“From now on” and with too much love Luciano Pereira appeared in Luna Park

Luciano Pereira at Luna Park.

Luciano Pereira ended last night at the packed Buenos Aires Luna Park stadium, the first of a trilogy of Argentinian stops on the tour relating to his latest album “From now on”with an extremely romantic show where the artist with a privileged voice and his audience met again around love.

A far cry from the singer who came out of the folk arenas, Luciano showed the deepening of the distance with the native gender much more pronounced than colleagues such as Soledad Pastoruti and Abel Pintos.

From the pop ballad and from the hand of a repertoire almost exclusively based on love songs for couples (who meet, who desire each other, who leave, who miss each other, who want to return or who wonder why to try again), the artist offered a compact show able to connect with an audience in which women are clearly majority.

Starting at 9:15 p.m., after a draw in which three buyers of official merchandise could be photographed with Pereira in the dressing rooms and in front of a tight nonet, he stood at the center of a stage with four columns of lights and a curtain-screen that combined animations with extreme close-ups of the host.

The opening is based on four of the 11 songs from the album that will be included: “From now on”, “You lied to me”, “Why do you want to come back?” Y “You are perfect”the latter with two striking stanzas: “You’re perfect/For you, I’d block all of Instagram, for you/I’d put on my profile that I’m only, from you/Only for you, only for you/I’ve been watching you for a while/I can’t control it anymore/ I was Christopher Columbus/you conquered me”.

And although it is a premiere repertoire, the audience knew every piece, sang every fragment and got up, accompanying the catchy beat on offer.

“Goodnight Luna Park, what a great joy another night in this beautiful house”greeted midway through this set that opened the night.

A little later, between the anniversary and the formula used by a sports reporter, he added: “This concert is dedicated to all teachers in their day. We owe them so much. Thank you for so much, sorry for so little.”

After “Stay”another new theme, the female chorus wailing at Luciano’s every flourish, almost hegemonized the version of “If it’s not too late” and he answered: “Thank you so much for singing my songs”.

The availability of Spanish Anthony Joseph – with his fan valeria matza in the crowd – “When You Fall in Love”was an interpretative duel in which both displayed their gifts and that the place used to announce that in December he will perform again on stages in this country.

After this passage, offer different dialogues with people in the audience to take a selfiededicate a song to Barbie, a teacher present in the audience, welcome the presence of a Boca jersey in the stadium, congratulate a woman who recently underwent knee surgery and specially sing a fragment of a married couple of half a century with the slogan for it that “when you say, you eat his mouth,” a passionate gesture that could be tracked on the side screens.

Faced with shouts that made it difficult to realize those moments of a certain intimacy with some of the people gathered in the stadium, the balladeer warned: “There is something we have to put into practice, and that is respect.”

As closing these exchanges and After receiving a gift, he reflected, facing the legion that followed him: “When you want to give me a gift, contact these groups of angels (through their fan clubs) who help people who need it the most of this and this is the best gift you can give me and what can be done”.

Amid applause, he added: “The songs keep teaching me,” and sat on a high chair to sing “Your Hand,” which ended with an image of Jesus on the screen and tears streaming down his cheeks.

But that intimacy soon gave way to another loving set with titles like “Teach Me To Live Without You”, “Because I Still Love You” and “Falling In Love” that it was preceded by a hook of the same sign with fragments of pieces among which they were “It’s My Fault”, “When You Fall In Love”, “Your Pain”, “You Are My Life”, “Marry You” and “The Red Dress”.

On this tour, again, the excellence of the group composed of the musical management and bass by Dario Pacheco, guitars by Hector Gandour, Martin Pacheco, Ronaldo Gaitan (possibly adding charango and aerophones) and Gabriel Cajal (also with violin notes), keyboards by Silvio Geraci, accordion by Julio Gerardo Gross Fallini, percussion by Alberto Merino and drums by Oscar Alessio.

With more than 20 songs in the proposed repertoire, the evening was extended with “Stay With Me”, “How Lucky He Is”, “A Woman Like You” and “Like You”.

The impressive series of local presentations of the tenth studio album in the career of the composer, born in Luján on September 21, 1981, includes – so far – five more concerts at Luna Park (October 13 to 15 and November 11 and 12), three at Quality Espacio in Córdoba (September 16, 17 and 18), two in Metropolitano in Rosario (October 28 and 29) and another pair in Arena Maipú in Mendoza (November 5 and 6).

But beyond that, the “From Today Onward” tour will soon pass through Lima (October 29), Montevideo (October 22) and Santiago de Chile (November 4), increasing the international pulse, which since March has passed through Mexico, the United States and Spain.

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