Civil Government Guidelines for Avoiding Dysentery

The most important events that happened in the province on a day like today

(1) According to what I was informed by Dr. Jesus Gimenez, health delegate in the province of Ourense, I announce the following prophylactic measures against dysentery.

Any patient with diarrhea whose stool contains blood should call a doctor immediately. In case of dysentery, the following measures should be taken:

Keep toilets, cesspools, and manure scrupulously clean by drenching them with a four percent solution of cresyl, do not pour feces on the manure, but collect it in closed containers and wait twelve hours before flushing it down the toilet. If there is no toilet, bury them away from the house and cover it with quicklime in wells.

Boil or burn the clothes that were in contact with the patient; that there are dishes and it is disinfected by boiling separately from the others after each meal.

Wash the bed with cresyl solution and protect the entrance to the room with a curtain soaked in this substance.

Keep the food protected from flies, which must be chased by all means, for example with sugar water formada, sandpaper, etc.

Cooks, bakers, butchers and waiters in the dining room and those in contact with sick people should wash their hands after going to the toilet and before touching food.

Water and milk should be consumed after ten minutes of boiling, while consumption of raw legumes is not recommended.

Doctors should report suspected cases to health authorities. In the town hall, there will be available to the residents chlorinated lime, copper sulfate and sublimated.

Civil manager.

(1922 revision)

September 13, 1922 – New ownership of the Grand Hotel Roma

The former mayor of La Coruña, Mr. Antonio Fernández López, asked young Antonio Ruenez for the hand of the beautiful Miss Milagros Arias Henriques, daughter of the banker of Barco de Valdeoras and the provincial deputy, Mr. Joaquín Arias.

-The family of the head of the municipal laboratory, Mr. José Fernández Martínez, and the owner of the warehouse, Mr. Francisco Villanueva and Mrs. arrived in Ourense from Bayonne.

-Mr. Faustino Arias announces the dissolution of the old company that owned the Gran Hotel Roma in Ourense, which operated under the corporate name Arias y Compañía, and assumes responsibility for the assets and liabilities of said company, giving wide powers to his son, Mr. Leandro to represent him “in all matters arising from the business.”

-(1) The Civil Government recommends a series of practices to prevent the spread of dysentery.

-Carballino hosts an evening organized by the young element of the city to raise funds for the San Cipriano celebrations, with brilliant interventions by the young Bernardino Gonzalez, Amparito Blanco, Marujita Canton, Josefina Cadarso or Emma Espinosa, among others.

September 13, 1947 – A landmark wedding in Orenze

New subscribers in Ourense for the benefit of the victims of Cadiz: Luis Pavon Rodriguez, Francisco Bueno Mayorga, Ricardo Alarcon, Irene Alvarez Veras, Faustino Arnais Cruz, Maria Dolores Gallego, Dario Gallego, Francisco Gallego, Ramon Nogueira, Julio Nogueira, Alfonso Serantes, Abelardo Vasquez, officials of the region, Fathers Paules de Ourense and the rector and professors of the Minor Seminary.

– In the cathedral of Ourense, the beautiful Miss Elena Cortés Santiago, daughter of the infantry commander Alvaro Cortés Fernández, was married; and Mr. Enrique Feijoo Feijoo, Provincial Delegate of the Youth Front of La Coruña. The best men were Mrs. Luz Santiago Cid, mother of the bride, and His Excellency Mr. Antonio Martin-Ballesteros, Civil Governor of La Coruña.

-In Pombeiro (Os Peares), Mr. Antonio Iglesias of the shop in this square and Miss Consuelo Rodríguez were married, sponsored by Mr. Alfredo Rivera and Mrs. Hortencia Rivera.

September 13, 1972 – The Munich Olympics end

A West German television crew filmed the film “Kindernrepublik” in Bemposta for the action of Father Silva’s City of Boys.

-Taboadela elects a new board composed of: Manuel Gallego Villa (President), Jesus Iglesias, Jose Martinez Villa, Jose F. Baracell, R. Paz Prieto, Jose Cid Menor, Antonio Cid Conde, Ricardo Conde Fernandez, Jose Curtinas, Adolfo Cid Menor, Adolfo Curas Gallego, Manuel Villa Conde and Rev. Berardo Sobrino Villa (religious advisor).

-(2) Advertising in the region.

-The shooting of the Spanish-Mexican film “Don Quixote Rides Again” begins in Penaranda de Duero (Burgos), with Fernando Fernán Gómez as Don Quixote and Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” as Sancho Panza.

– The Munich Olympics are closed, marked by the terrorist massacre of Israeli athletes at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. The medal table was led by the Soviet Union with 99 medals (50 gold), followed by the United States (94), East Germany (66), West Germany (40), and Japan (29); Spain placed 41st with two medals, both bronze.

September 13, 1997 – Lonia Textil will remain in Ourense

The new company Lonia Textil will remain in Ourense after the award of a plot of 57,000 meters in Monterrey, with the company committing to hire at least 60 percent of its staff from among the residents of the Council of Pereiro de Aguiar thanks to an agreement with Mayor Eliseo Fernández Gómez.

-The artist from A Coruña who lives in Ourense, Manuel Zapata, opens the exhibition “Gaiteiros no tempo” at the Sargadelos Gallery in our city with works whose prices vary between 80,000 and 350,000 pesetas.

-Ourense managed to pass the first round of the Copa del Rey despite losing to Caudal in O Cotto (0-1), confirming the result 2-3 in the first leg, the opponent in the next round will be Celta de Vigo.

-British bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, the sole survivor of the Paris road accident in which Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and the driver of the car lost their lives, may suffer full or partial amnesia after several surgeries, so he could not to clarify the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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