desire, lies, and duty burn within Rhaenyra

[Este artículo contiene SPOILERS de ‘LA CASA DEL DRAGÓN’ 1×04]

The fire has reached The house of the dragon. For those who missed the sexiest and wildest essence of Game of Thrones, its spin-off just released a fourth chapter, the king of the narrow sea, full of sensuality and forbidden pleasures. An episode that, unlike the previous one, is light and intriguing, beyond the bed and brothel scenes.

Betrayals, lies, exposure, sexual relations, dismissals, remarriages and exiles… In the fourth chapter of dragon house, based, like the previous ones, on fire and blood on George RR Martin, the plot develops quickly, as does the evolution of its characters. We tell you what we thought, WITH SPOILERS.

the blood of the dragon

It had to happen. From his first chapter the house of the dragon clarified the attraction between Rhaenyra (Millie Alcock) and Damon (Matt Smith) Targaryens. Uncle and niece are, as Viserys (Paddy Considine) explains, pure dragon blood: restless, chaotic and now also lustful and passionate.

Beyond “familial incest” (also, let’s be clear that in the series, unlike the novel, Rhaenyra is already an adult, so any child abuse is off the map), this sensual moment in the brothels of King’s Landing is something that has been cooking for a long time. The princess and prince love each other, or so it seems, beyond the desire they each have for the Iron Throne individually. Furthermore, Damon takes advantage of his nocturnal escape from the palace to teach his niece how she can do whatever she wants and satisfy her most ardent desires outside of the obligation of marriage.

Renira with Sir Kristen Cole
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While Damon’s final penance is surely to “protect the virtue” of the heir to the throne, Rhaenyra is already unleashed and Ser Kristen Cole (Fabien Frankel) This will be the lucky young man with whom she lost her virginity and poured out this desire. Although he is far from her uncle, the complicity and affection that exists between the young people, who offer a romantic and passionate scene in bed, is evident. very far from the others we could see Game of Thrones.

The desire, the duty and the lie

A very interesting part of this fourth chapter is the evolution of Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey) and revealing the differences between her and Raenria, who were so close and alike when they were younger. Now, and as a wonderful sequence from the chapter shows us, Alison surrenders to her duty as a wife, submissive to her king’s raids for the sole purpose of giving him heirs, while at the same time Raenria shirks her obligation to marry and indulges her desires. more passionate with her uncle in brothel.

This obligatory parallelism between the two female protagonists of the house of the dragon it is perfectly presented and serves as a prelude to everything to come. Alicent wakes up, she is no longer so happy in her role as queen and mother to Viserys’ offspring. Also, let’s remember that years ago the young woman was attracted to Damon, so she feels “betrayed” by her ex-boyfriend, with whom this chapter seems to have initiated a rapprochement.

Emily Carey as Alison Hightower
Emily Carey as Alison Hightower
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Renira lies to the queen, because it is clear that although she has not lost her virtue (at that time, of course), there were kisses and intimate contact with her uncle. Damon, for his part, also lies to his brother, or rather does not deny the king’s accusations of having discolored and sullied his daughter’s honor.

It seems that the wayward (and hungover) prince doesn’t believe he can give an explanation to the king and accepts another banishment from the kingdom after returning triumphantly (and without his precious hair) from the War of the Stone Steps, crowned King of the Narrow Sea. At least he has made clear his intention to marry Raenrya, something he believes could bring a unique and unrivaled power to the Iron Throne as he will be crowned by two Targaryens. And go two.

The most protective Viserys

This is probably the chapter where Viserys has had less prominence since the start of this split, but the monarch continues to demonstrate his worth, his intelligence and his love for his daughter (although not too much attention to his wife). Despite everything, and already having a male heir, as he always wanted, he defends Rhaenyra tooth and nail as a future queen, something most of his people don’t want (but surely the audience does).

In this case, and with the new information at his disposal, it would have been easy to oust the princess as heir to the throne and replace her with his son Aegon II, but the monarch is not bowing to the pressure and wants to stay true to his word. Also, sees his daughter as a worthy successor to the prince’s prophecy that was promised, engraved on the dagger of d’Hennard and Aegon I (and with which Arya would kill the Night’s King hundreds of years later), according to which a descendant of House Targaryen would sit on the Iron Throne and unite Westeros against the cold and the dark. Are we talking about Daenerys or Jon Snow?

the house of the dragon

Despite all this, the final and shocking scene of the chapter makes this clear Viserys does not take his daughter’s word for it, even though he defends her as the rightful heir, as he sends moon tea to her chambers used to terminate possible pregnancies in Westeros. In any case, there’s no harm that can’t be good, you never know if a Crystal Cole child might be born.

Otto Hightower, unmasked

Another shocking moment near the end of chapter four is the dismissal of the Hand of the King. Finally Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) is revealed for what he is: a traitor to the Crown whose only desire is to see himself or his relatives in power. And this is that Viserys had already suspected his Hand for a long time, especially since he replaced his late father Baelon Targaryen in office.

Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower
Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower
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After another wonderful face-to-face scene with her daughter, in which Rhaenyra makes it clear that she will only marry Laenor Velarion (Theo Nate) if his father kicks the traitor out of court, Viserys gets down to business, delivering a remarkable slap in the face to Otto, whose conspiratorial actions were already too difficult to conceal. Goodbye, Hightower. The tower fell. Who will be his successor?

Many, many things happened in this episode 4 of House of the Dragon, which certainly did not leave anyone indifferent. the series of hbo max is about to reach its equator and is getting more and more interesting. Millions of fans around the world now have to wait another week to continue this intriguing and explosive story of Westeros.

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