The viral case of the polyamorous couple who “adopted” their maid in the relationship

They, when they were still a couple, began to look at a mutual friend with different eyes. The three entered a night of passion and there was chemistry. From there they laid the foundations for the polyamory that would later be born.

A married couple in the United States asked the bridesmaid at their wedding, with whom they had a romantic relationship, if she wanted to be their bride. She accepted. Now they’re a trio who document their experiences daily and also defy prejudice.

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The vanguard

Young Angel is 27 years old and married to Tyler, 29. They live with Sam, 24, in a house in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. “Our relationship is 10/10,” defined the main characters of this story in an interview with the YouTube channel indeed.

the origin of love

A while ago, Angel met Tyler through Tinder. Then, despite the initial connection, they hardly spoke. However, two years later, he commented on a photo of her on Snapchat: “Oh my god you’re so cute,” he wrote. Soon they started to like each other. And they paired up.

One day, Angel introduced Tyler to her friend Sam, whom she knew from college. Their lives changed in 2019 when the three visited a festival.

“We were enjoying the music and the moment. We immediately kissed Sam on the mouth,” Angel said. This passionate and instantaneous exchange did not faze her boyfriend, according to her account. Okay let it flow, Tyler thought out loud who seemed attracted to the other girl. The same thing happened to Sam with him.

The three then left the concert, went to an apartment and decided to have sex. “Things have progressed since then,” Sam said. But there were ups and downs in between.

Impasse in the relationship

Just a week after giving polyamory free reign, the trio broke up. “We tried,” they admitted. Sam left the house, although Angel and Tyler stayed together: their relationship remained intact.

In 2020, they both sealed their relationship at the altar. Sam, who still saw them occasionally – they no longer shared the same roof – was maid of honor at their wedding.

The return of the trio

Over time, Sam became addicted to them again. One day, while the three were visiting a zoo, they came up with a proposal.

“We were in a photo booth at the zoo and Angel asked me, ‘Do you want to be our girlfriend?'” As we left the compound, I said, “My answer is yes,” Sam said. From there he moved with his marriage to Memphis.

Love, jealousy and “guarantees”

Angel shared that at first she didn’t like witnessing her husband’s displays of love for Sam and vice versa. “It made me jealous when I saw them. What happened was that I was very selfish, I only thought about my needs for affection and I didn’t give birth to the needs that they also had together,” he explained.

The day of the wedding

The day of the wedding

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It wasn’t easy for the trio to adjust to life together, but they still managed to overcome their differences. “We must have worked hard,” Sam admitted.

Today, Americans sleep in one double bed. “We need a bigger one,” they said with a laugh. They also hinted that there are no “rules” in their relationship. Instead, they preferred to talk about certain “guarantees” that they abide by.

“We are a closed trio, the relationship is exclusively between the three of us,” they announced. “When it’s time to have sex, we ask ourselves who wants it at that moment. If there’s someone who doesn’t want it, they leave the room and start watching TV, cleaning or doing something else. Everything is very open,” Angel added.

Your family’s opinion

Each’s respective parents accepted their relationship. However, other members of their families do not approve of the trio. “We don’t talk to them anymore,” Tyler explained.

On the other hand, on social networks where they share content about their relationship, they often receive hate and ridicule. “Polyamory never works,” “I’m looking forward to the video where they announce their split,” and “Couples exist for a reason,” were some of the comments sent to them. Although they ignore. “We laughed about it,” Tyler warned.

Today the trio is happy. At least that’s what they show in front of the cameras. In the future, Angel and Tyler plan to propose to Sam.

“Most people feel lucky to have found one person in love. But we are lucky to have found two,” they concluded.

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