Who is Laenor Velaryon, the future husband of Rhaenyra Targaryen?

In the first episodes of the first season of

The house of the dragon
several years have passed, enough to see characters who were originally just children on the cusp of adolescence now become young adults ready to fulfill their obligations in political pacts.

Such is the case with Laenor Velarionson of

Lord Corlys Velarion
and Rhaenys Targaryen, as well as Rhaenyra herself, whose plot, in addition to being the heir to the throne, is faced with the task of choosing a fiancé and getting married.

Warning: minor spoilers for the series may be found below.

In the beginning of chapter 4 shows on Renira at the end of a journey in the different prospectuses from the different houses of the kingdom are represented as marriage prospectswithout Rhaenyra having much of a bias towards… or the simple idea of ​​getting married.

As the plot progresses, however, something becomes very clear: Raniera will have to get married and their marriage will involve a strong political alliance that strengthens the house of dragons and the Targaryens in particular… leading to Sir Laenor Velarion the focus of the series.

Who is Laenor Velarion?

like we said, Leonore Velarion he is the son of Rhaenyra’s aunt, making them cousins. His first introduction is to his sister Laena, who was proposed to be the next wife of King Viserys, but who rejected the match due to their age difference and their closeness to Alicent Hightower.

This action was taken as an insult by the father of Laenor“The Sea Serpent”, which would lead him to seek his daughter’s union with a lord of the Free Cities, forcing the Targaryens to seek a marriage between his house and House Velarion.

From the first introduction of Laenor in the series, he is hardly seen again except briefly during the battle against

Kragas Drahar
with features similar to his father’s and of course the distinctive platinum hair that stands out among these families’ bloodlines.

Just like Renira, Laenor Velarion He is also the heir and firstborn of his own family, which hails from ancient Valyria, but with the exception that the Velarions are incapable of taming dragons… or at least they didn’t arrive in Westeros with these creatures to cement their power .

Despite the lack of dragons, however, House Velarion is considered one of the most important and strongest in the kingdom, especially thanks to its navy, so the future of her line also rests on her shoulders.

Laenor Velarion, Mist Rider

From what we know in the books, as cousins, Laenor Velarion has Targaryen blood thanks to his mother, which makes him capable of taming dragons and therefore being a rider.

While in the series we can also see him on his own dragon, Sea smoke (Mist in Spanish), which we see in more detail throughout almost the entire chapter, makes a great appearance, burning everything in its path while

Demon Targaryen
start close combat with Craghas Drahas.

Will Laenor Velaryon Marry Rhaenyra Targaryen?

According to the mythology of the universe of game of Thrones and the books of RR Martinwe can say that this is a fact.

Laenor Velarion will become first husband of Rhaenyra Targaryenas King Viserys informed his daughter at the end of chapter four, after the princess’s virtue and reputation were called into question.

Laenor Velarion and Joffrey Longmouth
Laenor Velarion and Joffrey Longmouth

However, thanks to the book we know data that we can only hope to see on screen. Among them, Laenor is said to have a penchant for men, specifically Sir Joffrey Longmouth, whom you saw on screen in the third chapter of The house of the dragon.

The union between these two heirs will produce three children: Jacaerys, moceris and Joffrey. Although the story states that given Laenor’s sexual orientation and Rhaenyra’s infidelities, Laenor is not her legal father.

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