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On the afternoon of Saturday, September 10, the long-awaited wedding of Ethel Well, who married her partner, producer Julian Alexander. The couple got married civilly in Lima, and their elegant wedding had many guests.

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For this reason, we spoke with Pepe Torrejon, fashion stylist and CEAM educator, so that he could analyze each of the looks of the celebrities who were invited to the wedding of the host of America today.

Bride Ethel Pozo:

Ethel Pozo’s bride’s dress is very INSTAGRAMABLE, it’s everything you see on Instagram, basically: the little sleeves, the bob. I’ve seen 70 pieces of this pattern, nothing to write, no suggestion, it’s basically what you see on social media, a dress from Pinterest, so the photo comes out beautiful, whether it suits you or not

Mother of the Bride Gisela Valcarcel:

Let’s see, Gisela will ALWAYS go for the old glamorous combination: glitter. But the detail here is that you need to know how to deal with brightness. Add the design. Although it’s a classic design, the texture combination doesn’t flatter it at all.

Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco:

What you see from Christian is a classic suit. I think he could have chosen the color better, it’s actually blue, it’s already very opaque and I think it’s a bit old-fashioned, to be honest, because already this shade of blue makes a person look a bit older and haggard. The suit may not be, but the tonality doesn’t do it any favors.

The outfit is good though, he’s dressed for the occasion because he has a shirt, tie and a suit, but I think he would have changed the color of his tie because it doesn’t stand out and besides making a match with Pamela, he should have put the color on the tie of Pamela’s dress.

Pamela surprises me because she has good makeup, her hair is nice, the earrings are amazing, they match the dress well. I think the neckline is too defined, it should have been a little lower, that’s the only detail, but the right pattern, cute, the red color is perfect.

Janet Barbosa

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. This color makes Janet look grayer. For some reason it doesn’t match the hair or skin color. The dress suits her very well and I think she could have done a better combination. The accessories are gone, they don’t stand out, I think it should have been a different hairstyle because it looks like she was in a hurry. In all that is placed, there is no good unity, it does not work.

Brunella Horna and Richard Acuna

Brunella is fine, right between her hair, the color of her dress. The design I don’t know if he did it but the design is beautiful. That’s a nice cleavage, adequate compared to Pamela Franco.

Frankly, Brunella knows how to dress and Richard was just as dapper. He matched his tie with Brunella’s dress’s pastel color scheme.

Kelly Acuna and her husband

Kelly Acuña is normal with her makeup, nothing to write home about, in fact her skin already looks glowing, the makeup could have benefited her more. The hairstyle is nothing to write home about, I don’t get the straight hairstyle without volume, it doesn’t flatter her features, she could have played it better and she looks like she can afford it. The flower detail on her dress looks interesting, matching her husband’s tie.

Armando and Edson Dávila “Giselo” Producer:

The manufacturer Arms everything wrong, the pictures are back, but the cut is very badly done, besides the problem of wearing a shirt without a tie implies that you should wear a handkerchief and the handkerchief should contrast because it is the equivalent of a tie, or She should it has a very spectacular and elegant color.

Giselo was saved by the handkerchief, which still runs through warm water because it is white, a bit strange. Given his skin tone, he should have worn a scarf to make it stand out more.

Nathalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi:

Nathalie and Yako well. The pictures are back, but you still have to wear an add-on. The closed shirt and the detail that looks so good on her goes really well with Natalie who has a beautiful dress. She knows how to dress, she understands that if her dress has details on the chest, she does not have voluminous hair. She is super good, it goes with her features.

Gacci and Bruno Ascenzo:

Gachi has a good make-up color, he doesn’t look like Gachi, he looks good just like Bruno, although I think Bruno could have chosen a different suit because the groom is wearing black. So Bruno could have chosen a different tie. The small lenses, all good with the style.

Yahaira Placencia:

The hairstyle is correct, but in combination with something like a jacket, it ages her a bit.

Andre Silva:

Andre Silva, good. Correct fit and very well put together.

Michelle Alexander:

Michelle Alexander is perfect with the look, although it is known that no guest should wear white at a wedding. It’s like an unspoken rule, but no one wears white so as not to overshadow the bride.

Valerie Piazza:

Gray is definitely not her color. Neither the gray nor the silver, but the design looks interesting.


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