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Is today the day to talk to “that” person? Is it a good day to resolve old issues or reconnect with an old acquaintance? Will you do well at work today? Will you receive good news? Find out what your day will be like September 12 according to your horoscope, although if you prefer to know how it will go throughout the week, you can also consult it in EL ESPAÑOL.

It is important to analyze each sign carefully because not only should you read your sun sign, your moon sign and ascendant are also important. And the possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.


This is a very special day for romantic relationships. I must benefit from your great drive and leadership. You will have a lot of dexterity and ingenuity in your activities and you will be distinguished by your sympathy.

FEELINGS: This is a day when your relationships will be harmonious and fruitful, your new plans.

ACTION: you will have a day where your leadership and reasoning between logic and emotion will be highly marked.

CONDITION: today is a good day to enjoy a romantic evening or maybe you will meet someone special. More info…


Today is a day to enjoy the love of others. Your great help and stability will be marked by your skills that made you a pioneer in the past.

FEELINGS: This is a day to feel that you are having fun and that others love you, which will make you feel very fulfilled.

ACTION: it is important to put into practice your certainty of times past and especially the great creativity of your imagination.

CONDITION: you should give your love and attention to close family members who you can listen to. More info…


Today is a day when it is advisable to organize your goals with enthusiasm and mischief. Your great advantages will be the practical skills and affection you will receive from others.

FEELINGS: This is a time when it is advisable to clarify some sentimental issues related to your social life and goals.

ACTION: this is a very special time to use your great originality and materialize your unique potentials.

CONDITION: it’s a lucky day for love and romance and/or meeting someone special. More info…


You will have a wonderful day to enjoy your plans with like-minded friends. Your savings and income will be key to this. You will have well thought out plans and great enthusiasm.

FEELINGS: Time to enjoy with like-minded friends and/or the couple to organize a perfect trip.

ACTION: This will be a day when you must masterfully maintain your alliances with trusted partners.

CONDITION: This is a day when you need to lay the foundations and the economy with people involved in your projects. More info…


Today is a day when it is advisable to maintain the alliance with like-minded people for your plans and projects. Together, you can use your unique abilities and initiatives.

FEELINGS: this is a day to settle benefits and real estate matters with the people involved.

ACTION: It will be important that your great imagination and actions bring good luck to many people around you.

CONDITION: You will be able to discuss important issues related to the initiatives with the people involved in them. More info…


You will have to organize the important affairs and finances in your life. In addition, agreements with like-minded people will be beneficial and you will be able to materialize new initiatives with precision.

FEELINGS: This is an ideal time to reach beneficial agreements for all of you who are part of your relationships and their associations.

ACTION: This is a time when it is important to organize your finances with your partner and the people involved.

CONDITION: This is a day when it is advisable to solve important issues that you need to resolve and arrange in your life. More info…


Your great mission will be to direct you to new initiatives and harmonious agreements with like-minded people. You should pay attention to some close people who need your support.

FEELINGS: It is a time when you can take care of loved ones who need your understanding and emotional support.

ACTION: today is a day where the most important thing will be to maintain your alliances with friends in a clear and organized way.

CONDITION: It’s a happy time to properly organize your new projects. More info…


Today is a day to resolve outstanding issues so that your projects are optimal. Your way of expressing your support and closeness to those who need you will be appreciated.

FEELINGS: Today you will be able to express with joy and love to others your closeness and your help.

ACTION: today is a day when it is important to meet and talk with people you love and need to help.

CONDITION: This is a day when the most important thing will be to resolve pending issues that you need in order for your goals to be stable. More info…


Today will be a day when you will have to pay attention to finances and economic benefits. Your mental acuity will be your best strategy for new projects.

FEELINGS: Today is a day for laying the family foundations and the support you will provide to your loved ones.

ACTION: This is a day when the main thing will be solving family economic issues. You will need to talk about this with your family and partner.

CONDITION: you will be able to use your great ingenuity to support your projects in a deep and stable way. More info…


Today is an important day to lay the foundations for new initiatives and goals. Empower them with your abilities. Sentimental shows your feelings.

FEELINGS: This is a day when it is important to clarify your feelings and demonstrate your commitment and commitment.

ACTION: you need to lay your foundations and start new original and productive endeavors.

CONDITION: This is a day when it is advisable to use your best gifts to improve your goals. More info…


Today is a day for solving important matters in the profession and family. You will be able to solve problems from the past. It is important to agree on goals to maintain family support.

FEELINGS: This is a day to organize your profession and talk about it with your family, make them part of your plans.

ACTION: The most important thing is to resolve past issues and clarify them calmly and patiently.

CONDITION: You should keep your sympathy and dynamism on this auspicious day for him. More info…


Today will be a day when your great kindness, enthusiasm and good heart will serve you to help other people and at the same time achieve beneficial gains for all.

FEELINGS: This is a day when your vitality and friendliness will fill you with joy. Therefore, you will enjoy a pleasant day.

ACTION: today will be a day when your professional gains will be useful for your new innovative projects.

CONDITION: You will notice that your income will help you resolve unfinished business from the past that you need to get rid of.

More info…

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