The hidden meaning of Rhaenyra’s necklace

At the beginning of The house of the dragon not only did they introduce us to the new characters of this new plot, but they almost inadvertently taught us one of the great symbols in the series: rhaenira necklace.

Before we continue, we must warn you: this article contains spoilers which can be of great importance to chapter 4 and the rest of the plot The house of the dragon. Proceed with caution or else you can read our other content on the series like

Targaryen family tree
or explanation of

because the Lannisters couldn’t marry between relatives, but the Targaryens could

At the beginning of the series, the family love between Renira and Damon, both in the line of succession to the throne, and that we initially didn’t know they could fight for it in the face of the tragedy of their mother’s death. In the first chapter, before Damon leaves King’s Landing, we see the uncle giving Rhaenyra a present gift necklacewhich she will wear later.

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The meaning of Rhaenyra’s marriage

Maybe it’s in chapter 4 necklace it becomes more important seeing it around her neck during the introduction of the suitors of the (so far) future queen of Westeros and you can even see the princess touching it with her hand, a gesture that is not random because we rarely see her perform similar actions with the rest of your jewelry or wardrobe.

It is worth mentioning that so far the pressure to reach an agreement on a marriage to the princess and the future sovereign became of great importance, especially because of the political advantage which marriage with some other kingdom represented, now more than we know that

Lord Corliss
he considers marrying his young daughter Laena to the son of the lord of Braavos, one of the Free Cities. This after the “sea serpent” is still offended that the king did not accept the offer to marry his daughter, despite the fact that years have passed.

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The meaning of Rhaenyra’s necklace

In a scene from the chapter we can see how Damon touches the necklace which he gave the princess to later talk about how she feels sold out while he talks about marriage being a political arrangement and how once you’re married you can do whatever you want.

Perhaps for men it is a political arrangement. For women, it’s a death sentence.

– Renira

Which speaks to the reality of women in this universe – and women in times past – where their duty (especially in high-profile marriages) was to produce one or more heirs, especially males. In this way, we see Raniera see how her mother’s job was to impregnate her until her death, and we think of cases like that of her uncle, that despite his marriage, the man was seen in the series with other women and without major duties, instead of pursuing his ambition for power and throne.

For those familiar with the books from which the universe was created game of Thrones Y The house of the dragonit’s clear the future of rhaenyra and her marriage, so the necklace that Daemon gave her is undoubtedly a symbol of her future, which they’ve presented to us in a particularly ingenious way since the beginning of the series.

And it is that for some sthe meaning of this necklace is that of the future alliance between Daemon and Rhaenyra. A very common practice among the Targaryens to preserve the purity of their blood and therefore the power they have to tame dragons.

renaissance daemon targaryen
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What happens in Chapter 4 of House of the Dragon?

In addition to the mentions we have already said, in this head we can also see more of the interplay between them, no doubt a context of great importance.

In the episode, we see Damon leave Renira instructions to get out of her room and with a disguise covering her up. On his way out, he takes her to the streets of the capital for a public performance of the noble life that emboldens them and is meant to show her how the people can see her half-brother, Aegon, as a better king than she is.

Marriage is an obligation, yes, but that doesn’t stop us from doing whatever we want with whoever we want.

– A demon

Whatever episode 4 takes a big turn when Daemon takes Rhaenyra to what appears to be a brothel where people can indulge their desires… and perhaps the sex scenes that most remind us of what GoT was used to happening . Starting with King Vissays with Alicent (an example of the tasks and duties of a marriage) and a shared kiss between Damon and Rhaenyra (which is an example of passion far from obligation), perhaps proving the theory that necklace what he gave her was a symbol not of affection between relatives, exactly, but of desire and lust.

Even though the deed isn’t done, little is left to the imagination as to what might happen in Rhaenyra’s future… and the serious consequences her actions could have, especially when the two were seen together instead and word got around. the king’s hand, and in turn to King Visire.

Although this is not the only kiss that the princess will share in this episode, as she will also do so with Christopher Colepart of the Royal Guard, a Rhenira’s romantic relationship this was also hinted at and seems to materialize in a night of passion between the two.

However, despite what one might think, at the end of the episode it is possible to see his father announcing that he is getting married Sir Laenor Velarionan alliance that aims to smooth over the rough edges between the two houses, not to mention a political settlement that will strengthen them more than ever.

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