I am not and do not want to be your bizcochito

Yesterday, the deputies had two hours for lunch, but there are serious people, like Casimiro Curbelo, who stayed in the hall to be interviewed in an evening program of the Canary TV: from half a kilometer away, the uncontrollable fall of slimes on a carpet could be heard. Those on the evening program interviewed Curbelo, sitting with his back to the main access door of the plenary hall, as if the Parliament, behind his prominent well, were his, which is not absolutely untrue. When they were done, the Gomeran leader even allowed himself to hesitate in the empty plenary hall, climb the speaker’s gallery, begin a speech (“…what was to be said to these…”), always accompanied by a man , who in Lilliput would have been considered a very lowly gentleman. Later, some deputies arrived and surrounded Curbelo, who was already sitting in his seat, to talk for a while, including Vidina Espino, who from one moment to the next is about to discover what Angel Victor Torres’ hairdresser is worth to scandalize the world . Julio Perez finally appeared – who also doesn’t eat much at lunch, has a delicate stomach – and approached smiling. “It can?”. Of course I could. Curbelo explained that he didn’t rest much during the vacation, “not as much as he wanted to,” but he had to get to work right away “because we have some little issues to deal with.”

The main problem that worries Cesar Homero is his great overeating at the end of his investiture: PERTE, who longs to enter between his chest and back before next May. PERTE are strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation, included in the recovery, transformation and sustainability plan of the Government of Spain and financed with European funds. Curbelo wants his: an isolated PERTE with a public investment of one hundred million euros, which includes alternative energies, circular economy, electric cars, research and development. Somewhat unwisely, President Torres assured him that he would make things easy for him. He got him a meeting with the minister of the presidency, Félix Bolaños, and 48 hours before he was to leave for Madrid, Curbelo received a call: for unexpected reasons, the minister had cut short the meeting. Since then, the ASG leader has been very angry and his latest compliments to the executive and Torres had no other purpose than to show that he is still waiting. Until I stop doing it. At the moment, 80% of the first PERTE with euro funds has remained empty. And that of Curbelo is not even written.

The plenary session began with the resignation as second secretary of the table of the House of Luc Reverón, who becomes the speaker of the PP parliamentary group, until the speaker until yesterday, María Australia Navarro, replaced Reverón. The deputy of Tenerife was greatly congratulated, Gran Canaria how ungrateful is the memory of the world, still less. In the new parliamentary seats, the inelegance of syncorbatism, to which many MPs were already adherents, was imposed. They used to do it for comfort, and now to prevent the extinction of polar bears. It was really hot, but someone ordered enough nonsense and turned on the air conditioner again at 23 degrees. And the questions began, first to the president, who, after his jupiterization in the last district committee of the PSOE, already spoke in an oracular tone, like a father who sometimes does not understand the clumsiness or viciousness of his children. He cleared the ecotax ball to Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, humbly received tribute from Luis Campos for the cost transfers and sketched a very faint smile of understanding when Manuel Marrero – that ever-just man whom History and syntax will exonerate – informed him that Podemos will introduce a bill to create an eco-tax on tourist establishments, which you can imagine will be discussed in the government beforehand, he explained to Pablo Rodríguez that Madrid has allocated more money to the Canary Islands than anywhere else elsewhere country to subsidize public transport; if people pay more for their trips than on the peninsula, maybe it’s because they don’t know where they’re going. Rodriguez watched in disbelief as the president was given a standing ovation by the Socialist crowd. Never was such crude dexterity celebrated in the House with such enthusiasm.

Then Manuel Dominguez, head of the PP, arrived and in just three minutes destroyed the image of moderation and dialogue built up in recent months. He thought he could gobble up Torres like he was a biscuit. Dominguez accused the president of seeking a lifetime salary when he ceases to be. It was a minor setback and Torres was not going to be his breakfast. He never suggested that the former presidents of the Canary Islands should receive a salary (or pension) for life. And the president demanded that Dominguez either show that he supported this or apologize. Making matters worse, Dominguez did neither and tried to be ironic. Useless. Torres crushed him without feigning indignation. This government has multiple flanks (economic, fiscal, social, aid) that need critical scrutiny, sometimes outright disqualification and always an alternative. It is absolutely unnecessary to invent presidential declarations when Torres is already inventing such solved problems. This is a government that, as Rosalia says, has everything crime has. This was a mistake by Dominguez, who should not rely so much on the resistance of the favorable wave of the PP in the next regional and local elections. Same here comes just a glass of water to clear your throat.

All other questions and appearances were based, by the majority, on the usual bath of numbers and silences. Because the Torres government is basically a government of quantity, constantly celebrating the cornucopia of millions pouring out of Madrid and Brussels and, if you hurry, able to specify how many new doctors, nurses and professors it has hired, but it does not offer not a single substantial reform in any area: not in public administrations, not in health management, not in the public education system, not in the R&D model, not in anything in particular. And, of course, he gets more and more darkly accustomed to the plot emptiness, to the wacky Rikiraka, to the arrogance and even to the bravado. When the opposition asks Julio Pérez, for example, why the manager of an important public company has resigned, the minister of public administration replies: “Ask the manager.” Of course, the member of parliament who is asking does not know anything about this company, he does not know anything, he does not know its value among citizens. This stupid and opportunistic music, the chachachá of a brilliant government that makes us citizens happy every day – Torres sees only smiling faces at the pilgrimages: the strange thing is that people were crying there – it is the one that is played in almost all plenary sessions . In his two appearances yesterday, Vice President and Minister of Finance Roman Rodríguez did not answer any of the opposition’s questions, least of all the most precise ones that came from CC Speaker Jose Miguel Barragan. None. It was all an endless rain of egomaniacal optimism and another announcement of continuity in the opposition for many years of the CP and the PP. One has to accept – to emulate Rodríguez – that it is said that so many people have never been registered to work in the Canary Islands, or that the GDP is growing above the Spanish average and the Spanish average above the European average. As for the former, it is true in absolute terms, but not in relative terms: unemployment on the islands remains at an outrageous 18%, with youth unemployment exceeding 42%. And regarding the second, in 2020 the GDP of the Canary Islands fell by more than 20%. It is quite logical that with renewed political activity, GDP growth should pick up, although it has not yet reached the level of December 2019. But the government is no longer dismissing the opposition’s arguments. He simply refuses to listen to it and lives captivated by its image in a magic mirror polished by billions of European euros. Yes, there are things that democratically have crime.

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