Rafa Pabón tells us about his relationship with J Balvin, Anitta and Becky G and the success of Rauw’s ‘Todo De Ti’ | LOS40 Urban

Rafa Pabon has become one of the biggest references in the urban music scene at an international level. Topics like Mia, you’re killing me Y Like you add up to millions of views as well as the songs he has composed for other great artists. Without further ado, All Of You by Rau Alejandro.

Now the artist lands with what a swing together with Tsimbala and Bulova, who raised everyone who listened to her from their chairs. On LOS40 Urban, we spoke with him about this new release, his challenges he has to face, composing songs for other artists and much more. I understand!

Question (Q): Thank you, Rafa, for being with us. you arrive with what a swing with Tsimbala and Bulova. Why choose them to collaborate on this topic?

Answer (A): It was a theme that, from the first day I did, I felt that it was people who were looking for the essence that they gave it. I’m a fan of Chimbala and Bulova and for sure I said if I’m going to do dembow I want it to be different, have a different essence, not be like anything that’s going on and also I wanted to do it with these two people because I know they would have given that note that the song needed.

Q: It has some very catchy sounds and already has more than a million plays. Do you think you realize that all these people are listening to you or do you find it hard to believe?

A: I’m not waiting. I make music so that it goes where it needs to go. I think if you start looking at the numbers, you become a slave to them. It’s like putting yourself in another mechanism. I don’t make music for numbers, but for people to enjoy, dance and enjoy. And every topic to be an experience, so I didn’t fixate on any of it.

Question: Your sister is involved in what a swing directing the video You are a family of talents. How has music been a part of your life since you were young?

A: Since I was little, if there was a talent show, I would go out ten times to do a lot of things. I’ve always liked music. I have studied music since I was 7 years old, practiced percussion, read sheet music, trumpet too. It’s something I’ve had since I was very young. We don’t come from a musical family. In other words, no one in my family makes music. I come from a family of writers, my mother is a psychologist, my father is a conflict mediator who is also a writer. My grandfather was a writer, my uncle was a writer. I think that’s the point.

Q: You mix a lot of sounds. Are there any you feel more comfortable with?

A: I feel comfortable when I step out of it. In other words, you’re giving me a genre I haven’t done and that will motivate me more than doing the same thing that’s being played there. I think always merging and trying something new will motivate me more to make music and put it into it.

Q: We’ve seen you partying with Anitta, Becky G, J Balvin. How’s the party with them and Rafa Pabion?

A: We always have a great time. I have a great relationship with Balvin. Anitta is my sister, she is very close to me and for sure whenever we go out we have a great time. I think they have super good chemistry. We go out without being artists. We come out as people. We had a great time.

Q: Is there any collaboration coming up?

A: It would be sharp. The reality is, we’re not talking about work. Me, for example, with Anitta, we’re super friends and we haven’t done… I mean, we’ve been making music, but we don’t talk much about music. Same with Balvin. That’s where I met Becky G. Super nice, super nice people. I also admire your work. But yeah, there are certainly a few things I’m going to tell you right now.

Q: You write songs for other artists. How is your working method?

A: Each theme has a different process. No theme has the same process. When I’m writing for another artist, I mainly like the other artist to be there and we share ideas, because I don’t want to force what I want to do, nor do I want to let myself get completely carried away by what another artist wants to do, but instead combined our two minds and made something that changed the game. So when for example a All about you This is a theme that has been completely built from scratch. And that was something we really liked. Rauw and I have a lot of writing chemistry, I mean when we get together great stuff comes out, so we certainly didn’t expect how big this song would be. Even though we knew it was going to be something big because we were coming off of what was going on. The factor of not doing the same thing that everyone else is doing was what produced the result.

Q: Of all the songs you’ve composed for others, which one are you most proud of?

A: If I tell you it isn’t All about you I’m lying to you. Yes, I like a lot of topics, I do out of focus also on On the contrary. I have a lot of songs that I’ve written for people that are very important to me and I’m crazy that they’re coming out like Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Miranda… I’m really looking forward to these productions that I’ve had the opportunity to work on to come out because they sure drive me. I’m very excited because I’m going beyond what people are used to hearing from me. They are personal challenges for me.

Q: When you create a song, do you know it’s going to be a hit?

A: Never. I think never. I have that expectation with all songs, but I don’t make songs looking for success. I make songs, flow with the music, enjoy and let people decide. In reality, all I do for myself is stick, I love it and think it’s brutal, but I don’t force it either. That whatever must happen. I don’t look at the numbers. I’m not looking to be number one. I’m looking more for people to identify with what I’m doing, for my lyrics to reach them, dance and enjoy them. And to leave a legacy, not that it’s a career for a moment, but for many years.

Q: Is there anything you can tell us about what comes next what a swing?

A: After what a swing We have a very interesting collaboration coming up that I’m crazy for people to listen to. We come with Pedro Capo on a subject that is about to be released. I know no one expects what we’re going to do, the rhythm is different and we’re leaving right now in October.

Q: How would you describe Rafa Pabion?

A: Music. Rebel. I don’t follow the rules, I don’t like to follow trends. I love bringing new things to the table. Offer stuff and generally. I am well engaged with social. I really like to use my platforms as a resource to get a message across whenever possible. I consider myself a rebel in the industry. I consider myself not to follow anyone’s path, I like to create my own path and pave the way for others to follow the path I do.

Q: What challenges do you have left to face?

A: I would like at some point in my career to win a Grammy, to be able to work with Juan Luis Guerra. If I work with Juan Luis Guerra, I can now retire in peace. People understand what I do and identify with my music. With this I am satisfied and can live happily.

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