Featured FECIEX, the Iberian Hunting, Fishing and Nature Fair in Badajoz with more than 120 activities

Council member Blanca Subiran emphasized the importance of commemorating the thirty-first edition with a planned public holiday, on Sunday 18 abroad, with the celebration of I Day of the Spanish Hunterwith activities, a popular venison dish and a musical performance by Inma Vilches.

Feciex again has a very important number of activities, more than 120organized with the cooperation of the most famous federations, associations, organizations and individuals from the hunting and fishing sector of our region.

The councilor pointed out the fact that he attended the council more than 200 trading companies and about 100 exhibiting companieswhich represent and market the most important brands of materials for the practice of both hobbies.

Professionals and amateurs who will go through what is considered one of the best fairs in Spain and Portugal will be able to enjoy important activities such as exhibitions, technical conferences, exhibitions, raffles, seminars, meetings and much more , which allows them to reassert themselves as a Spanish-Portuguese and Iberian reference given their proximity to neighboring Portugal, where both sectors have a significant number of fans and whose economic importance, as in Spain, is also high.

30,000 square meters of area

The advisor indicated that FECIEX would borrow 10,000 m2 covered area and will showcase its best environment with a large retail area where companies will present their latest news and products to kick off the campaign. To this space is added 20,000 m2 of open space where the activities take place, in addition to the international fishing competitions held in the Guadiana River as it passes through Badajoz.

Another year, practically all associations, organizations and federations will be present, which will make the fairgrounds of Badajoz concentrate for just four days much of the economic activity and sector meetings that will mark the season. Therefore, it is an essential meeting in the calendar of companies and fans that they cannot miss.

The press conference also highlighted the usual exhibition that is traditionally held, on this occasion an exhibition is presented that will show the wonders of the great diversity that nature provides us as a whole. This is a sample of the naturalistic world through one of the most surprising collections in our country: that of the Garoz brothers, taxidermists, hunters, travelers and collectors of everything related to the biodiversity of nature and its complexity, whose title is: “A cabinet of curiosities Garoz brothers. An extraordinary vision of the naturalistic world»which will take us on a unique journey through an amazing collection.

Other activities that stood out were Hunts-Todomontería Awards, a recognition of the highlights of the hunting season in Spain. They will take place on Saturday at 19:00 during the gala celebration, an event in which the hunting portal Todomonteria.com recognizes the most outstanding hunts, organizers and organizations of the past season in Spain.

It will also be important XI Assembly of Hunting Societies with the presentation of prizes and awards by the Extremaduran Hunting Federation.

In turn, he pointed out that “Feciex Iberian Award”dedicated to the people, institutions or organizations of Spain and Portugal that stood out in favor of promoting the Iberian values ​​of hunting or that promoted the meeting of the two countries, is awarded to the ANPC Associação Nacional for its tireless work Rural Owners and Gestão Cinegética e Biodiversidade de Portugal.

Regarding the number of activities, it should be noted that more than 120 have been developed in the fishing and hunting sector, organized with the collaboration of the Office of Hunting and Fishing of the General Directorate of Forestry Policy of the Junta de Extremadura, federations, associations, and organizations and individuals from the hunting and fishing sectors in our region, without whom it would be impossible to develop with the quality and degree of satisfaction necessary to continue the development of this fair.

Fishing will also be widely promotednot only because of the important presence of exclusive distributors and stores mentioned above, but also because of the activities related to it, such as the already traditional and important ones, Fishing competition in the Guadiana River passing through Badajoz: XXV FECIEX International Sports Fishing Competition Saturday from 9 a.m XI Bass-FECIEX Fishing Competitionalso Saturday from 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. fishing exhibitions in the giant aquarium that will take place on the days of the fair and where well-known professionals will explain fishing techniques and show the latest news from some of the brands and distributors present at the event.

The City Council of Badajoz, as organizer, through its institution of trade fairs, continues to do great work to promote the economy, employment and trade in sectors that are as important to the regional economy and to our city as those related to FECIEX , of the therefore unconditional support for them and whose best reflection will materialize from Thursday 15 with the start of the fair.

Thank you, of course, for the participation of all those organizations that collaborate with FECIEX, among which I want to highlight the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory, of the Junta de Extremadura, the Hunting Federation of Extremadura and its youth association JOCAEX , JUVENEX-Association of young hunters of Extremadura, as well as the SEPRONA service and armed intervention of the Civil Guard and the Hydrographic Confederation of Guadiana.

State to complete that the schedule will be Thursday 15th from 12pm to 9pm, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th from 10am to 9pm and Sunday 18th from 10am to 7.30pm.

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