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Is today the day to talk to “that” person? Is it a good day to resolve old issues or reconnect with an old acquaintance? Will you do well at work today? Will you receive good news? Find out what your day will be like September 13 according to your horoscope, although if you prefer to know how it will go throughout the week, you can also consult it in EL ESPAÑOL.

It is important to analyze each sign carefully because not only should you read your sun sign, your moon sign and ascendant are also important. And the possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.


Today is a day where you will strongly demonstrate your leadership in the way you carry out your new goals with great care. Your great intuition and innate gifts will help you in all this.

FEELINGS: This is an ideal day to give your love in a sensitive and original way and to show your positive talents.

ACTION: This is a day to capitalize on your efforts and courage by embarking on new ventures.

CONDITION: This will be a day when it is advisable to carefully manage the way you organize your new goals. More info…


Today is a day when you will need to organize your dreams with joy and a lot of attention to avoid contradictions. Your goals will be achievable if you solve long overdue problems.

FEELINGS: You have a day ahead where you will offer your generosity and affection to others through subtle perceptions.

ACTION: this is a day when your generosity and good feelings are important to make your day worthwhile.

CONDITION: This will be a day when it is advisable to carefully manage the way you organize your new goals. More info…


Today is an important day so that the affection you receive feels your form of generosity and altruism with your loved ones and like-minded people. Maintain cordiality with your loved ones.

FEELINGS: This is a day when your big heart is for the benefit of others in an altruistic and affectionate way.

ACTION: It is important to know how you can invest your savings without risk.

CONDITION: this is a day when your sympathy and good heart will shine in a special way and you will fully sympathize with your work towards others. More info…


Your main focus should be on your agreements and how you achieve them. New friendships will help you achieve your dreams if you use your abilities. Keep the basics well-researched beforehand.

FEELINGS: You have to calmly deal with various matters related to property and possessions, with the couple and the people involved.

ACTION: The day is ideal to refine the way you perceive your agreements with others and that they are useful.

CONDITION: This is a day where you need to organize your bases together with the associated people. More info…


On this day, you should use your savings to direct help to family and people who need it. Your compassion and kind heart will help you say the right word at the right time.

FEELINGS: This is a day to feel happy with your partner and enjoy planning an idyllic trip.

ACTION: You must maintain your efficiency to save and use this income productively and generously.

CONDITION: this is a day to streamline procedures that relate to generous deals and agreements with other people. More info…


Today is a day when it is important that your dynamic supports your partner in his achievements and that you both enjoy the same. Prevent your inheritance from being a source of trouble. Your sensitivity and intuition will guide you to offer your love.

FEELINGS: It’s a day to be an affectionate and altruistic person with the couple and/or people you love the most.

ACTION: today is a day to maintain the initiative and completeness of directing your life in a different way.

CONDITION: It will be a very special time to feel happy and organize your new career plans. More info…


Today is a day to encourage you to resolve pending issues. Your dynamism will help you and you will leave behind the family problems of incompatibility. Your great joy will go to developing joint plans.

FEELINGS: This is a day to show your joy to close friends and especially your partner.

ACTION: This is a day to resolve overdue issues that keep you stalling every two times three.

CONDITION: A day to maintain trust and harmony with close relatives. More info…


Today is an excellent day to put your heart into the family and develop the projects around it. It is important to avoid stumbling blocks in your way of dialogue.

FEELINGS: It is time to show your love and support to near and dear family members.

ACTION: today is a day when you can use your insight in the plans you have with friends and close relatives.

CONDITION: You should enjoy the agility to resolve pending issues related to important issues. More info…


Today is a day when your goals will depend on the courage you give to your foundations in life and the use of your savings. This is a day to enjoy your partner and/or close friends. You must give love and support to others.

FEELINGS: You are in a very important day to have an idyll or enjoy your partner in a harmonious and pleasant environment.

ACTION: this is a day when you can plan charitable purposes for everyone involved in them.

CONDITION: today you will have the opportunity to calculate what you need for your new starter plans. More info…


You are in a day where your ideas will be the basis of your initiatives. You have to calculate everything according to the people involved. Avoid taking the lead as it is good to agree on everything.

FEELINGS: This is a day to lay the economic foundations with the people involved.

ACTION: it is important to put emphasis and foresight into the trips you organize with enthusiasm.

CONDITION: you will have to take care to dynamize your family actions and help some of them who need it. More info…


Today you should pay attention to the distribution of marital property and solve long-standing problems. A good atmosphere depends on your kind and pleasant lifestyle.

FEELINGS: today is a day when your communication should be adequate and pleasant to avoid tension.

ACTION: you need to keep your intuition alert to help you in your financial affairs and those ahead.

CONDITION: a very valuable day to organize fruitful moments and smooth or difficult with precision. More info…


Today is a day when your responsibility and organization in goals can help you achieve the stability and savings that you have saved for a long time for your plans.

FEELINGS: It is a day to solve pending issues with the people that are connected and that are related to the economy.

ACTION: This is a special day to join forces with people who have agreements and projects.

CONDITION: This is a day to organize your investments through like-minded friends and great projects. More info…

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