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45 years ago, the Sex Pistols turned the rock ‘n’ roll world upside down with their first and last studio album. One of the brains behind this earthquake was Steve Jones, a man who speaks without holding his tongue, able to recognize that – like everyone else – he also needs to make money and that he does not know the meaning of the word “anarchy”. , when they recorded “Anarchy in the UK”.

The guitarist was the protagonist and witness to the historic moment when punk defied the British establishment by mocking Queen Elizabeth with ‘God Save the Queen’. It is one of the great turning points in the history of popular music as a reflection of youth rebellion.

Many years have passed, but Jones has managed to stay active thanks to his history and charisma without recording much music, which helps us always remember that in 1977, in England, hit and impoverished by the oil crisis, these four guys – and his manager – decided to remove a few barriers.

doWhatHow did you feel when you first heard it? Don’t pay attention to the nonsense?

I think it’s a great album, it’s important. When we recorded it, we did one song at a time and I loved that recording process with Chris Thomas and Bill Price. It was my favorite time and my best memories with the Sex Pistols. I learned a lot from it and we weren’t screwed when we recorded it; we were very focused on getting it right. A lot of people probably think we’re just getting high all night and knocking each other around, but that’s not the case. We invested a lot of time and it was very good. I listen to it from time to time and I’m proud of it, I think it’s a great album.

How did you feel when the band broke up??

I actually wanted to leave the band when we ended up in San Francisco. I had enough. She only had dark energy and it was hard to deal with her since she was so young. In hindsight, maybe we should have gone back to England and regrouped. I’m sick and tired of this. I think it was too soon. I think too much was happening too fast. I do not know…

Do you feel you weren’t ready to face that kind of thingGood luck?

I don’t know if it was because of dealing with success; I think as a group we all screw each other up. We are tired of each other. You know, Syd was a fucking mess; I said, “Where is the music going to come from? We’ve got one guy who just wants to get high and Johnny’s ego is out of control.” We were in a country we didn’t know, it was very strange and I didn’t like the way we were going.

doWhatWhat memories do you have of the tours you did when you met again in 1996?

I enjoyed it, I mean there were a lot of shows. It was like 100 shows. And when we had a break, I started a band called Neurotic Outsiders. [junto a Duff McKagan y Matt Sorum, de Guns N’ Roses, y John Taylor, de Duran Duran], and I had a lot of gigs with them when I had to rest. It was a lot of work. I enjoyed when we played Finsbury Park, it was like the first time we were in London, it was very emotional. The feeling was nice, I liked it a lot. We had a lot of amazing shows but as time went on things started to go wrong again and at the end of the tour I was so relieved it was over.

Virgin was key to the success of the Sex Pistols and the album, what do you think of Richard Branson?

I think he’s great, he’s an innovator, always looking to do bigger and better things. I wouldn’t get on your rocket that’s for sure, I have no desire. [Risas]. But when you think about the bands that Virgin Records have signed, like Mike Oldfield Pipe bells and all that stuff, they weren’t looking for pop songs. He was like an old hippie who likes prog and all that stuff, but he saw an opportunity. We got kicked out of two major labels and nobody wanted to touch us. But he had the insight to know that there was something in us. He was smart not to run in the opposite direction. He’s really a smart guy, that’s what sets him apart from other people.

Let’s talk about Danny Boyle directing The series A gun. doWhatwhat did you feel when you saw it for the first time Trainspotting?

I loved it, I thought it was a great movie. I also really liked it a shallow graveI think it’s a great, great movie. And I couldn’t believe that I wanted to do this series. It was amazing. I could be wrong, but I think he took a chance on this project because he was our age and punk meant a lot to him.

I think he did a great job with the London Olympics opening ceremony, he’s obviously very talented.

“Sid was a fucking mess; I thought, “Where is the music going to come from? We have one guy who just wants to get high, and Johnny’s ego is out of control.

when you first saw TrainspottingDid you feel any connection?no? Did you feel identified with the times you were living in at the time of the Sex Pistols?

Yes. I mean, I saw it as a modern film that used a new way of filming, you know, all the drug use and stuff. It was great at the time, it’s a moving film and it definitely portrays England as a dark place as it does in A gunSince it was the mid 1970s, it was very dirty.

in Jonesy’s Jukebox you had the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Gary Oldman, Brian Wilson, Pete Townshend, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant and Courtney Love and many more; tell us about it please.

YesJonesy’s Jukebox It started years ago on the radio and I was on several stations then. Now I do podcasts like everyone else. It’s not full steam right now, I’m doing it little by little. I try to get one guest per week. We are currently programming a lot of stuff from the archive. I enjoy it. I would also like to play music, but unfortunately it costs a lot of money to put music on the podcast, that’s a shame. We’ll see how it develops.

I have orI talked about being a Virgo, how much do you believe in astrology?huh?

I think there is truth in all these things. There’s more to it than you and I can see, and I really think Virgos operate a certain way, I know. I know some Taurus people and they are stubborn. It is curious that you were born in a certain month and act in a certain way. There is some truth in all this.

And how do you think the planets and stars can affect the way you behave or the things that happen in your life?

It’s like when there’s a full moon and you act weird, some full moons I can’t sleep. But others are good and I feel good. It’s all this magnetic attraction, I don’t know. All this interests me. But if you start talking about it with a lot of people, they will think you are crazy. Also, I’m always open to the idea of ​​aliens. There are definitely different ways of living. It has to be, we can’t be the only idiots here.

Steve, finally, a lot of people criticized the Sex Pistols when those credit cards came out a few years ago.you, how did you feel about that?

I really don’t care, for me it’s “Want it or not”. I think we should make money. It’s like people get annoyed when we make money, like we’re selling or something. what the hell do you want me to live in a tent there? This is business, you know?

I’m all about making money. I love making music and I think we did a great job of taking the music in a different direction. We were important in that short period of time.

Some people also thought we sold out because we got back together in 96. You can’t please everyone. People complain about the series being on Disney, I’m glad Disney put the money into making it. No one else came close and I think Danny Boyle got away with it for the most part, this is not a watered down version of the story. I don’t care who does what as long as we get things done.

And as for credit cards, they can say whatever they want, you know? Whatever.

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