Paulina Peña married Fernando Tena, Enrique Peña Nieto was the big absentee

The bride and groom got married in September 2021 (Photos: Instagram)

Paulina Peña Pretellinidaughter of the former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nietomarried this weekend Fernando Tena Alonoso in Mexico City, in an extremely intimate celebration that his famous father did not attend.

This is reported by the magazine WHOwhere it was ensured that the connection was made this Saturday, September 10, at a private address located in the exclusive Las Lomas area, owned by a close relative of Monica Pretellini, mother of the bride, who died in 2007.

And this is after it was reported in the middle of this month of August that the wedding of the couple, who met in 2014, was finally called off the bride and groom would join this weekend in the Mexican capital.

Not many details are known about the wedding, as it was kept in strict secrecy and only 30 guests were present, who according to the publication comments are strictly prohibited or uploading posts and photos to social networks, which is why there are no images or videos on the link so far.

Despite the importance of the event for the eldest daughter of the IRP politician, it turned out that Peña Nieto did not attend the celebrationas it is known that the former Mexican president is in Spain, next to his girlfriend Tania Ruiz.

Informants of the publication confirmed that the company González+Helfon took care of the decoration of the event, and according to estimates, the bride chose Beatriz Cisneros and Ferz Pedraza for her makeup and hair, just as they did recently in the arrangement of a young woman for the wedding of one of the most -your good friends.

In August, the young woman attended the wedding of one of her best friends wearing a Benito Santos design (Photo: IG paaulinapepretelini)
In August, the young woman attended the wedding of one of her best friends wearing a Benito Santos design (Photo: IG paaulinapepretelini)

It is also said that The young woman would wear a bridal gown by Guadalajara designer Benito Santos, who is a friend of Paulina’s and in fact the young woman wore one of her designs to the recent wedding attended by the former president’s daughter. This would not be unusual considering that the designer has also been responsible for dressing other women in the world of entertainment and social life.

It turned out that the young couple could count on the reception with the presence of Claudia Pretellini, the aunt of the bride, her cousin Fernanda Said and some friends such as Andrea San Roman. Likewise, it is speculated that this is just the first celebration of the relationship in a while the religious ceremony will take place (probably scheduled for October 1st) In Madrid Spain, where the former president has lived for two years.

Paulina Peña and Fernando Tena Alonso met in 2014 (Photo: Instagram)
Paulina Peña and Fernando Tena Alonso met in 2014 (Photo: Instagram)

According to the same portal, the newlyweds chose the gift table at the El Palacio de Hierro department store. There are 86 items and gift vouchers that the young couple chose to provide to their guests, who could choose products such as a Villeroy & Bosh cutlery set, glasses, plates, pots, fireproofs, towels, pans, speakers, scented candles , diffusers, a huge screen and a vacuum cleaner.

Eldest daughter of EPN and son of the former Mexican soccer player and coach who currently leads the national team of Guatemala, Luis Fernando Tena, have been engaged since September 2021 -when Fernando gave his then-girlfriend a luxurious ring in front of the Hudson River, in New York- and maintained an almost eight-year relationship.

The couple met at a Halloween party in 2014, but it wasn’t until March 2015 that they started dating romantically. Since then, newlyweds today were very reserved in their relationshipof which they occasionally share photos on social media, such as those from their travels to exotic destinations.


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