Baudelio Alonso Gómez, love of teaching

La Puebla de Montalbán is the town where Fernando de Rojas wrote one of the most important works of Spanish literature: La Celestina. And there my good friend Baudelio studied high school and where became a teacher at his father’s insistence, who was a farmer and cattle breeder and had 8 children, none of whom wanted to study. So he wanted at least the youngest of the brothers to study career.

Baugh was born in Escalonilla, a small town in the province of Toledo, where you could only work in the fields, but when industrialization came, tractors, harvesters and other machines, people had to emigrate and the town’s population was cut in half. In the pretty town where Baudelio was sent to study at a Franciscan school, just seven kilometers away, he received his high school diploma and his own career as a teacher, which Graduates at 18 years old. The following year he overcame the opposition and obtained the position in the province of Huelvain Cortegana, a beautiful town in the mountains that has a grand and beautiful castle that belongs to the so-called Galician group and this served to protect the kingdom of Seville.

Cortegana is separated from the coast of Huelva by just over 100 kilometers, which it served Bau to go down to see the sea, because he had never seen it before and was impressed when this Castilian Toledoan arrived at La Botta and found himself facing the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. My friend Abelardo Rodríguez Arcos already wrote it in one of his poems: “Who could like you, see the sea for the first time.” And it’s that those of us who watch it since we were kids don’t give it much importance, but this first time is wonderful.

And the coincidences of life, Conchita Hernandez was also assigned there in Cortegana, another teacher whose long professional life I have had the pleasure of writing about. She came from Huelva and went to live in the same boarding house where Baudelio lived. Shortly after that, they both came to Punta Umbria, to the Santo Cristo del Mar school. And then I met them. We were also lucky enough to buy a house in the same building and we strengthened our friendship as we had our children almost at the same time and could go out to a movie or dinner one night, we both took care of the children . I must say that Conchita and Baudelio are two charming people.

Before coming to Punta Umbria, he went to Colmenar Viejo, very close to Madrid, to do his military service. And since love had blossomed between them and their jobs secured, decided to get married. And who better than Francisco Cruz Beltran, better known as priest Pacoso loved here in the village.

For all this, because Baudelio had and still has so much love for teaching and thought and continues to think that the future of society is forged in schools, he joined a group of progressive teachers who followed the educational theory of the French pedagogue Célestin Freinet and this here in Spain is called the Popular School Cooperative Movement. Thus, when the new Giner de los Ríos school, located in the La Orden district, was opened in Huelva, they asked for a place and there they used their innovative system that, among other things, involved parents in the education of their children. He was also supported by the Education Delegate of Huelva, the remembered and never appreciated as it deserved, Marie Paz Sarasola, who made the project her own.

This co-operative movement continues to exist, now 48 years old, and its members meet annually. And Baugh, although he had been retired for several years, continued to work in teaching and attended many schools to advise teachers because he is tireless in teaching and, as I said in the title, he has a love for it all.

In Punta Umbria, supported by the town hall, they created a system in the streets with several booths where people left their books so that others could take other works and thus encourage reading. I participated myself by leaving my own books and picking up others I liked and then returning with a comment on what I thought. My opinion may be as valid for the next reader as it was for me for another previous one. Unfortunately, this attractive system was not continued.

And unfortunately I have to stop writing about this interesting character who lives in Punta Umbria. But the thing is, I don’t have room for more, and if I did, it would be a book I had to write. Today, in addition to continuing the fight, he still has time to devote himself to their children Jose Antonio, Maria and Javier; and his grandchildren, who visit him very often and with whom he enjoys together with his lovely wife Conchita.

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