“Charivari”, a circus act that strengthens the love for performing arts

Moments after noon, the Master of Ceremonies relented and introduced “Charivari“, on circus company composed of a group of 13 artists who, dedicated to different disciplines and marked by a life story that differs from each other, coincided, motivated and motivated by the same goal; revive the essence of the circus, despite the adversities that the context and modernity impose.

After four months of training and organization, “Charivari” was created as part of the circus and street arts program of National Center for the Arts (CENTART); tightrope walker, dancer, clown duo, dancer, juggler quartet, whip master, showgirl and magician preceded the performances organized yesterday and today.

The meeting took place in the CENART circus pavilion; families, groups of friends, couples and one or the other single person took a seat to witness a show conceived through intense hours of rehearsal and preparation led by Anatoli Lokachuk IvashkoThe Charivaris kept the audience in touch with the company on the edge of their seats, which was characterized by a sharpening of their interpretive skills and above all their love of art and circus.

Photo: THE UNIVERSAL / Mariana Lebrija Clavel

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The show began with balancing act; the tightrope walker tried to reach a flower attached to his hat while walking on a tightrope that held him over two meters from the platform. Then a clown game presented by a very funny clown but with little sense of direction as he put his tricycle together activated the girls and boys who ran hastily for the candies she threw at her.

Photo: THE UNIVERSAL / Mariana Lebrija Clavel

Photo: Courtesy

Later, the clown returned to the stage, but this time accompanied by a colleague; two clown dancers who began their performance in the rhythm of a classical ballet but, defying convention, ended their dance steps (composed of the pointe technique) with a tribute to a lowered cumbia, applauded by the audience.

Photo: THE UNIVERSAL / Mariana Lebrija Clavel

Of course, the magic act could not be missing when an illusionist managed to raise the body of his assistant over countless meters of height. And what would a circus act be without the presence of jugglers, dismantled by almost dance movements between a group of contact balls, controlled with complete ease by their performer.

The Canes Action, featuring a flower that is anything but inanimate; it was a tendril springing from the ground as if it came directly from the spring, by a method of elasticity and flexibility it got rid of the dry leaves that fall one by one in autumn and blossomed from the farthest point of a pistil; around, gestures of surprise remained on the faces of the audience.

Photo: THE UNIVERSAL / Mariana Lebrija Clavel

For her part, the company dancer surprised with a choreography in which, paradoxically, she failed to stumble at the slightest provocation, rolling around the stage almost as if possessed by Terpiskore, the Greek goddess of dance. In turn, the juggler from “Charivari” impressed with her mastery and coordination in managing the movement of seven rings that oscillated simultaneously.

Another of the disciplines that were part of the show was theatrical interpretation, through action, the main objective of which was to chase the mosquito and destroy it. There was also acrojuggling where a juggler would test his ability to manipulate several sticks to impress the juggler accompanying him, but what started as a courtship eventually turned into an act where both showcased their talents through complicity and alliance.

Photo: Courtesy

Finally, the presence of the whips on the stage with a complex act of performance, impressed all present, because after cutting a flower in two, by a disturbing method of dissection, the trick could not be anything more than sealed with the thunderous applause and recognition of the audience.

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