Cerro Cora massacre survivor’s exclusive account: ‘She’s aware of everything she’s done’

Last Wednesday, tragedy struck Paraje Las Quemadas, located in Cerro Corá, when Lorenzo Da Rosa, 40 years old, was killed by José Andrés Quednau, the woman’s former partner. An autopsy revealed that the victim of the bloody murder in Cerro Cora suffered at least 50 cuts, but it was not possible to determine what ended his life. The killer outraged his body, removed his heart and made a cross with the victim’s crutches tied to his intestines.

The investigators of the case assured that the murder was among the most chilling in the history of the province of Misiones and even assured that they would never have imagined to come across a scene of such magnitude.

But the most sought-after word was that of Teresa del Carmen Venezio, who spoke exclusively to Misiones Online and told of the tragedy she witnessed when she saw how her ex-partner cruelly ended Lorenzo’s life. The woman was admitted to the hospital in Madariaga because of the wounds that she also received in the attack, one of which is on the face and will certainly accompany her for the rest of her life, she remembers the bloody murder of her partner.

The woman remembers that at noon she was walking to a neighbor’s house and on the way Lorenzo asked her to take some tobacco out of his backpack. At this point, Quednau appears and starts insulting us, assuring us that the two of them insulted him.

“We were walking and the aggressor came from behind and told us we were insulting him, then hit me in the face and back with a machete. Then he threw Lorenzo into the ditch and there he started cutting his whole body,” he said in a broken voice. He added: “Jose thought Lorenzo was insulting him, but he wasn’t. We were walking and stopped for a moment because my partner asked for cigarettes and at that moment he appeared and started shouting at us. He cut my face and the cell phone saved me from cutting my chest.

Teresa had been a couple from Quednau for six years, but they separated and he was convicted of gender-based violence. She and Lorenzo met a year ago and have been in a relationship ever since.

Lorenzo Ramon Da Rosa is brutally murdered. His relatives have already fired his mortal remains and are asking for justice.

“I want justice, I don’t want him out of jail because he’s going to come out and want to kill me.” Lorenzo never disrespected me, he was a good teammate, he was never bad, he never hit me, he was a calm person. Everyone loved him, he was very kind and respectful,” he recalled through tears.

Teresa’s son, who was also with them, helped her and led her to the nearest house. As they walked, the woman heard cries for help from a neighbor who witnessed the tragic scene. Lorenzo was already dead and with 50 cuts all over his body, and his assailant, with the murder weapon in his hand, was sitting next to him, where he was discovered by the police minutes later.

For me, José Andrés Quednau has another person who helped him, he has an accomplice and justice should look for him. There is a person who asked for Lorenzo’s head and there are records of that,” Teresa said without elaborating and asked the justice to consider her version.

Teresa is certain that Quednau wanted to kill them both. “He is aware of everything he has done. He very well knew what he was doing and understood what he was doing. He wanted to kill us both,” he ruled.

The bloody murder

A call to 911 alerted last Wednesday what one of the worst crimes committed in the province of Misiones meant: a man was killed with a machete, the killer removed his heart and tied his crutches with his intestines in the shape of a cross.

The murder took place between 15:00 and 15:30 on Wednesday, September 7, in Cerro Corá. Teresa del Carmen left her home in Paraje Las Quemadas, accompanied by her partner Lorenzo Da Rosa, heading for a property 800 meters away.

On the way, they were met by the woman’s ex-partner, Quednau, who initially verbally assaulted her. Da Rosa intervenes in the discussion, who has reduced physical capabilities, since one of his two legs was amputated some time ago, which is why he moves around with crutches.

After this fight between the men, the killer leaves the scene. Minutes later, he returned with a large machete and attacked the woman, causing a deep wound to the skull area and another near the lung. But the worst part was borne by Da Rosa, who received 50 blows all over his body, causing his death.

The preliminary investigation report detailed “the presence of a foreign body in the mouth, constriction of the scalp, multiple deep stab wounds to the neck area, opening of the chest cavity and mid-abdomen with disembowelment, and the presence of bread in the abdomen. cavity.”

In turn, both hands have multiple deep cuts. They further specified that “an extracorporeal small intestine was observed joining two wooden crutches in the shape of a cross in front of the body.”

The killer refused to testify.

On Saturday morning, José Andrés Quednau appeared before the judge presiding over the case, he abstained from testifying and appointed his own official defense counsel.

José Andrés Quednau, 37 years old, arrived at the investigative court six of Posadas, located on Buenos Aires Street, where he appeared before Judge Ricardo Balor and chose to refrain from testifying about what happened last Wednesday in Cerro Cora.

In principle, José Andrés Quednau will face charges of aggravated murder and attempted murder of a woman, which are punishable by imprisonment or life imprisonment under the Argentine Penal Code.

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