Make no mistake: finding love is not easy. We can have many relationships. We can have very good friends. Even a family that loves us with all its heart. But if we don’t have a partner to lean on, to share wonderful moments with, we feel empty. And it’s normal. But despite the fact that it may seem the opposite, let’s not be fooled: all the complications we have when we have to find a partner to complement us come from the fact that we don’t know each other well enough. Maybe we don’t know how to appreciate the good that’s in us, or maybe we’re just repeating old mistakes that keep us living in the same type of relationship over and over again. And so you can avoid the same mistakes, we want to talk to you about this: your sign has its little things, you know? And they don’t always bode well for you when it comes to finding love. So we’re going to talk to you about those little things you need to change… Why should you change the chip if you want to find love according to your zodiac sign?


Aries, although it may seem like your impulsiveness is the reason you’re having trouble finding a partner, it’s not. You have many things in your favor to live love, but you close the doors yourself. Yes, you heard that right. Your problem is not that you don’t find “true loves”, people who love you and who want to live with you. Your problem is that you distance yourself from these people because of your terrible fear of commitment and failure. You have the belief that everyone is coming to hold you down, to prevent you from doing what you want and to cut off your freedom. But this is not so. Try to open yourself to love. Consider that commitment brings many good experiences and relax a little.


Your problem, dear Taurus, is the expectations you always place on everything. When you fall in love, you know very well that it costs you very little to leave everything for the other. You would give everything, but you expect the same from her. And that doesn’t always happen, does it? You need to stop placing so many expectations on everything, stop wanting to control everything that happens in your love life. You just have to learn to enjoy what it brings you. Don’t have expectations, don’t start daydreaming every time you meet someone… Just be yourself and enjoy every moment. Day by day will do the rest of the work to make this relationship work.


dear Gemini… Don’t worry about not finding love because you can be sure that it will come into your life. However, you must understand that you cannot pretend that you have true love if this person cannot get to know you well. You have the most dynamic and engaging personality, but you never open up. You don’t let others know you, and even though you’re super outgoing and get along with everyone, you let others know very little about you. So how do you want someone to jump in the pool with you if they can’t really get to know you? Let your most secret side come out and you will see love come into your life.


Don’t give chances to anyone. This is your biggest problem when it comes to finding true love. You do not close the doors to any relationship and this is what makes you suffer and lose good relationships. Keep in mind that you have a unique and very special personality and this makes you attractive to many people, which means that you can have one relationship after another if you want to. But it will also cause you to always make the same mistakes and fall into similar relationships that will not bring you what you are looking for. You have to be much, much more selective and not give opportunities to anyone. You will see how when you start valuing yourself much more and not giving space to everyone, the right person will come.


You never give up and you are one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. This makes you want to control everything to excess, and this may be the first problem you face when you find your true love: you suffocate relationships, so to speak. If you always want to be in control and also remember that you are very different in your way of being, it is easy to understand that the other person may feel out of place around you. Which will make him have certain doubts and a huge panic to start something serious with you. Relax a little, learn to enjoy the moment and let the other person approach little by little. Provide security to that special someone and you will see how everything will fall into place.


You think too much about things. You analyze everything and don’t give yourself even a minute of rest. You read between the lines all the time, which isn’t bad. But it’s exhausting. And not only is it exhausting, but you always end up finding reasons, whether you realize it or not, why you think the relationship won’t work. Stop thinking about it. How many times, at the first opportunity, have you thought “ugh, I’ll leave it” or “if I already knew it wouldn’t happen…”. Do you see it? You need to relax a little, allow yourself to feel and even if it costs you, take a little risk. Stereotypes should be accommodated, but not set on fire. Remember him.

A pound

You are a born seducer and love to play. However, by doing this, you are missing out on what is really important. You focus so much on feeling wanted that you don’t know how to see other things; that is, if they don’t flatter you and show you the way you want, they no longer do. And it doesn’t work like that. It’s nice to have a game, and who doesn’t like that? But first of all, you need to analyze things a little more and you will see that this person shows more than you think. On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that your indecisive nature does not help you at all. In the case of love, you cannot be like that because it makes you live in the wrong relationship or even not take the right steps. Think things through when they start to get a little serious and decide. But he did. This is the only way to find your true love.


You are super suspicious scorpion. And you know it well. How could it be otherwise, when we talk about stable or serious relationships, this part of you comes out: you don’t want to trust. And a lack of trust means the other person doesn’t feel comfortable trusting you either. The difference in your case is in this small point: open up a little more, don’t be so distrustful and let the other person get to know you a little more. You are impressive, a mystery in itself. Do not put more on it. Let them discover you and you’ll see how things will improve with that person you can’t get out of your head.


You need to center yourself a bit, calm your head and be a bit more realistic. Yes, we know: there are three things. But, dear Sagi, it is what it is. You like to live life, flow with it and enjoy the moment. Which is not bad at all. However, in the eyes of others, this aspect of you makes them see you as irresponsible, insecure, as someone with whom it must be extremely difficult to maintain a commitment. We know it isn’t. But in love, the first impression is important. Very much. Start being more realistic, understand that a love relationship requires pampering, care and above all commitment. No one is going to tell you to change the way you live; you just have to adapt a little to the other person.


You have crushing logic, but sometimes you don’t apply it properly. You are so responsible and focused so much on work and family that there is no way to see when true love is coming. If you are always focused on one place, how will you see and understand what is happening around you? You need to expand your vision a little and look at those people who are close to you. It is precisely because you are so responsible that you have many opportunities to find someone who loves you and wants to be by your side. Sometimes you just boycott yourself.


You raise personal shields to invisible levels. You are terrified that they will hurt you and that they will take away that freedom that you so adore. So much fear that you close yourself off from living wonderful and unique experiences in love. And that needs to change Aquarium. For your own good, if you want to find love, you need to stop being defensive all the time. Don’t let them get close to you. It’s more. You run when you see something serious, something you have to open up to. And that’s not how love works. Relationships are two-way, like almost everything. Therefore, if you want someone to share everything with you, you should be able to do the same.


You adapt to everything, nothing more and nothing less. And it leads you to living stories that don’t belong to you. This side of you, without a doubt, the sweetest, makes you adapt to everything, that you go out of your way to be that person who is looking for the other. And with it you forget about your own needs. Without a doubt, it makes you live in the most toxic situations because you let others know they can do whatever they want with you. Don’t teach others to treat you this way. Start by knowing what you want most and expressing your desires. So even though there are relationships that won’t suit you and you have to be patient, the right one will come into your life.

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