The Most Popular 5-Letter Girl Names (They’re Short and Sweet)

Finding the perfect name for our baby is one of the tasks that brings us the most happiness while we wait to see the face of the new family member. To help you in this search, below we offer a small list of most popular 5 letter girl names. They are all short, sweet names with a lot of meaning. Do you want to meet them?

We’re starting with the most popular girl name ideas! As you will soon find out, these are 5-letter female names, which guarantees that they are short names and very classy.

  1. Laura
  2. Maria
  3. Irene
  4. Lucy
  5. Martha
  6. Lydia
  7. Rosa
  8. Eliz
  9. Celia
  10. Sofia
  11. Julia

Having already reviewed this list of the most beautiful names for girls with 5 letters, then we stop at 5 most popular female namess to learn more about its origins and significance.

Very popular female names for your girl

The names we have chosen to talk to you about their meaning and some trivia are Laura, Maria, Irene, Lucia and Marta. Indeed, these have been some of the most popular female names for several decades; and its glory is not lost over the years.

What is the meaning of the name Laura

Laura’s name comes from the Latin “laurus” meaning success or triumph. In Rome, those warriors or intellectuals who distinguished themselves by their exploits or successes were crowned with a laurel wreath, the highest symbol of respect and honor.

In addition, the name of Laura is closely related to the history of literature thanks to two figures: Laura de Noves, who was the platonic love of the poet Petrarch, and Laura, the patroness and lover of Honore de Balzac, who opened the doors for him to Parisian society. Finally, remember: Your virgin saint is celebrated on October 19.

The origin of the name Maria, the most popular among women

Another of the most popular names for girls is Mary and not for nothing: it is one of the biggest references in the Bible, who was mother of Jesus Christ. This name comes from Hebrew and means “chosen of God” and was originally spelled Miriam. Her name day is celebrated on September 12, the day of the sweet name of Mary.

If you are looking for a popular name closely related to religion, this name is yours. Maria is also an ideal female name to form a compound name such as Maria Elena or Maria Christina.

Short and sweet names for girls

What does the female name Irene mean?

Irene’s name, very sweet and short (it also has 5 letters), comes from Greek and means “she who brings peace”. initially, this female name is spelled Eirene, a shape you can use today if you want to give it an original touch. If we consider Greek mythology, Eirene is the daughter of Zeus, the highest god of Olympus, and Themis, the goddess of the earth. Her sisters were Dyke, the goddess of justice, and Eunomia, the goddess of order. E, Eirenne, how could it be otherwise, was the goddess of peace.

And don’t forget that his name day is October 20. As a diminutive, there are parents who use the name Ire.

Learn more about the name Lucia

Lucia has a very beautiful meaning: “she who brings light”. It comes from the Latin words “lux, lucis” and had a big role in ancient Rome. According to onomastics, Lucia was a martyr who could not see. He is said to have regained his sight even though he was born without it. For this reason, Lucia is the patron saint of the blind and celebrates her saint on December 13.

Five Letter Girl Names: Martha

Finally, we want to talk about Martha’s name. This name comes from Aramaic and means “lady”; therefore it translates as “lady of the sea”. If you are looking for a name with Christian references, Martha is one of them: according to the gospel, it is the sister of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene and one of the few people who could witness the resurrection of Christ. I remember: his saint is celebrated on July 29.

As you can see, there are many, many suggestions so that you can find the perfect girl name for your daughter: full of meaning, with history and the sweetest. And we’ve shown you many of them. Therefore, nothing would make us happier than to be a part of this wonderful process in the world of motherhood and fatherhood.

More ideas for girl names

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