bird watching will take place and another in Pellegrina on Day 2. And later, on the 8th, there will be tracking, monitoring and workshops in Fuencaliente, in Alto Tahoe, in the Interpretation Center of Serranía de Cuenca de Uña, in Riópar and in Villafranca de los Caballeros.

For Saturday, October 15, a route will depart from Mirabueno to visit the Barranco del Río Dulce Natural Park; an interpreted route in Valdemeca and Tragacete and a shelter-building workshop at the Ruidera Visitor Center. On Sunday 16 the planned activity is a day to explore the world of mushrooms in Taravilla (Guadalajara).

Looking ahead to the fourth weekend of October, among the planned activities there is a route carried out in Madridejos on Saturday 22 and for Sunday 23: “How much do you know about climate change?” at the Interpretive Center Barranco del Río Dulce in Mandayona, an interpreted route in Huertapelayo , a new opportunity to participate in “Re-connect with nature” in Riópar and “Fossil Seekers” in Uña.

Finally, on October 29 there will be a nature art workshop in El Cardoso de la Sierra (Guadalajara); and for the 30th, two activities are planned: an electric bike tour route through Cantalojas and a themed mushroom and mushroom route that will depart from Minglanilla.

Also, be sure to visit our park Visitor Centers on weekends to plan your visit and enjoy the activities that are typically held there.

And don’t forget to book accommodations covered by tourism sustainability systems, which you can check on the websites of the parks you’re going to.

Will you really miss her?

The tables of Daimiel – ©Turismo Castilla-La Mancha / David Blázquez


Nature in the parks of Castilla-La Mancha and a commitment to tourism with sustainability, with responsible consumption and proximity, using accommodation, establishments and companies covered by the “Red system of sustainability of tourism Natura 2000”, which is applied in different spaces of the region and which has already been implemented in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Natural Park, as well as the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the Alto Tajo National Park.

These tourism sustainability systems distinguish between Natura 2000 spaces that have integrated sustainability and conservation of natural values ​​in the management of their public use, and tourism companies that meet the stated management requirements, contributing to conservation in a practical way.

It is based on the cooperation between tourism entrepreneurs and the managers of the spaces in which they operate, which allows:

  • For entrepreneurs, configure your business around sustainability, ensuring the preservation of the resources that are their livelihood and enabling them to better communicate their value to their customers.
  • For visitors, a better experience based on the knowledge of the natural values ​​that are the object of their visit and the satisfaction of contributing to their conservation with all guarantees of sustainability.
  • The manager of the space must be sure that the nature tourism activity carried out in his space is compatible with the favorable state of conservation of his natural values ​​and contributes to sustainable local development.

In Castilla-La Mancha, in the Natural Parks of Sierra Norte de Guadalajara and Alto Tahoe, there are already numerous tourist companies and accommodations linked to these systems. LOOK FOR THEM TO LIVE YOUR EXPERIENCE!

Some of the sustainable accommodation in Sierra Norte de Guadalajara


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