The trial in Valladolid on March 3, 2023 for the stabbing death of Africa

The oral hearing of the trial is scheduled to begin the same day in the Fourth Criminal Section of the Provincial Court and will last at least eleven sessions until its conclusion on the 20th of the same month, according to what legal sources informed Europa Press.

The events took place on June 21 last year in a single-family house on Montreal Street in the Santa Ana de Valladolid urbanization, where the accused repeatedly stabbed his wife, with whom he had two daughters aged 18 and 16. They have undergone separation procedures and there have been no previous complaints of abuse.

The alleged perpetrator, a technician from the tax agency in Valladolid, faces a possible sentence of 25 years for aggravated murder, as requested by the prosecutor and the private prosecution represented by the daughters of the marriage, the two popular charges brought in the case, Clara Campoamor and Borda Association.

It also seeks a deprivation of parental rights over one of the daughters, a minor, and a ban on coming within 500 meters of both daughters, their home and their place of study or work for 30 years and not to communicate with them on any and any means or procedures at the same time.

In terms of civil liability, the prosecutor wants the accused to compensate Sacyl in the amount of 729.68 euros for the costs arising from the health care provided to the deceased, and as non-pecuniary damages to pay each of the two daughters of the victim 85,000 euros, each 17 000 euros to each of his five brothers and 43,000 euros to his father.

The procedural representation of the daughters, for its part, requests EUR 193,287.28 compensation for one of them and EUR 197,643.53 for the other.


The defense, on the other hand, denies the facts as constituting the crime of murder and qualifies them as a completed crime of bodily injury or alternatively as a crime of attempted murder, in both cases the circumstance of consanguinity coincides, as well as the mitigating circumstance of acting because of reasons or incentives so strong , that they produced an outburst, obstinacy, or other state of passion of a similar nature, and, in relation to attempted murder only, the incomplete exculpatory excuse for the passive voluntary withdrawal of the author.

Thus, for the completed offense of grievous bodily harm, he seeks a sentence of five years’ imprisonment and, in addition, for attempted murder, a sentence of seven and a half years’ imprisonment and, in respect of civil liability, compensation to each from his daughters of 42,500 euros.

Since October 2020, the cohabitation between the spouses had deteriorated greatly, to the extent that they did not eat together and hardly spoke to each other, except to have continuous discussions that started for some trivial reason and led to reprimands that the accused made about her the fact that she did not work and therefore did not contribute to the income of the family economy.

Finally, at approximately 4:30 p.m. on June 21, 2021, the defendant and the woman began one of these discussions in the living room located on the ground floor of the house, during which he went into the kitchen where he retrieved two knives. , one with a 215 mm single blade and another with a 285 mm single blade, and returned to the room.

It was in said addiction where, in a surprising and unexpected manner, always according to the charges, he threw his wife to the ground and, using the two knives, stabbed her repeatedly all over her body with the intention of ending her life without them having any chance to protect themselves and also increase the victim’s pain.

The couple’s daughters, who were on the upper floor of the house, hearing their mother’s cries for help, went down to the living room and saw the accused with knives in his hands, on top of his mother, who was lying on the floor.

One of the daughters, shocked by the scene, ran out of the house, and the other started hitting her father on the back to try to get him away from her mother, without success.

At that point, the victim asked her daughter to call the police, so she went up to the second floor of the house to get the cell phone. When the daughter was going down the stairs with the phone, she encountered the defendant, who approached with the knives in his hands and told her that everything was over.


The accused then locked himself in the bathroom of the double room, where he got into the bath, which he filled with water, proceeded to self-inflict superficial injuries to both wrists.

Shortly after, emergency teams, alerted by the daughter, arrived at the scene and after being able to resuscitate the victim, transferred her to the hospital, where attempts by the medical staff to save the life of the victim were futile, who eventually died at 8 p.m. this day.

This death occurred as a result of hemorrhagic shock caused by the multiple penetrating stab wounds described.

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