Labateca joined forces to capture an alleged kidnapper and rapist of girls

With a menacing voice, his face covered with a balaclava and armed, the author of the latest acts of kidnapping and, apparently, raping girls and women in the rural area of ​​Labateca, is responsible for sowing terror among the population, but also provoked the indignation and rejection of the inhabitants.

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The events began on Thursday last week when this man kidnapped a minor in the village of El Resguardo after arriving at the house, locked the relatives in a room and later fled with the victim.

As it became known, the suspect threatened the people who were in the house, assuring them who was from the National Liberation Army (Eln) and that the house was surrounded by a group of guerrillas, including the leader of this armed organization in this sector of the department.

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While the relatives were locked in the room, the aggressor ran away with the victim and only hours later, The minor returned to the house.

Authorities are investigating to determine if the victim was sexually assaulted, so the suspect will have to be investigated for kidnapping and sexual contact or abuse of a minor.

At a party

Two days later, when a group of relatives were celebrating a fifteen-year anniversary, it was reported that a woman had been abducted, who provoked public ire who immediately went out to look for the victim and the perpetrator.

“In our village of Monoga, a girl was just kidnapped. A hooded man threatened them and took her away. As I was in the middle of my party of 15, they broke the news to us. I don’t understand why they are based on doing so much harm to women,” said the birthday girl, via a video denouncing the fact.

Wilden Fabian Capaccio, Mayor of Labateca, rejected and regretted the facts that happened in this municipality, with girls and women.

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Likewise, he said that a security council will be held today to take actions and measures to ensure the security of this population of Northern Santander.

“We raise our voice against the rejection of the dignity of our girls, boys and women of Labateca,” the official insisted.

The capture

Despite the fact that the police arrested a suspect for committing these acts, hours later he was released again, as there was no arrest warrant against him.

“We expect Sijin officials to arrive and the court process to progress because at this time no arrest warrant and the suspect cannot be detained. The judicial process must be followed,” said the mayor.

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But the victims, their relatives and the society as a whole are waiting for them to submit complaints to the authorities so that the judicial decision can be processed in the prosecutor’s office and the court and thus guarantee peace in the municipality.

Abuses in other municipalities

Norte de Santander police also recently captured César Mantilla Quijano, who allegedly raped a minor under the age of 10 in Chinacota.

While in Cucutilla, Isaul Velázquez Contreras, 20, was also arrested, accused of molesting a minor under 15.

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Those arrested reportedly took the victim to the village of Pedregal Bajo, where police units arrived and detained him to face charges of kidnapping and assault.

Nelson Enrique Contreras was also prosecuted and arrested for sexually assaulting a minor in rural Ragonvallia.

The detainee took advantage of the proximity to the victim’s family to commit indecent acts.

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