Ancelotti’s press conference at Real Madrid today: video, where to watch live on TV, streaming and live online

The Italian coach appears in the preview of the match against Leipzig in the UEFA Champions League

The Real Madrid The season started in a great way. The Whites have won seven games in seven games and head into their first week at the top level in spectacular form. Only the loss of Benzema and Militao’s doubts ahead of the derby against Atlético, added to Marco Asensio’s anger last Sunday, add a few negative drops to an outstanding start to the campaign.

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Carlo Ancelotti

“This is an important game for the group standings. A team is coming that had problems at the beginning of the season but performed very well in the last game against Dortmund. They have very good players, with technique, fast… They are things that have to evaluate to plan a good game and try to win it”.

“Everything is fine with Vinicius. He is in good spirits, happy and fully recovered from Sunday’s game. Obviously we haven’t talked about it, it’s a topic we don’t need to talk about.’

“We don’t put limits on this team and the lineup. This race gave me a lot of hope and a lot of happiness, sometimes a little sadness, but overall a lot of happiness. With my teams as a coach and as a player I have achieved a lot of success and the goal is to continue to achieve success with this team. It’s a race where you never know what’s going to happen.”

“Asensio cannot be considered young or veteran. He must endure. He’s doing well. The reaction after his anger was very good, he trained very well yesterday and today. This is what should happen when a player gets angry. There are two ways to react, train better or throw your hands away. He trained very well yesterday and today and has opportunities to play tomorrow.”

“Mbappe? I put my hands down before this question (laughs). We are excited about the lead we have, especially with the youth. It is true that Kareem excites us a lot, but when a young man comes out, he is much more excited than one you are used to. With what Vinicius and Rodrigo are doing, we’re obviously very excited, we’re not thinking about anything else right now. No doubt. We are focused on that and so are the players.”

“Leipzig’s striker is very dangerous, not only Werner, Nkunku is doing very well and he did very well last year. Also Szbozslai who has different characteristics than Werner and Nkunku, Forsberg also has a lot of experience… it’s a dangerous team if you let them show their quality.

“I have a very good relationship with Tite. When we need to talk, we talk, although in this period we have not spoken. It is very clear what Vinicius and Rodrigo are doing.”

“Since last year, he has improved a lot in this regard (provocations from opponents). The important thing for him is to be focused on the game and nothing else.”

“I think Hazard complied with what we asked of him. Karim was not in the last two games and we replaced him with Hazard and with Hazard and Rodrigo in the second game. In my personal opinion, Hazard complied and the team obeyed. That’s what matters. I don’t want Hazard to score goals. We managed as a team, without Karim we scored seven goals”.

“Rüdiger brought experience, desire to win, motivation… he is a very serious defender, very applied and our defense is better with him”.

“There are chances that Benzema will make it to the derby, he is doing well. It is clear what we have said since he was injured: he will only play if there is no doubt that he can play against Atlético.”

“I see Vinicius as a great player who shows all his talent, all his quality and nothing more. We do not enter into the question whether he is a provocateur or not. I am not deaf or stupid, I listen and hear what is said. But this is not a problem for us. Neither for Vinicius nor for his rivals. Vinicius has exceptional qualities and it is quite normal for the opponent to try to stop this quality that he has. I think they do it with respect, because there are rules that protect all footballers, not just Vinicius”.

Antonio Rudiger

“Hopefully it’s my turn to play. Of course, playing in the Champions League at the Bernabeu is a privilege. There are a few nerves, but the overwhelming feeling is the desire to be able to play.”

“Yes, goals are one of my qualities. I like to attack, I like to score goals, of course. It’s a feeling I have inside of me and I’m working on it all the time. A number? Last year I scored five goals, I would like to score a plus”.

“We’ve known Timo Werner for a long time. I love seeing him on the pitch.

“That’s what Vinicius does, he dribbles. It’s normal to have opponents who will hurt him. It’s normal, it’s happened to me, you try to counter. That’s one of his biggest qualities and you have to try to you reduce it, but always respecting the opponent. You have to do your job and Vinicius has to do his too.”

“Vinicius is a great player, everyone knows that. He continues to do everything he did last year. He is a calm boy in the dressing room. As a player, you feel more relaxed when you collaborate with him because he is a great player.”

“Talking on the pitch comes naturally to me, I talk a lot on the pitch. As for Spanish, I speak Spanish on the pitch with my teammates.”

“Am I scary? I don’t know what to say about that statement, I like to be aggressive but play fair. The statistics tell me so, in the last five years I haven’t seen a single red card”.

“Anyway mistakes are made and when you’re young you should be allowed to make them. Playing now in a new league gives me new experiences, but if I look back, now I’m in a different situation, I’m more experienced and I take everything more calmly”.

“I don’t decide who I play with and that’s the way it should be. I get along well when I play with Alaba, but also with Militão. It’s normal to speak Spanish because we’re in Spain.”

“The feeling of scoring with Madrid is great. It’s fantastic. What will happen in the game tomorrow? We know Leipzig are a great team, they have great players and they are intense. feel like you’re scoring.”

“In the Real Madrid dressing room? They are all normal people. From the outside, when you see a Real Madrid player, you think ‘oh my god, what’s it like to be with them’, but they are perfectly normal and respectful players. I have only good words.”

Ancelotti’s press conference at Real Madrid today: video, where to watch live on TV, streaming and live online

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