They allow online ID card renewal: What are the requirements and how to do it?

Sept. 12 2022 – 12:00 p.m.

The Department of Justice has made an important announcement for those who have expired ID card, as they will now be able to renew with their Unique Key over the Internet on the website of the Civil Registry and Identification Office.

In addition to the card being expired and having a Unique Key, the person needs to meet other simple requirements. For those who perform the procedure, the entity will deliver a certificate that will have a duration of three years and that it will support the same photograph as the previous ID card; that is, the one that has expired.

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How long is my expired license valid for?

First of all, as a result of the coronavirus health crisis, which prevented you from going to the civil registry offices to renew the card, the authorities extended the validity of these cards that expired from 2020. but in the following mode:

  • expired card between March and December 2020 and 2021are valid until same day and month of 2022
  • expired card between January and February 2020, 2021 and 2022are valid until same day and month of 2023
  • The card expired between March and July 2022are valid until same day and month of 2023

It should be noted that the decree on the validity of certificates for Chileans is valid for procedures that are carried out on national territory in public or private institutions; such as banks, notaries, etc.

How do I renew my expired ID card online?

In case of expired ID card, people who want to renew online should go to this web page (click here) and check if they meet the requirements which are:

  • They have Chilean citizenship.
  • Have an expired card.
  • Be over the age of 16 at the time of your last renewal request.
  • You have a unique key.
  • There should be no ongoing renewal of the card.
  • The procedure is available for certificates with a maximum date of issue of 8 years.

If these conditions are met, the user must click on “Apply Here” to continue to accept the terms and then specify your RUT and unique password. Once these details are saved, the system will allow you to complete the renewal entirely online.

The certificates you can apostille online

On the other hand, in mid-July the Ministry of Justice announced that twenty certificates from the Civil Registry will be issued. fully apostilled online, without the need to go personally to the agency’s offices. The process can be done from home and does not require additional costs.

This new measure, the so-called “Online Apostille”, It mainly benefits those who need to issue the validity or legalization of a document in order to present it abroad.

For those who need to carry out the procedure, simply go to the Civil Registry website and select the certificate you want to apostill. Once the RUT is specified, you need to click on the option “Add to Cart”. Although some certificates are Free of chargeothers are priced up to 1250 dollars.

When entering the applicant’s data — RUT, ID document number, e-mail — there is a field for apostilling the document and choosing the country in which it will be presented. To get it, click on “Continue” and the certificate will arrive at the entered email.

The documents that can be apostilled online are:

  • Birth for family appointment.
  • Birth for registration.
  • Birth for all procedures.
  • Background for special purposes.
  • Civil union.
  • Marriage for family allowances.
  • Marriage with re-registration after marriage.
  • Marriage for all procedures.
  • Current annotations of motor vehicles.
  • Vehicle registration (padrón).
  • Death with cause of death.
  • Death for Family Aid.
  • Death to all procedures
  • From damage.
  • actual possession.
  • By professionals.
  • Registration of unpaid traffic fines.
  • Directory of non-profit legal entities.
  • History of clothing by composition.
  • Registration of clothing without displacement.
  • Acts as a non-profit legal entity.
  • Certificate of disability.
  • Resume of a driver.
  • Report a cohabitation termination.
  • Will report registration.
  • RNPE Registration Report (Courts).
  • RNPE Registration Protocol (Service).

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