Leonidas Iza says popular consultation ‘doesn’t decide anything’ and clarifies he won’t join FUT mobilization

Leonid Isapresident of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), indicated that the eight questions raised by the government for a possible public consultation “they are empty and solve nothing”. As for the dialogue tables, there are agreements, but they have not been implemented. Prior to the announcement of the FUT mobilization, indicated that they supported the measure but would continue with the meetings.

“The national government does not have the legitimacy to ask anything, therefore what it is looking for at this point is to satiate itself politically. It seems to me an irresponsible act“, Iza mentioned this Tuesday, September 13, at a press conference with other social organizations.

Regarding the environmental amendments that offer compensation for environmental care, the indigenous leader criticized that “They will not solve the problem of climate change, nor will they respect the rights of nature or people”.

According to him, while the consultation seeks to protect ecosystems, “they are currently opening 39 oil blocks without guaranteeing prior, free and informed consultation.”

“We do not agree with the consultation because it does not solve the problem”ratified by the President of Conaie.

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It has been 75 days since the beginning of the dialogue tables between the government and the social organizations that provoked the national strike last June. The result of these meetings is that there are agreements, but some remain to be finalized. Therefore, the unions are asking them not to remain a dead letter.

The meetings started with five tables, of which four have already been closed, but the main one related to fuel routing is still open, pending consensus. The proposal is to keep the subsidy general, excluding the wealthiest and not to liberalize current or future gasoline prices.

“Those earning more than $43,630 a year are excluded. In addition, an assessment must be made for vehicles that exceed $40,000 in total assessed value during the year.”Isa reported.

However, there is still no agreement on the quota to be subsidized for heavy goods transport.

At the second table it was understood that the decree for remission of debts up to $3,000, extends to $10,000 in public banking; but the decree has not yet been issued. “The agreements we have reached should not be written in a dead letter”he pointed out Gary Espinosa of the Phenomenon.

Regarding price control, analyzed at the third table, Leonidas Iza emphasized that his proposal is that of the 359 products in the country’s main basket, the price of 44 products is monitored through a price table; but the government would not agree to this initiative.

In the fourth table related to productive promotion, they agreed that a support price would be guaranteed to farmers. “We cannot invest up to 15 or 16 dollars for each quintal of potatoes, and sell here for 8 or 12 dollars. Farmers have the right to recover what they invest,” Iza pointed out.

However, he said he disagreed with Free Trade Agreement that the government of Ecuador is negotiating with some countries as it says so “this would endanger national production”.

Finally, at the fifth table, the government agreed to impose a temporary moratorium until the rules for prior, free and informed consultation of the people on mining projects are finalised. And in areas where mining plans are already being developed, he promised to carry out remediation.

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This Wednesday, September 14, Two new tables related to collective rights and insecurity, justice and rights will be opened. The public organizations proposed that the next tables should be in the National Assembly to analyze the norms that need to be changed.

And as for the mobilization of United Workers Front (FUT) scheduled for the next September 21, 2022, Leonidas Iza specified that they support the initiative but will continue with the dialogue tables.

“We respect the appeal, in which some bases will certainly participate, but at this moment we are leading a dialogue table that we have signed before the Ecuadorians, therefore, we will exhaust this mechanism“.

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