Fruit smoothies that help improve eyesight

Sight is one of the most important senses for humans as it allows us to get images of the world around them. However, according to information in the medical encyclopedia MedlinePlus, some eye diseases can lead to partial or complete loss of vision.

Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention and in case of suspicious symptoms to contact a health professional. Similarly, Frequent medical examinations are recommended to identify potential problems in time.

Among the main recommendations outlined by MedlinePlus for maintaining eye health are a balanced diet, exercise, wearing sunglasses, avoiding smoking and getting rest.

As for food, it is advisable to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially yellow and green leafy vegetables. Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna and halibut, is also recommended.

In order to improve the health of the eyes and vision, the specialized portal better with health shares some natural smoothie recipes that can help in the process. However, it is worth mentioning that home remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment under any circumstances.

Carrot and soy smoothies

Due to its high content of beta carotene, vitamin C and essential minerals, carrot and soybean juice is defined as a powerful shake that contributes to healthy vision.


  • Three carrots.
  • Half a glass of water (100 milliliters).
  • A quarter of a tablespoon of soy powder (2.5 grams).


  • Wash the carrots and cut them.
  • Put them in the blender and process them with the water.
  • Add the soy powder and mix.

Pineapple Carrot Smoothie

This shake is notable for its high vitamin A content, as well as the carrot nutrients described above. Retinal light sensitivity and visual acuity are some of the processes that benefit from its consumption.


  • Four slices of pineapple.
  • Two carrots.
  • Half a glass of water (100 milliliters).


  • Cut the pineapple and carrots.
  • Pour them into the blender and process with the water until there are no lumps.
  • Serve and drink.
To maintain visual health, it is recommended to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet, especially yellow and green leafy vegetables. – Photo: Getty Images

Apple, blackberry and strawberry smoothie

This drink, according to the consulted source, contains nutrients that protect visual health at a general level. It is also recommended to inhibit the negative effect of oxidative stress, a factor associated with eye diseases.


  • Three apples.
  • Five blackberries.
  • Five strawberries.
  • Half a glass of water (100 milliliters).


  • Cut up all the fruit and put it in a blender to process it with the water.
  • Serve and drink.

It is important to mention that consuming these shakes alone will not improve eye health, nor is it an effective treatment to counteract eye diseases. In this sense, it is key to complement it with other healthy lifestyle habits and, if you suffer from any disease that affects the eyes, rely on a trusted doctor.

Some detailed recommendations in the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia are:

  • maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing diabetes, which in turn increases the risk of diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercise can help prevent or control diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These diseases can lead to some eye or vision problems.
  • Wear sunglasses: Sun exposure can damage the eyes and increase the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation are recommended.
  • wear safety glasses: Recommended to avoid eye injuries.
  • avoid cigarettes: Smoking increases the risk of developing age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. It can also damage the optic nerve.

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