Freddie Diaz: Worker who accused congressman of rape says she wants to see him in prison

This is what the former employee of Freddie Diaz’s office told the portal Epicenter TV her testimony about what happened on July 26, the date the suspended lawmaker allegedly abused her after drinking alcohol in his office to take over from Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) as leader of parliament.

“The more I repeat my story, if it helps, well, I will, even if it hurts, even if it breaks me, even if I start crying, and after this interview I’m sure I’ll go home and feel better -bad, (starts to cry) but I don’t care because I just want to see him in prison”, says the woman, remembering the fateful day.

Before Diaz went to drink with the employee in his office, the sanctioned lawmaker was with his colleagues Idelso Garcia Y Eduardo Saljuana in the latter’s office drinking wine, according to La República.

After meeting with his colleagues, Freddie Diaz He went to the office where his then-employee was preparing an annual performance report before the deadline for uploading it to the system expired. “Who will know?” he asked him congressman by proposing to raise a toast to the victory of Sariano prawnswho was recently removed from the position.

“Besides, Lady Camones won, you and I have never sat down to toast like this. “Toast”, he says to me: “What is toast?”, said the victim.

“He says to me: Do you know that they start drinking here? And I tell him, ‘Ah, yes, of course, I’ve been told from other areas too, hey, come join,’ but to be honest, I’d rather avoid, I told him,” he added.

“Diaz Monaco insisted on drinking”

Although he was initially reluctant to accept the offer, he a woman admitted that he felt pressed at the insistence of legislator, primarily because of his position in power. After drinking the first bottle of alcohol, the alleged victim wanted to leave the office, but Diaz Tell him: “How are you going to leave so early? Wait a second. Let’s see, I’ll see what else is on my shelf.

After looking at his shelf, Díaz, according to the complainant’s account to the portal Epicenter TVpulled out a bottle of whiskey and asked his former worker to continue drinking.

A detail that the victim did not tell in Gesell’s chamberbut yes to the aforementioned portal, is that during the “celebration”, Diaz Monaco he locked his office door with the excuse that they were going to detain a “personal conversation”

“There is something I have not mentioned in Gesell’s Chamber. That when he opens the whiskey bottle, that is when he tells me “come on”, he pours the first glass and then says “hey, but you know what? If I’m going to tell you things, This conversation is private, I better lock the door“. From his office. And I said “Hmm?” He locked his door,” he said.

woke up unconscious

After drinking some whiskey with the former Congressman of the Alliance for Progress (APR), the woman passed out and woke up around 04:00 a.m. face down in a chair in the office of Diaz Monaco.

“There was no underwear, that is, when I see, I had no underwear. Something happened to me, but I didn’t want to believe it and I said, “No, here at work?” asked the victim, who began to doubt that she had become angry.

In the midst of bewilderment, the woman had not yet imagined that such an event would be recorded in the Congressbut when she noticed that her pantyhose were “badly fitting” and that “she had no underwear,” her suspicions grew.

“I was confused. I said to my interior, I thought ‘something happened to me’. But I was in denial mode because I didn’t want to believe it happened to me, no, I didn’t want to imagine the worst in that moment. But I woke up with a terrible, terrible pain here in my tailbone,” he said.

The woman spent almost an hour without leaving the office, finally at 5:15 the office door was opened. Waiting for him outside was his friend “Arturo,” the worker who just recorded Congressman Freddy Diaz hours before he hurriedly left the office.

“When I open it, ‘Arturo’ finds me with a bloody nose, dislocated, upset […]. I started to cry. I don’t remember anymore, I just remember seeing my cell phone, yes, because I wanted to know what time it was and I saw that everyone was calling me,” he said.

“I didn’t want to see myself. At the time I was just embarrassed, scared and in denial. Because Arturo said to me “what happened to you?”. “No, nothing happened to me, nothing, no,” he added.

He denies a sporadic relationship with Freddie Diaz

In statements to TV Epicenter, on an informer He also emphasized that he had never had a relationship with Freddie Diazas the suspended congressman told the public ministry.

“To begin with, I have never had anything on this subject. I can put my hands on the fire, show all that I have to show, so that my story will be confirmed, my truth […]. And be careful, he lies, he lies in court and that is a crime,” he ruled.

Thus, a woman affirmed that he would fight to the end so that the full weight of the law would fall on him Congressman Freddie Diazcurrently suspended for 120 days.

“Even if the justice is not in my favor, anyway, I’m already doing everything, everything possible to achieve it, to ease this pain, because it’s really terrible (crying). You say “how is that possible? The way he sexually assaulted me is humiliating, very humiliating, because no one who respects you, no one who claims to have at least a sporadic relationship with you, leaves you lying around like trash like that,” he said.

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