36 hours of birth at the Dénia hospital, the 36 hours in which I was pampered the most



  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the midwives who have been with me at one point or another, what you have done for me I will never forget”

It was 36 hours of labor, I didn’t know what they meant when they told me they gave birth that much or so many hours, in my head everything was very simple, labor was limited to expulsion. The experience made me understand what 36 hours of labor means, 36 hours of waiting to meet your baby, 36 hours that pass one by one and you mentally mark the moment you think your little one will be born, 36 hours that you doubt if what you notice are contractions, 36 hours in which you discover that yes, they were, but that they will come much stronger, 36 hours in which your idea of ​​the ideal birth changes to adapt to the circumstances, 36 hours when you come out of you don’t want help, you want to be given the full analgesia kit…

But above all, the 36 hours in which you work side by side with your companion and, of course, with the invaluable help of the midwives, those angels who look after you and pamper you throughout the process. I still don’t know if I was very lucky and had a team of midwives who give their best to their work and enjoy every second of it or if it’s the usual thing and always give 10 points of support. the truth is that at a time when you feel fragile, in pain, with emotions on the surface, tired, etc., they are the ones who keep you going, the ones who encourage you, the ones who during those 36 hours they didn’t let me see at any time that I was getting up longer than usual, they didn’t slow down at any point, they kept visiting us with that comforting smile, they kept offering me options to make me more comfortable.

But of their work, without a doubt, what I remember most, what moves me the most is the care, they looked after me all the time, it wasn’t about giving me pain meds, it was about being supportive , emotional and physical support , I remember the epidural and how those midwives stood in front of me to ensure the correct position, how they hugged me and talked to me as they put it in, I remember that hand stroking my leg in a soothing way, giving me strength in the most difficult moments… I remember, in addition to the midwives, the anesthesiologist gave me a good mood and calmness, and the gynecologist… What can I say about him, who all the time exuded calmness and confidence, told me the steps we would follow him , but without letting me glimpse any anxiety, making me see that everything was normal.

It wasn’t until days after the birth, talking to my family, etc. That I realized that the situation in which I lived between cottons and without any concern could lead to risks, premature rupture of the sac, induced labor, 36 hours with a broken sac… April was born in extremis on August 30 at at 4 :17am, avoiding an almost certain caesarean section thanks to the delivery team at Dénia Hospital and the impeccable work of the gynecologist.

For all this, as I could remember those 36 hours as the longest of my life, and indeed I remember them as the 36 hours in which I was most cared for, pampered and protected, I want to thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those midwives who took care of me all day on August 29th, to those who made the envelope for me when I asked if I would be born on the 29th and already saw that things did not look so fast, to those who entered the room and I hardly knew, to my midwife, Alessandra, for coming to see us, and to every one of the midwives who have been with me at one time or another, forgive me, I am terrible at names, but what you have done for me, I will never forget and finally I would like to specially mention Maria, who was not at work and yet was by my side, until we met Abril, who accompanied me throughout the pregnancy, who, without even knowing me, surrendered and responded to all the doubts I might have had and how like everyone else he treated me with impunity irresistible love THANK YOU!


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