US Open: Tennis world pays tribute to Carlos Alcaraz: ‘Congratulations on your first great season, I’m sure there will be many more’


Rafa Nadal congratulates the youngest number one in history and predicts a great future for him

Carlos Alcaraz poses with his US Open trophy.Jason SenesEFE
  • US Open Alcaraz defeats Ruud to win the US Open and become the youngest No. 1 in history
  • Big helmet Carlos Alcaraz reaches No. 1, spine-tingling moment for everyone: “From then on, nothing was unattainable”

He said it Peter Sampras: “Being number 1 is iconic; there aren’t many of us around.”Carlos Alcaraz stepped onto the podium of the greatest this Sunday and became the youngest ever number one, aged just 19 years and four months. An achievement that brought the entire world tennis to its feet.

Rafa Nadal’s congratulations were unexpected: “Congratulations, Carlos Alcarazfor your first Big helmet and for #1 which is the culmination of your first great season which I’m sure will be many more!” tweeted the Majorcan, who also had words for Casper Ruud: “Great effort. I am so proud of you! Bad luck today but an amazing tournament and season! Keep going!”

The Norwegian tennis player himself congratulated his opponent after losing the final of US Openand admitted that “sometimes it’s hard to believe” that Alcaraz “he’s 19 years old” and that players with his talent are rarely born in the sport.

“It is impressive what he has achieved as a 19-year-old player. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s only 19. He’s one of those talents that are rarely born in sports,” he said. Ruud at the press conference after the final. “He showed incredible fighting spirit and desire to succeed. He faced a match ball a few games ago and managed to turn it around and win the match. But he was unlucky, he deserved to win this tournament,” he added.

Ruud, trained at Rafa Nadal’s academy, believes that at the moment “Alcaraz is the best player in the world and deserves the first position in the ranking”. “We both deserve to be number one and number two in the world. I am very proud to be number two. In a way, this is positive, because this way I can continue to pursue this goal. There is only one position left to achieve, although it will be difficult,” he assured.

Also the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezI was exhausted before the game of Carlos Alcaraz. “Congratulations Carlitos!” He launched early Monday. “You are already the youngest No. 1 in the history of tennis and you just won your first victory Big helmet. Your play in these two weeks has been impressive.”

Garbi Muguruza she never missed an opportunity to say hello Carlos Alcaraz, whom he applauded with “bravo!”. “Enjoy,” the winner of two Big helmet.

Ferrero: “It’s at 60% of its potential”

John Charles Ferrerocoach of Carlos Alcarazassures for his part that his student “is at 60% of his potential” and that he still has a lot of room for development after being crowned champion of US Open 19 years old.

In the press conference after the final, Ferrero admitted: “I think he is at 60% of his game, he can improve many things, we know he has to continue. Now that he’s number one, he has to keep winning, we know that and we remember that,” adds Efe.

“He has to improve the rest, the serve has to improve, the backhand in certain situations, the consistency, trying not to leave mentally. These are details that until one retires, all players have to improve,” he added, explaining what he has to improve.

Former player and now coach of Alcaraz He expressed his pride in the work done and believes that his student was born to play in these tournaments. “Carlos was born to play these tournaments, to play these matches. From the first moment I saw things in him that were different from other boys his age and I still see them now,” he said.

It’s also clear to him that, seeing him practice every day, winning a major is only a matter of time: “I was sure if it wasn’t this year, it would be the second. Now we want to continue.”

Ferrero also told an anecdote about the first time he saw Alcaraz. “When he arrived at the academy he was a noodle, he was fast but he had no muscles, but we saw something very special,” he assured.

“I saw him for the first time when he was twelve or thirteen years old. He came to the academy and we trained one day, he was very small but you could see that everyone was talking about him. He had everything he has now, but in a small way “, he added.

The compiler also takes this into account Alcaraz and the Italian Yannick Sinner they are poised to “dominate the ‘tour’ for the next ten years.”

Asked if he sees a Murcian trained to achieve what the Spanish have achieved Rafael Nadal, the swiss Roger Federer or Serbian Novak DjokovicFerrero stresses that it will be difficult. “It will be difficult for them to achieve what they have done in tennis. We are talking about 22 greats, it is a long way, but who knows. He has all the potential to be one of the best. What he has to do is try,” said he.

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