Ethel Pozo and Julian Alexander: The most exciting moments of their wedding

Ethel Pozo published photos and a video of her wedding to Julian Alexander. | Instagram

Ethel Well fulfilled his dream of getting married Julian Alexander. The host of “América Hoy” married the producer on Saturday, September 10, in the afternoon in a ceremony held in Pachacamac. All the details of their wedding became visible through the social networks of their guests, who did not stop sharing the best moments of the celebration.

It all started around 4:00 p.m. The assistants were already in place when Ethel Well She arrived with her two daughters in a white car. His mom, Gisela Valcarcel, was responsible for walking her down the aisle where her current husband was already waiting. Several images of the event were recorded on Instagram and the same driver also posted them.

Ethel Pozo’s wedding: the dress she wore, the moment she was born to her mother Gisela Valcarcel and more. | Instagram

“I entered the altar on the hand of my mother Gisela Valcarcel,” the presenter wrote of a photo of her with the popular “Senito” looking at each other with a smile on her face. “A wonderful gift you gave me when you invited me in with you,” replied the blonde, replicating her firstborn’s post.

Ethel Pozo and Gisela Valcarcel enter the wedding. (instagram)

The wedding was attended by figures from the Peruvian show business such as Gachi Rivero, Natalie Vertis, Brunella Horna, Edson Davila, Valeria Piazza, Janet Barbosa, Pamela Franco, Bruno Ascenso, Michelle Alexander and others who were in charge of capturing photos and videos since the couple gave their long-awaited “I do” to the party with a big table with snacks and live bands.

Let us recall that Ethel Pozo issued a statement asking for respect for her private life, but most of those who went to her wedding did not hesitate to record and publish everything that happened since they arrived at the Pachacamac farm.

Ethel Pozo and Julian Alexander said yes | Instagram

The newlyweds chose the song “Volví aborn” by Carlos Vives to start the party. Together they danced to the Colombian singer’s song with a clear hint that after a long time they believe in love again. The couple stole a few gasps and received applause from those in attendance as well as their emotional cries.

Although the music was waltz-style at first, it later changed to valenato-pop. During the choreography, Julian Alexandre spins Ethel Pozo, then wraps her in his arms and kisses her passionately in front of the attentive gaze of her loved ones. At the end of the dance, some people come to hug them and continue to celebrate.

Ethel Pozo and Julian Alexander danced their first song as husband and wife | Instagram

One of the most posted stories on his Instagram account was Gachi Riveroconsidered one of Ethel Pozo’s best friends and the one who accompanies her from her dress selection, bachelorette party and big wedding.

Similarly, Brunella Horna He was not far behind and also shared videos. One of the ones that got the most attention was when he was recorded with his “América Hoy” companions like Edson Dávila, Janet Barboza and Armando Tafur dancing in the middle of a party with the bride.

Ethel Pozo dances with her America Today classmates on her wedding day | Instagram

What could not be missing was live music performed by two orchestras. yahaira placencia Y Christian Dominguez They were chosen to animate the event. Via video in your account Instagram, the singer posted several clips from the show. He also shared some posts by attendees who took to filtering out some clips from the concert.

The same thing happened with the cumbiambero, who appeared with his own A large international orchestra. Although the singer chose not to share any audio visuals, it was the comedienne Gachi Rivero which distribute some parts of the presentation.

Yahaira Plasencia and Christian Dominguez at Ethel Pozo’s wedding. | Instagram


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