The best tours recommended by Civitatis for love and friendship

Perhaps many are already tired of making the same plans to celebrate Love and Friendship, be it parties or gifts and conform to the routine; dinners in crowded restaurants, queues for access to a table or simply, or a sober gift.

However, this year may be different, there are not so many traditional plans to experience romance and friendship in a more exciting way. Activities such as boat trips, paragliding flights, helicopter trips or moonlight dinners are planned, as recommended by Civitatis, the leading company in the sale of guided tours and excursions in Spanish throughout the world.


Enough with a few days lying on the beach enjoying the sun and the waves, because Cartagena, known as La Heroica for its history during the colonial era, has some little-known plans that make it a much more attractive destination than a place to rest.

One of them, either with friends or as a couple, is diving in sunken ships in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, more precisely in the Los Velázquez Water Park. No need to worry if this is your first dive, as tourists will be accompanied by experts at all times.

The venue for this occasion is the ARC Quindío Ship, a ship sunk by the Colombian Navy in 2005. With the equipment, tourists will jump into the water to explore all the nooks and crannies of the ship, entering its interior and passing through different rooms.

On the other hand, those looking for something more intimate will be able to appreciate at Playa Tranquila a light show on the Light Plankton Tour, where you can see how microorganisms amplify their blue light with the movement of the water. This magical, fluorescent show creates a galactic atmosphere that is hard to forget.

Another recommended by Civitatis is the boat trip through the bay of Cartagena.


Bogotá, a city with more than 400 years of history, gets important institutions of national life such as the Supreme Court, the Congress and the Presidency, among others, as well as less popular tours that can change the traditional plans undertaken by tourists in this city.

To escape the seriousness of Bogotá and explore its corners, TransMiCable is the best way to enjoy the charm of the Colombian capital from the air. This means of transport will drop off tourists at the top of the Paraíso district; there they will be able to photograph the panorama of the city and tour this mural-filled neighborhood.

Another place to get out of the routine and do extreme sports is La Calera, a climbing, rappelling and ziplining area on the outskirts of Bogotá, an ideal plan if you want to celebrate Love and Friendship in a different way. In this natural environment, a walk to the top of Pico del Indio takes place; there, tourists will be able to climb rocks with the help of specialized guides, finally descending and encountering a typical Colombian landscape of the Andes.

Other things to do in Bogota include salsa lessons and a full boxing show.


Medellin, known as the city of eternal spring for its mild climate and flower fair, also offers plans that are not as conventional as those already known to celebrate this festival; museums, parks, squares or ride the subway.

However, from San Felix, a mountainous area located on the outskirts of the city, you can take a paragliding flight with your partner. Accompanied at all times by the guide, tourists will fly a paraglider over Medellín for about 15 minutes, during which they will be able to appreciate a wonderful panoramic view of the city from a bird’s eye view.

Now, if you want a plan on land, an ATV tour with friends for an hour traveling through various unpaved roads on the outskirts of Medellin is a good option, as it does not require much skill to drive these vehicles, which can reach 60 kilometers per hour .

Another Civitatis recommendation is a helicopter ride over Guatape, near Medellin.

Santa Marta

Santa Marta, known as the pearl of the Caribbean and recognized as the first Spanish settlement in present-day Colombia, offers everything a coastal city has; beach, attractive gastronomic offer, nightlife and sun; but where to celebrate this month?

The answer is to take a one kilometer zip line over the beach. From the Rodadero pier, tourists will take a boat that will take them to Playa Blanca, where they will climb an 18-meter platform to slide at full speed down the zip line. The tour can be done both ways.

However, those looking for an activity to develop with their partner can go to the San Martin Trail to start a walk to the Gotsezhy Refuge. After an hour’s walk, tourists will arrive at the town where they will learn about the culture of the local Wiwa people, how they maintain sustainable customs with the environment and how they work with their fabrics.

Other highlights include the cocoa, coffee and passion fruit tours in the mountains near the city.


Leaving aside the sea or the city, another option to get out of the routine vacations is a good motorcycle ride through the mountains of Valle del Cauca. This excursion offers several routes for tourists who will be able to explore this department by driving through the Andes mountains.

The Cristo Rey statue, a 26-meter-tall sculpture of Jesus Christ that crowns Los Cristales Hill, named for its quartz deposits. You can also visit Bichacue, a coffee farm turned natural sanctuary or the Cane Museum, where tourists will learn about the evolution of sugar production while visiting this institution located in an 18th century colonial house.

Another recommended Civitatis in Cali is the excursion to the rocks.

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