The seven exercises that will help you burn calories

After the summer, the extra pounds, characteristic of the excesses of this period, become apparent. Disordered eating and lack of exercise During these months of holidays and good weather, demand increases in September from people wanting to restore the line.

However, it should be emphasized that you should take it easy. Juan Ruiz Lopez, a graduate of Physical Activity and Sports Science and personal trainer, warns that no big change is achieved overnight. “If it was something easy, simple and quick, everyone would be fit and in good shape.” Similarly, he emphasizes that you don’t need to train every day, but plan the week well: “If we train excessively and constantly suffer from excessive pain that prevents us from leading a normal life, the likelihood of abandonment is greater.’

If we exercise excessively, we suffer from excessive stiffness that prevents us from leading a normal life.John Ruiz LopezPersonal trainer

That’s why we show you seven exercises to do in the gym or on the street that will help you lose calories and get back in shape:

strength training

According to Ruiz, his recommendation is to carry out strength training adapted to each one to we increase muscle mass and thus speed up our metabolism. “By being faster, the consumption of calories at rest will be greater and therefore it will be easier for us to lose weight.” The expert advises combining it with high-intensity aerobic exercise such as HIIT (fast and intense bursts followed by short periods on recovery).


This is something basic. So much I’m running What to go or ride a bike They will help burn fat quickly. Depending on the intensity, you can burn up to 350 kilocalories in half an hour of exercise. To be even more effective, it is recommended to do the activity first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach. If this is accompanied by a healthy breakfast, we will start the day on the right foot.

skipping rope

A classic and effective exercise. it can burn 14 calories per minute and in addition to helping us lose weight, it will improve our cardiovascular system and our coordination and agility. This is a perfect activity for toning the arms and legs, strengthening both the upper and lower body.


It’s a very complete exercise that measures the anaerobic resistance you’re working with abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs. To perform them, start from a squatting position with your hands on the ground and your head up. Then the legs are switched back and a push-up is done on the chest. Then we raise our legs again, as in the initial position, and jump up, raising our hands. The exercise should be fluid and continuous, so good coordination is essential. With this activity you can lose up to 400 kilocalories for six sets of 10 to 12 burpees.


It consists of making a race without leaving the site and with great speed, lifting the knees. You can burn between 12 and 14 calories per minute. We will also improve running technique and coordination, strengthen the lower body and increase the reactive capacity of the ankle.

To swim

Between 200 and 300 kilocalories in half an hour is what we can burn swimming. In addition to that it is one of the most complete sports, as we will increase lung and muscle capacity as well as blood pressure. If we talk about styles, swimming front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly will burn more fat (between 600 and 700 kcal. in one hour) than backstroke (440).

The benefits of sports

Climbing stairs

Something simple and within the framework of everything we have already written in El Debate. This aerobic exercise allows us to work the leg muscles, burn fat and expend energy, thereby improving the heart rate and lung capacity. It has been estimated that climbing stairs for 10 minutes is equivalent to 12 burpees.

good diet

It is essential that aerobic training is accompanied by a good diet. As Juan Ruiz explains, losing weight is very simple and at the same time very complicated, “it’s a matter of math, calories in and calories out.” That’s why we have to be mindful of the foods we eat and monitor the number of kilocalories in them. “When we exercise, our caloric intake will be higher, but If the calories we take in are higher than the calories we burn, we will never lose weight.».

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