“Love of my life”: this is how Brenda Uliarte ordered the friend who was eventually arrested for the attack on Christina Kirchner

Brenda Uliarte outside the Casa Rosada at the August 18 protest

“The love of my life”. so i had Brenda Uliarte planned to Agustina Diaz, the new arrestee in the case of the attack on Christina Kirchner. This was revealed on Infobae sources with access to the case are currently analyzing all the information seized on the ordered shares between Monday night and early today.

As this media has learned, the detainee is a friend of Brenda Uliarte, the girlfriend of Fernando Sabag Montiel, who tried to shoot the vice president. Three mobile phones were seized from his home, one of which was active. Information on this device is downloaded by airport security police technicians. Only after the judge has these materials will he proceed to the investigation of the new detainee. At the same time, the magistrate plans to hear Sabag Montiel and Uliarte again.

Ipods, laptops, pens and other electronic devices being analyzed were also seized in the raids. As is known, one of the axes for the development of scientific research is in mobile phones, social networks and communications.

It was through this analysis that the new detainee was arrived at after an attack in the San Miguel neighborhood. The young woman appeared as a frequent contact of Brenda and, according to new information, contacted her after the attack on the vice president. Researchers were struck by the fact that he considered her “the love of my life”. Just because of this name, the degree of closeness is reduced to investigate there.

Brenda has been in custody since Sunday, September 4. On the night of September 1, they had arrested Sabag Montiel after the failed assassination attempt on the former president. The young woman quickly appeared in the media to state that she had nothing to do with it and that she did not know why her boyfriend did this.

Brenda Uliarte with the copitos group, the day after the attack

The case lost valuable time with the loss of information from Sabag Montiel’s phone, a device that was eventually reset to factory settings during the retrieval of information that a Federal Police technician attempted to do in one of the court’s offices in the early morning on September 2. When the phone arrived in an open envelope at PSA on the night of this Friday, September 2, they found that the phone had been formatted. We are still trying to retrieve this information.

But with Brenda’s arrest and the seizure of her phone, investigators made progress. “Strong” is the material the researchers found in this nearly 120 gigabytes of information. From there, evidence emerged of a previous assassination attempt on the vice president on the night of August 27, when CFK took to the streets to speak to its fighters after a day full of tension and conflict due to the fences that the city police had installed in the vicinity of its building .

“No, it got inside me and the stage, the amphitheater, they took it out,” he laments Sabag Montiel in dialogue with Brenda as revealed this Monday Infobae.There are few people and people are leaving, and the moment is that now it is late, that is, it is 12 o’clock, and she left at that time, and it was at that time, that is, the stage was with her because they will follow her. You know? We’ll see later on TV what happened because when she turned on they followed her and that’s where she should have been.

Brenda moved to radicalized groups on Telegram, which are now under the watch of investigators. He also participated in a Casa Rosada march last August. In various messages, he called to turn his back on the protests and “take action”, “plant bombs” in the Government. This was stated to the television by one of the friends of the kopito club, who remain witnesses for the time being “The only person in the group who said she wanted to kill Christina was her.”

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