Barbie Franco opens up about her pregnancy after her doctor told her to rest: ‘My stomach was hard’

Barbie Franco and Fernando Burlando are expecting their first child together

“let’s talk baby” announced in July a very happy Barbie Franco in the cycle Sunday evening where is the secretary After five years of searching, the model is experiencing one of the most anticipated moments of her life. In dialogue with TV show talk about your health, after your partner, Fernando Burlando revealed that he is resting on the recommendation of his obstetrician.

The lawyer said intruders, where he was asked if they missed the wedding he and his girlfriend were invited to last Friday so as not to cross paths with Elba Marcovecchio. “No, We didn’t go because Barbie has been having a lot of problems lately. She’s resting, we’re not having the best time and she’s enjoying (the pregnancy) in a very special way.”

Due to a urinary tract infection, Barbie Franco had contractions and her doctor told her to rest
Due to a urinary tract infection, Barbie Franco had contractions and her doctor told her to rest

From home, subject to medical indications, Frank counted up to TV show that even though he is much better now, he continues with the antibiotics as had a urinary tract infection that caused contractions. “I never felt bad, nothing hurt me. I just got a hard belly and thought the baby had moved,” counted.

But after her belly became hard several times a day, she realized they were actually contractions: “I was having them about nine or ten times a day, and they would last for five to 20 seconds. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen to me today.” Then he admitted: “At first I was happy because I thought the baby was moving, but no!”

Mariano’s secretary Judica in the cycle of America She is now 25 weeks and ‘everything is under control and perfect’: ‘Everything is fine and I’ve never had a scare or anything, it’s been a downshift, I still go to the show on Sundays but a lot more relaxed. ” On her networks, she also shared the message that the driver sent her to support her: “I’m here for anything you need, enjoy the moment. I love you very much”.

Mariano Iudica's message to Barbie Franco
Mariano Iudica’s message to Barbie Franco

The baby, whose name the couple has not yet revealed, is due in fifteen weeks (at the end of December) is “restless and moving around a lot”how her mother feels: “All (friends who were mothers) tell me that this time of pregnancy is the most beautiful … and that in a month the worst is coming. But the truth is that the infamous fear hasn’t caught me yet, so far we’re doing well.”

In the next few days, her partner, who is already the father of Delfina and Maria, aged 28 and 30, will begin the recordings of the challenge the new Paramount reality show to be hosted by Marley, produced by Boxfish (Masterchef, The Hotel of the Famous, say 100 Argentines). It is a survival reality show where the contestants will be divided into teams and then play games and eliminate their companions.

Barbie Franco is 25 weeks pregnant
Barbie Franco is 25 weeks pregnant

Last month, the couple revealed it was a girl in a slightly weird way. They shared a video of themselves walking across a field and looking up at the sky as a The plane starts to emit pink… colored smoke. “Our sweet girl, so wanted, so wanted, so longed for. We love you dad, mom and all your friends.” she wrote.

After five years of searching, Barbie became pregnant and announced it on America’s cycle. “Habemus baby!” he said in July. The next day, the lawyer spoke to LAM: “Thank you all for the energy you give usit does us a lot of good the happiest moments of his life were when he educated his daughters -He is already the father of Maria and Delfina and There’s another very strong, very intense one coming up that I think I can spend a lot of time on. That I dedicated it to my daughters and continue to dedicate a lot of time to them.”

Although anxious about the arrival of his first child with Barbara, he was calm about what was to come and at 55, he assured that “At this stage in life, everything is a pleasure.” “After so many years of struggle, illusion, disappointment, you come into our lives to give us hope, love, peace, happiness and many words that I imagine every second … We are waiting for you to give you every second of our lives. We love you”wrote the model on her social networks after the TV ad.


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