Musicians in nature combines emotions and success in its 15th edition

A festival encompasses many styles, artistic being one of them. But something as emotional as music calls for dressing that complements the experiencea curse word that is now used for everything. The XV edition of Musicians in Nature, held this Saturday, September 10 after dancing on its dates, was a journey of sensations for all the senses and in all the senses. The cartel culminating in Leiva and C. Tangana predicted guaranteed success before it began. But there was much more.

Musicians in Nature marks its fifteenth edition

40 minutes was enough for Ainda to open the Musicians in Nature festival after two years of absence and change of dates. Sierra de Gredos has once again become an incomparable place where the essence that bears the name of the event can be combined. The great crowd was still crowding around and the hall was not full, but this duo, one of indie pop’s newest revelations, conquered those present. Beginning of the task with a proposal that will be essential in future summer posters.

Future promises gave way to experience. Ivan Ferreiro continues after so many yearsas the spice that binds every sauce and fits every festival with his repertoire of songs that have already become anthems. Turnedo, Años 80 or SPNB were sung loudly by the attendees who bonded with a great classic on the national scene.

Behind him, Leyva showed that his the expertise continues to be beyond his final control in the proceedings and composition of topics. An established classic with proven quality. Surrounded by a super gang at the height of the leader, which also includes his brother – he alone would enter any cartel. The audience was already overflowing with passion by then. As in other cases, Ivan Ferreiro came out to share the stage with his “brother”.

The climax of the evening came with C. Tangana. A headliner that managed to gather a different audience than the one Músicos en la Naturaleza is used to gathering. Thousands of young people have been eagerly waiting to see on stage this permanent spoiler who runs through the music scene and, curiously, manages to end every concert with always satisfied expectations.

An eclectic gem, thoroughly unpredictable, with pOn stage, probably one of the best you can enjoy today. A chorus of voices and styles that flow naturally throughout the show. With the virtue of bringing flamenco from the vein to the general public, mixing it with all the styles in which he has experience, such as rap, reggaeton, trap… An orgy of Latin music.

Puccito arrived without singing or setting and left the audience – Tanganyika or not – speechless. It shows his pronounced theatrical vocation that I won’t be surprised if it crystallizes into some future project that he can surprise us with.

An event worth visiting Gredos

But let us pass to the prosaic, without fear of offending the lyric. Why the two or three hour drive down the road should be worth it. And if you fall in love with the poster, what surrounds the festival adds to the memory, making you mark the festival dates for future occasions.

In our case, we stay in campsite closest to the platform, a five minute walk. And all those things that make your life comfortable, eating, bathing or setting were perfectly suited and prepared for the barrage of the audience. The atmosphere generated by the campsite itself with concerts outside the cafe made it possible to continue living with the festival spirit.

The the organization of the festival is controlled down to the millimeter, the feeling is very good, with special attention to pampering a natural environment that is already a spectacle in itself. The next day we went to the car lot, the lot where the concert was. There was no indication that 11,000 people had passed through.

It was a dream.

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