Fran García Huidobro was honest about his relationship with JC

The actress and communicator talks intimately with Martin Carcamo in “De tú a tú”.

This Sunday night Channel 13 released a new chapter “From you to you”where Martin Carcamo went to the house of Fran Garcia-Widobrowho was a guest of this chapter.

Strictly speaking, the actress and communicator clarified that this is not her own house, that she has only lived there for a month and a half and that in the last seven years she has moved five times. “It helped me not get attached to the material”he pointed out, adding that he lived very close to Julio Cesar Rodriguez and could spy on him if he wanted to with binoculars.

Predictably, some of the conversation focused on his relationship with Julio Cesar Rodriguez, who was one of his most media partners and also the father of his only son.

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This is how Fran García Huidobro remembers being on the verge of death due to a health complication that kept her hospitalized and in critical condition. «Julio is part of my family. When I tell you that I opened my eyes and he was there, it’s not because I decided: my family decided that Julio would be part of this very intimate and very personal circuit. He is a very important person in my life and in Joaquin’s life»said the cheerleader.

Fran remembers meeting Julio César Rodríguez, then editor of La Nación Domingo and juror of “Rojo,” in a bar after a theater performance. “This guy arrives with a short half-skin coat, but I thought he was super smart, I’ve seen him a few times. We started talking, he sat with me at the bar and we went to an after party,” he recalls. They continued to see each other, but she was initially wary as they had very different lifestyles and classes.

an unexpected connection

“I admit that the first month I never had a meeting with him alone. Always brought someone, cousin. His fame as a womanizer made me nervous. In addition, he lived in a completely different place from where I lived and his story was completely different from mine (…) Julio was very strange to me and therefore to all my surroundings, to my friends and my family, “he said.

He fell in love anyway, and they went to live together in a loft in Santiago Centro. “I fell in love with Julio’s intelligence. Julio is a seducer”he explained. But the relationship with the journalist and current presenter of Chilevision did not last more than two years.

“A while ago Julito said he was a bad boyfriend and a great ex.” I subscribe, I agree. We were younger, Julio was very involved in the problem – he was doing “Rojo VIP” and sleeping on TVN – and they didn’t give time. I gave it my all, but the day our paths parted, I wanted no more war.”

They started a family

And although Fran had longer and deeper relationships, it was only with Julio that she decided to have a child.. “I don’t know why. But today, 16 years later, I chose the ideal, because at the end of the day, when you have a child, it’s a lifelong relationship. Heaven for the sum, I hit it perfectly,” he says.

The same Chilevisión morning host then surprised her with a greeting that Martin showed her. “You are a beautiful companion, loyal like no other, respectful, passionate. We managed to create a different family, a family that, although it has a different way of loving each other, does it every day. I’m so happy because I know you feel that I’ll always be there and I know that you’ll always be there and that in our own way we love each other in a way that maybe we didn’t think of, which is to be and care for the other. I love you,” said the journalist.

“I love him. Julio is part of my family. He is a very important person in my life and in Joaquin’s life (…) It is a very strange family, which is perfect because people have to get used to the fact that families are not what we have believed. Joaquin has a very strange family, but I don’t know if people who have been married that long get along as well as I do with their father. I am privileged that my son’s father is the father that he has,” said Fran García Widobro.

Along with clarifying this “Julio and I never had a memory”, the actress admitted that she gets along with almost all of her ex’s girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. “Only once did I tell him, ‘I can’t stand this one.’ I won’t say who it was. I don’t know if he’s listening to me, but he’s not with her anymore,” he laughed.

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The Iron Woman”

After leaving the Theater School, she became famous in four series on Channel 13. After the last one, “Corazón Pirata”, she was no longer called, and then The call came from Nacho Gutiérrez to join the entertainment space “SQP” to do theater criticism. Her segment, which was initially only six minutes long, soon expanded and she began to become the host of the show.

This began a great friendship with the journalist, which culminated when he won a discrimination case against Chilevision in 2016.. “Nacho is a great friend. For him, I have laid the groundwork, I have testified in favor of Nacho against ChV. The decision cost me nothing, but it came at a price. There was an administration that thankfully is no longer here that wanted to make my bed all year long,” Fran said of the process that Gutierrez finally won.

About his sentimental life, Fran García Widobro recalled that the most connections with the media were those he had with actors, such as Cristian de la Fuente, with whom he lasted 4 years. “We were young, he went to the US, long distance relationships are complicated and I behaved badly. And I’ve paid more than that. After that, life touched me again (…) They didn’t catch me, I admit it myself,” he admitted.

Later with Jorge Zabaleta it lasted just over two years. “Jorge was separated at the time. I had a great time with Zabaleta and I think in the end that’s what happened to us, that we were more friends than boyfriends.”he clarified.

On the brink of death

Subsequently, the conversation turned to the serious health problem that brought the communicator close to death. “2019 changed my life“, she pointed out, adding that it all started when she woke up one Monday and went to record the Channel 13 program Sigamos long with what she thought was a cold.

“I thought I had rotavirus because I was at a soccer game for my two brothers at the weekend and there were a lot of kids. Monday I woke up with a cold and a slight fever and went to work. On Tuesday I woke up with worse, I no longer had 37.5 °, but 38 °, on Wednesday I went to work with 38.5 ° and went to bed with a temperature of 39 °, “he said. On Thursday, she categorically did not write, and her father, already sadly ill, sent her to the clinic for examinations. It was a multisystem failure in which all of his organs collapsed at the same time, except for his pancreas, and which resulted in severe anemia.

“The last thing I remember is walking in and being told I can’t go anywhere and I have to stay at the clinic. A week later I woke up in the intensive care unit and two people were looking at me, a man and a woman. “Hello, I’m a psychiatrist” “Hello, I’m a psychiatrist,” they say. And I said, “Okay. Am I here because I’m crazy?”’ recalled Fran García Huidobro.

“From you to you” – Channel 13

She was seriously hospitalized for a month, heavily medicated and having brief episodes of consciousness where she always thought of her son Joaquin and really thought she was going to die. “I have memories of being offered communion and I refused. One dies with boots on. If they offer you communion, as it is now called ultimate unction, it is because you are dying (…) I spoke to Julio in moments of conscience, I told him the things I wanted for Joaquin. To take care of him, to support him, to always be with him, to talk to him about me, to take pictures with me. If they had already offered me the extreme unction, what scenario would I have put myself in?” he admitted.

For Fran, the one who saved her life was her son Joaquin. “They wouldn’t let him see me for obvious reasons, he was 13 or 14 and his mum was in the worst condition in the world. And there was a day when Joaquin came in and shook my hand. And I have a memory of saying “Don’t let me go, don’t let me go.” And my organs began to function”he remembered.

In addition, being close to death helped Fran García Widobro stay closer to his loved ones: “I am very aware of what is happening to others. I want to be close to all the people I love, I don’t want someone to tell me tomorrow that I died, and six months ago they didn’t talk to me.

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