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The current edition of Turnat can be described as a macro event that integrates the modalities related to the natural environment, geotourism, astrotourism and accessible tourism, in addition to participants who protect and/or practice wellness tourism and quality of life.

Longino Frankiz Domínguez, commercial director of the tourism agency Ecotur SA, commented that on this occasion you can enjoy the different modalities in twelve groups, including hiking, horseback riding, air sports, motorcycle and bicycle tourism, bird watching, fishing, diving , kayaking , rural and accessible tourism, each with a different program that includes visits to interesting places.

He explained that from September 20 to 24, the western region of the country will host this meeting, considered the most important in the country in terms of nature, adventure, rural and accessible tourism, which must be attended by travel agencies that promote summer vacations .. people with disabilities and, according to the director, the presence of the president of the Ibero-American Network for Accessible Tourism has already been confirmed, among other figures in the sector.

Every two years this sui generis event that includes trails located in natural and ecological reserves, national parks, protected areas and other categories and in this edition it is planned to include various activities such as ecotourism routes, river tours, canopy, snorkeling and sport fishing.

The director indicated that the provinces of Havana, Artemisa, Mayabeque, Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Río, located in the western region of Cuba, will offer their most beautiful natural landscapes for Tournat as an ideal setting that shows its various possibilities and possibilities of creation on a multi-destination attraction.

The expert emphasized the importance of this event, which also foresees the insertion of Cuban music, especially country music, gastronomy and other related activities, in the promotion of tourism, which demonstrates once again the great value of cultural traditions and in the development of the so-called smokeless industry and how everyone can contribute to sustainable progress by promoting healthier tourism.

“In other words, Turnat covers more than 62 service providers that will allow them to show the variety of their products and offers, and it is a good opportunity for tour operators, travel agencies and promoters of nature tourism, to promote all possible activities” , Franquiz emphasized.

Delegates from more than eight countries have confirmed their presence and there will be a wide international participation of travel agencies, supervisors, trade promoters and tour operators, and according to the program from 25 to 28 September there will also be a position for those who decide to extend their stay in the Antillean nation and continue to enjoy its natural attractions, with a program tailored to your needs (various options and excursions).

It will include a first day of conferences and a trade fair where participating organizations will showcase their nature tourism offers; In addition, there will be a colloquium with important presentations, including that of the outstanding PhD Ana Báez, on farm work from a tourism perspective in Costa Rica; the Finca Guayabal project from the Agrarian University and the presentation by the tourism agency Ecotur SA on the rural tourism management strategy, etc.

Turnat 2022 will highlight once again Cuba’s capacity to develop natural, adventure and rural tourism, as well as the motivation and momentum it generates in borrowers, in the design of products for recreation, education and environmental culture, use of heritage, cultural and natural values , in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Currently, in the complex global circumstances imposed by the health and epidemiological crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ecotourism is very timely, as it allows you to be away from the crowds and benefits those who choose to travel to natural and more open locations, following all biosecurity protocols.

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